Enemy Alien Registration Affidavits, index for Anderson County, Kansas

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Following the onset of hostilities during World War I, non-naturalized "Enemy Aliens" by definition, were required to register with United States authorities as a national security measure. Under the provisions of a Presidential Proclamation of April 6, 1917, non-naturalized female aliens were likewise registered as an additional national security measure that included those women of American birth that were married to enemy aliens. For the State of Kansas the registered aliens represent a broad cross-section of the German-born population of the State. The series contains original affidavits of registration that record personal information about each registrant, their photograph affixed to the majority of documents, and the registrants fingerprints.

This information was obtained using a NAIL search at the website of the National Archives and Record Administration. Copies of the original affidavits are available from NARA; for instructions on how to obtain these, please visit their website.

Last Name First Name City Gender Country Of Origin City Of Origin Maiden Name Date Of Birth
Baum Charles Garnett Male Germany Kreuzburg
Baum Nellie Garnett Female United States Fort Scott Wiggans 10/30/1880
Berls Anton Westphalia Male Germany Wiedenberndorf
Berls Katherine Westphalia Female Germany Westphalen Schmet 05/24/1854
Brahm Henry Scipio Male Germany Wesphalia
Czinczoll Helena Westphalia Female United States Randolph Siebert 03/01/1878
Czinczoll Valentine Westphalia Male Germany Wolka
Demmeke Teresa Westphalia Female United States Louisville Bush 07/28/1882
Deuncke John Westphalia Male Germany Unknown
Eickhoff Anton Westphalia Male Germany Niederfleckenberg
Eickhoff Mary Anne Westphalia Female Germany Westphalen Kleinsorge 10/03/1838
Goerlich Emil Westphalia Male Germany Langenbruck
Goerlich Silma Westphalia Female Germany Langenbruck Wecke 09/16/1888
Kleinsorge Catherine Westphalia Female United States Montrose Kloer 06/26/1867
Kleinsorge Theodore Westphalia Male Germany Heimighousen
Rath Gertrude Westphalia Female Germany Haemeghouse Kleinsorge 03/07/1849
Salm Anna Westphalia Female Germany Raene Niseus 02/06/1853
Ulses Erwin Westphalia Male Germany Nickarerach
Ulses Frances Colony Female United States Arcadia Fritz 08/28/1881
Ulses John Westphalia Male Germany Nickarerach
Ulses Killian Colony Male Germany Baden
Ulses Mary Westphalia Female United States Iowa Steiner 11/03/1878
Ulses Susana Westphalia Female Germany Baden Neur 03/12/1843
Volland Mary Westphalia Female Germany Heringen Weide 02/11/1858
Weber Peter Westphalia Male Germany Sausfelt
Zasky Louis Garnett Male Germany Lindenwerder
Zweiner Margaretha Garnett Female Germany Luxenburg Thiesen 08/29/1869
Zweiner Reinhold Garnett Male Germany Unknown

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