Atchison County Kansas Vital Statistics

Birth and death records were kept on a statewide level beginning in July 1911. Marriage records are on file beginning 1 May 1913, with divorce records beginning 1 July 1951. These can be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics; 900 Jackson street; Topeka, KS 66212.

Before statewide registration, the county clerk was responsible for the recording of births and deaths. Most of the records don't begin until the mid 1880's. Marriages were recorded by the probate judge, and most of these records date from the county's inception date.

Marriage records have been recorded in most cases since the formation of the county. These records are in the possession of the county clerk or the probate judge.

The Birth and Death records for Atchison County before 1911 are sketchy, at best. The only records available are those contained in records donated by a Doctor. They cover the period from 1895 to 1911. If you wish to inquire about a birth or death during this period, send as much information as you can to

County Clerk
Atchison County Court House
423 N 5th
Atchison KS 66002

If you inquire by mail you should include a SASE and they should inform you of the current policy and fees..

Marriage records are available for the entire period, 1855 to the present. Send names and dates, if known, and include a SASE. The fee is 25 cents per copy. They will charge a fee if your information is lacking and they have to search for it. The address is

Clerk of the District Court
P. O. Box 408
Atchison KS 66002

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