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Topic: BRYAN, Elwyn, b. 17 Jun 1920; d. May 1978
Conf: Johnson County Queries, Msg: 86800
From: Virginia Wilson (
Date: 6/11/2005 05:02 PM

My Dad's name is Mason Henry BRYAN, b. 11 Jul 1899 in Boone Co., MO., son of
Elam Sabinas BRYAN and Martha "Mattie"
Marshall ASBURY. When we lived on the
Schindle Farm outside Richmond, Franklin
Co., KS with my Grandpa Elam when I was
5 years old, my Dad's cousin Elwyn BRYAN
and other family members came to visit
us. I knew they did not seem to travel from very far away, and that Elwyn was about 21 at the time. Since I posted in
Osage Co., KS, I have been given his date of birth and death and last known
residence as Shawnee Mission. Any info
would be great! Virginia (BRYAN) Wilson