The following listing of soldiers from Company A includes several men from Anderson county KS who served in the Spanish American War. This listing is based on one found on pages 16-17 of the book, A ROSTER OF VOLUNTEER TROOPS FURNISHED BY THE STATE OF KANSAS FOR THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898 (Topeka, Kan. : J. S. Parks, State Printer, 1899.)
It was extracted with permission from the full roster published by Bill Sowers at:


Jonathan Marshall, Corporal, Garnett.
Geo. E. Greninger, Trumpeter, Garnett.


Guy R. Buchtel, Garnett.
Peter De Broeck, Scipio.
Henry R. Dotson, Garnett.
Jno. H. King, Greeley.
Charley H. King, Garnett.
Harry M. King, Garnett.
Charley A. Monners, Garnett.
James B. Messenger, Welda.
Milton A. Oman, Garnett.
Harry A. Shull, Garnett.
Oliver V. Steward, Greeley.
Fredonia H. Sybertz, Mont Ida.
Stephen Thompson, Garnett.
Ira Vess, Garnett.


Jefferson Bridges, Private, Mont Ida.

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