Geneva Cemetery

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Coleman Eugene D     03-May-1918 09-Apr-1996 Headstone    
Curtis Etta F Wilson 72   05-Sep-1949 Obituary    
Curtis Etta F Wilson 72   05-Jul-1949 Allen County Cemeteries, SEKGS    
Fife R Marshall     31-Oct-1874 17-Dec-1918 Headstone    
Powell Alice I     1859 1920 Headstone   w of Jasper
Powell Alice N     01-Apr-1924 20-Jun-1926 Headstone    
Powell Blanche C     1894 1919 Allen County Cemeteries, SEKGS    
Powell David L     27-Feb-1945 27-Feb-1945 Headstone   son of Orval & Erma
Powell Earl G     20-Sep-1914 30-Aug-1981 Headstone   same stone as Kathryn L
Powell Earnest E     16-Nov-1867 18-Dec-1878 Allen County Cemeteries, SEKGS   s of John & Rachel
Powell Edward H     1884 1910 Headstone    
Powell Erma     26-Feb-1922 28-May-2004 Headstone   same stone as Orval
Powell Ernest A     20-Oct-1888 20-Mar-1938 Headstone    
Powell Ethel H     1886 1942 Headstone    
Powell Florence I     1905 1910 Headstone    
Powell Howard B     16-Oct-1879 06-Jul-1880 Headstone   s of Jasper & A I
Powell Jasper N     09-Feb-1867 15-Sep-1890      
Powell Jasper P     1856 1937 Headstone   H of Alice I
Powell John     31-Jan-1831 25-Jan-1904 Headstone   h of Rachel Q
Powell Kathryn L     27-Mar-1922   Headstone   same stone as Earl G
Powell Kenneth H     26-Dec-1919 21-Feb-1958 Headstone    
Powell Larry E     07-Sep-1940 25-Jun-1956 Headstone   son of Orval & Erma
Powell Lucy V     1895 1976 Headstone   Mother
Powell Mary E     02-Jul-1862 06-Jul-1941 Headstone   dau John & Rachel
Powell Orval     08-May-1916 26-Sep-1985 Headstone   same stone as Erma
Powell Rachel Quick     19-Nov-1831 30-Jan-1908 Headstone   w of John
Powell Ruth L     16-Oct-1931 13-May-1932 Headstone    
Powell Thelma     1922 1924 Headstone    
Powell Myrtle     27-Jun-1882 31-Aug-1882 Headstone   d of Jasper & AI
Rutledge Albert H     15-Mar-1852 26-Feb-1917 Gayle Campbell Betty Campbell Co. H 7th US Cav
Rutledge Goldie B     20-Sep-1901 27-Dec-1902 Gayle Campbell Betty Campbell child of AJ & MA
Rutledge Lovenia Snider   09-Jun-1860 23-Jun-1894 Gayle Campbell Betty Campbell  
Rutledge Mary E     02-Sep-1896 05-Jul-1907 Gayle Campbell Betty Campbell child of AJ & MA
Rutledge Samuel     16-May-1900 29-Mar-1903 Gayle Campbell Betty Campbell child of AJ & MA

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