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Cemeteries in Anderson County, KS
The following is a list of cemeteries inventoried in the book Anderson County Kansas Cemetery Book 1854-1995, by Dorothy Kipper Lickteig and its 1995, 1996, and 1997 supplements. Posted by Teresa Lindquist 02/02/98.
  • Ashburn Family Cemetery. Known burials = 2, located south of Garnett in Monroe township, only one stone standing.

  • Amiot-Mineral Point Cemetery. Known burials = 56, located in Reeder township, founded 1878, moved to Amiot in 1927.

  • Amish (Mennonite) Cemetery. Known burials = 71, located west of Garnett, founded around 1900.

  • Bethel (German Baptist) Cemetery. Known burials = 266, located south of Harris.

  • Old German Baptist Cemetery (private). Known burials = 16, located west of Garnett, originally known as Wardell Cemetery.

  • Birch-Hyatt Cemetery. Known burials = 45, located north of Welda.

  • Canton-Judy Cemetery. Known burials = 173, Located northeast of Garnett, possibly established as early as 1854.

  • Central City Cemetery. Known burials = 148, located in Reeder township, first used in the late 1850s.

  • Cherry Mound Cemetery. Known burials = 423, located in north of Westphalia.

  • Colony Cemetery. Known burials = 1778, located in the city of Colony in Ozark township.

  • Emerald-St. Patricks Cemetery (Catholic). Known burials = 501, located in Reeder township, founded in 1864.

  • Garnett Cemetery. Known burials = 7744, located northeast of Garnett, established 1860-1861.

  • Gerth Family Burial. Known burials = 2, located south of Greeley, burial site of the parents of Valentine Gerth, early Anderson county settler.

  • Glenloch-Pleasantview Cemetery. Known burials = 315, located in Jackson township, west of Garnett.

  • Greeley Cemetery. Known burials = 580, located north of Greeley.

  • Harmon-Kilbourne. Known burials = 2, located north of Greeley, contains first white graves in Greeley area.

  • Harris Old Cemetery. Known burials = 4, located in Reeder township.

  • Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery. Known burials = 576, located north of Garnett, near Garnett City Cemetery.

  • Horn Cemetery. Known burials = 3, located southeast of Garnett.

  • Indian Creek Cemetery. Known burials = 2, located southeast of Westphalia, cemetery entirely destroyed.

  • Kellerman Family. No information on number of burials, located north of Harris, contains burial site of the Kellerman family who were burned to death in a prairie fire.

  • Kincaid Cemetery. Known burials = 1180, located in Rich township, north of Kincaid.

  • Lanter Cemetery. Known burials = 5, located northeast of Greeley, family plot.

  • Lone Elm Cemetery. Known burials = 924, located north of Lone Elm, established in 1890.

  • Mont Ida Cemetery. Known burials = 413, located south of Mont Ida.

  • Mt. Zion Cemetery Rich Township. Known burials = 50, located northwest of Kincaid, also known as the M. Vaigh cemetery.

  • Morris Cemetery. Known burials = 6, located southeast of Garnett, mostly a family plot.

  • Ozark No. 1 Cemetery. Known burials = 22, located southeast of Colony in Ozark township, established in 1855.

  • Warnock Family. Known burials = 5, located on Anderson-Linn county line, east of Garnett, family plot.

  • Patton Cemetery. Known burials = 103, located in Reeder township.

  • Reeder Township. Cemetery entirely destroyed, no information available on who was buried there.

  • Reeder Cemetery. Known burials = 4, located in Reeder township, cemetery entirely destroyed, tombstones removed to Amiot cemetery.

  • St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, Scipio. Known burials = 744, located at Scipio, established 1856.

  • St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Greeley. Known burials = 589, located south of Greeley, established in 1884.

  • St. Teresa Catholic Cemetery, Westphalia. Known burials = 796, located northwest of Westphalia, established 1881.

  • Schwegman & Hill Farm Burials. No info on burials, located north of Cherry Mound Church, family plot, cemetery destroyed.

  • Springfield Cemetery. Known burials = 230, located south of Garnett, established in 1860.

  • Sugar Valley Cemetery. Known burials = 32, also know as Osborn or Haskell Cemetery, located southeast of Bush City, established in 1868, no burials since 1900.

  • South Sugar Valley Cemetery. Known burials = 11, located southeast of Garnett.

  • Sutton Valley Cemetery. Known burials = 145, located southeast of Greeley, established 1854-1855, named after the Sutton family who homesteaded nearby.

  • Wadsworth-Peine Mound. Known burials = 2, located in Walker township, contains the burial site of two Indians found and buried by J. Wolken and J. Roecker.

  • Wardell-Wood (later Walter's) Farm Cemetery. Known burials = 22, located west of Welda.

  • Welda Cemetery. Known burials = 754, located north of Welda, established circa 1870.

  • Westphalia City (Merrill) Cemetery. Known burials = 309, located south of Westphalia, known as the Merrill cemetery until 1903, established in 1884.

  • West Scipio Cemetery. Known burials = 126, located in Putnam township southwest of Richmond, established circa 1854.


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