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From: Frederic Bertrand (
Date: 1/23/2005 02:40 PM

First i'm new to this sight .I live in quebec and i was born in the south of France at Nîmes, gard.
The 13 september 1902 on board of "LA LORRAINE" arrived one ancetor of the family Mr. Leon Bertrand from castillon(gard)and his friend Joseph pelat. This last one was supposed to join his uncle MR.Henri Lallier at Osage city,kansas.I saw pelat on a site:Osage city surnames but the e.mail was wrong or no more exist. Maybe somebody can help me...
In the 1903 a guy call Albert Moulin was at Osage City.His wife Charlotte Moulin and his girl Alberte from Besseges came too.
For information there is the family Brioude that came to Osage City from France,besseges,gard on board of "LA LORRAINE" arrived the first of february 1903.
Also family "Boudoin",Odilon privat,Clémentine Troussier and his son Emile,Brothers Fabre,Mr.and Mrs. Martin Favand and their uncle Louis Martin. All of these people were supposed to live or going to Osage city. There are a lot of errors in the ELLIS ISLAND FOUNDATION FILES about the name of last residence and Family names on text manifest.
All this to have in first place information of PELAT surname.Thanks and pleasure to read something...!
Frederic Thomas Bertrand
N.B. it's possible to write me in french, merci!