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Topic: Robert, Carrie (Mills), John, Harriet Travis
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Date: 12/5/2005 11:56 AM

He was born in 1859.He was the grandson of William P. Travis and Jane
McPherson-Travis of Indiana county Pa. Robert belonged to Joseph W. Travis
and his wife Susan . Joseph W. Travis was the son of Jane and William
Travis. He was born in Indiana county Pa. Robert's siblings were William B.
born 1851 and Anna Bell Travis 1853 of Indiana county Pa. and Jefferson
county Pa.after their marriages. Robert's father apparently took him when he
was a baby and married Jane Burke of Ohio. They went into many diff. parts
of Iowa, Ill., Colorado and Nebraska. All records have Roberts mother as
Jane Burke (Joseph's 2nd wife) this is untrue. Jane died. He was raised by
Joseph and his 3rd wife Margaret "Maggie" Thompson of Huntingdon co. Pa. I
have seen dates for him ranging from 1859 to 1862. It was 1859. He married
John Mills (born 1830) and Harriet Harper Mills daughter Carrie Ann who was
a school teacher in Shelby Co. Illinois. They were married in America City
Kansas.The Mill's family came from Perry Ohio originally. Carrie Ann and
Robert married May 22, 1884. She was born 1862 and died 1889.She died of
typhoid fever which I am wondering if Robert may of also died. I found the
children in 1900 living with John and Harriet Mills in Red Vermillion twp.
Nemaha Co. Kansas. Children of Robert and Harriet are John M. Travis born
Sept. 13, 1886 and his sister Harriet (Hattie) Travis born Jan. 1885. In
1910 they are living together in Mitchell Co. Round Spring twp. Kansas.
John M. Travis 23 a farmer and his sister Hattie 25 keeps house. Maybe
someone that descends from either of these 2 children may contact me
someday. Joseph was always a widower when he remarried with the exception of
his first wife Susan, who I do not know what happened to her. His 4th wife
was Kate Kinear who had a child with Joseph named Josephine, she also died
in child birth. Josephine was raised by his oldest daughter another Harriet
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