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Date: 7/16/2005 04:56 PM


Here is some information for you. I am not related, I just do lookups in Johnson county.....

From “Johnson County Kansas Cemetery Index ”, published in 1983 by the Johnson County Genealogical Society & Library, Inc.

On page 324 in Olathe Memorial Cemetery

Sterrett, James Elmer, d. Nov. 7, 188?, son of J.R. Sterrett (wonder if it should read J & R Sterrett?)

On page 330 in Olathe Memorial Cemetery

Sterrett, John b. Oct 17, 1822 – d. Feb. 2, 1893
Sterrett, Rebecca, b. Nov. 6, 1826 – d. Jul 30, 1905
Sterrett, Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 4, 1858 – d. Sept. 6, 1914 (see obituary below)

Olathe Memorial Cemetery is more commonly known as Olathe Cemetery. It is located in the City of Olathe, Olathe Township, Johnson County, Kansas.

On page 503 in Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Sterrett, Harry E., Father, b. 1882 – d. 1970 {20 June 1882 – Apr 1970, SSAN 543-14-6675 from SSDI}
Sterrett, Mary E., Mother, b. 1885 – d. 1970 {Not listed in the SSDI at}

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is located on the south side of 159th Street, one half mile east of Switzer Rd, in Oxford Township, Johnson County, Kansas. I am not sure, but this may be in the City of Overland Park, or an unincorporated area of the county. It is in Section 13, Township 14 South, Range 24 East.

From “Marriage Records of Johnson County, Kansas, 1857 – 1905”, published in 1997 by the Johnson County Genealogical Society & Library, Inc.

On page 102

Sterrett, Harry O., 22 years, Olathe, KS
Crooks, Mary E., 19 years, Olathe, KS
At “Res. of J. W.” by B. F. Dial, CI
On 28 Dec 1904, recorded in Book IB on page 176

Sterrett, Joseph Z., 24 years, no residence listed
Hutcheson, Margaret J., aged 20, no residence listed
At Thom Hutcheson by M. Wilkin, MG ( marriage was at the father’s? house)
On 24 Dec 1874, recorded in Book C, page 233

On page 50 of the Birde’s Index

Starret, A. M. to Ardrey, R. M.
{Ardrey, R. M. - A. M. Starrett 27 29 Nov 1870 n Book C, page 27 from the link below}
Starret, Emma R. to McElroy, Wm.
Starret, Flora W. to Creswell, William
Starrett, Jane R., to Alkin, John M.
{Aikin, John M. - Jane R. Starrett 107 28 May 1872 in Book C, page 107 from the link below}

Sterrett, Anna to Tarrens, A. H.
Sterrett, Louella to Moore, A. J.

(Sorry, but I did not have time to get the information for all the women, but it is available)

From this page on-line, in marriage Book C, page 92
S(t)errett, John C. - Jane R. Marvin 92 01 Feb 1872

There is an extraction of the Will of John Sterrett published in this book, on page 114. I did not get a photo copy of it, but it did list most of the women listed above as “Starrett” as daughters.

“Johnson County Kansas Will Book, Extractions – Vol. 1 – 11, 1872 – 1934”, published in 2004 by the Johnson County Genealogical Society & Library, Inc. John’s will is contained in Volume 3, page 423. It was filed on 1892/11/19. See this link
The will contained a list of his (living?) children, his wife and that he owned some unidentified land in Oxford Township. (In the 1900 census Rebecca stated that she was the mother of 19 children, 10 of whom were still living.). The extraction of the will does not list 19 children.

Photocopies of the will and all the marriages noted above are available from the Johnson County Kansas Archivist. Send an email request here (note there is a cost for photocopies)

Or visit their web site at

From the Johnson County Central Resource Library Obituary Index, started in 1977, the following Sterretts are listed….

Francis Norman, died 26 Dec. 1995, age 83, obituary published on 28 Dec. 1995, page C10 of the Kansas City STAR, and page 2A of the Olathe Daily News

Hale, E., Sr., died 6 July, 1981, age 82, obituary published on 7 July 1981, page B8 of the Kansas City TIMES

John A., died 2 Oct. 1994, age 84, obituary published on 4 Oct. 1994 , page ?? of the Kansas City STAR

Medora Mae, died 25 Mar. 2000, age 90, obituary published on 1 Apr. 2000, page B6 of the Kansas City STAR

Robert “Bob” K., died 3 Mar. 1996, age 44, obituary published on 5 Mar. 1996, page B4 of the Kansas City STAR

Rosa L, died 7 dec. 1991, age 82, obituary published on 8 Dec. 1991, page B10 of the Kansas City STAR, and page 2A of the Olathe Daily News

Transcriptions of the above 6 obituaries can be obtained from the Genealogy Department of the Mid-Continent Library. Visit this link and send an email, per item 5. They have an obituary scrapbook, started in 1979, containing all the obituaries published in both the Kansas City STAR and Kansas City TIMES newspapers. Both the Kansas City TIMES and Kansas City STAR newspapers are/were published in Kansas City, Mo. The TIMES was the morning paper, which ceased publication in the mid 1980s, and the STAR was the evening and Sunday paper. The Star is now a morning and Sunday paper.

From “The Olathe Mirror”, Thursday, September 24, 1914, Vol. VII, No. 40, page 4A, column 3


Miss Elizabeth Sterrett, a life long member of reformed Presbyterian Church entered into her rest Sept. 6, 1914. The deceased was born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, April 4, 1858. With her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Sterrett she came to Olathe Kansas, in September, 1868. About a year ago she decided she would go and visit a sister, Mrs. Karnes of Sparta, Ill., while there she became very ill, but by June had recovered enough she thought to complete her plan and visit another sister, Mrs. W. H. Creswell of Ceaderville, Ohio. Soon came sad news of the death of her sister Mrs. McElroy. From this she seemed to grow rapidly worse. Again she seemingly rallied and was able to move about some, but this did not last long, fo rin (sic should be for in) the quiet of the Sabbath came the Masters call, “Come up higher”. Sweetly and calmly she passed to her heavenly home. Quiet and unassuming she endeavored to do her duty as best she could in the various relationships of life. Her christian character was graced by a cheerful disposition.
We thank God for her life, for her conscientious service in her many duties for the example she has left us and for the christian faith and patience displayed by her in her days of suffering.

Also, have you ever looked at the WorldConnect gedcom database at ???

If not, there are three databases psoted for this family. All three have holes in them and at least one has the wrong place of death for John but they all have quite a bit of information in them....

The data bases are
1). forsythe12
2). :a12009 (note the : as the first character)
3). ancientage

Just go to the link above and enter the database name in the correct box and click go

Hope this helps you fill in a few holes...

By the way, I looked for obituaries of John and Rebeccea and did not find anything. I did find a death notice for Rebecca, but it only had a little information on the cause of death, complications from a broken hip and old age.

If you have any questions, let me know via private email.

Dave Goldy
Overland Park, KS