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Bourbon County’s Union Monitor was a weekly newspaper. It was initially published in Marmaton, but only briefly. Publication continued in Fort Scott, with D.B. Emmert as Editor and C.B. Hayward as Publisher. Wal. H. Johnson became Publisher in 1865, with Mr. Emmert continuing as Editor, joined by H.H. Johnson. This reel contains a haphazard collection of issues, many of which are damaged and/or incomplete. Very few issues contain any personal information. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Business Directory

Thursday, December 3, 1863 @ pg 1, col 1

R.M. Jacks - Register of Deeds and Notary Public, office on Scott Avenue, under the Bulletin Office, Fort Scott, Kansas. [And also:

R.M. Jacks - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Dress Goods, Notions, &c., on Scott Avenue.

Robert Blackett - Tailoring and repairing, Drake’s Building, Bigler Street, Fort Scott, Kansas. Gent’s clothing of all kinds made on short notice, and in the latest styles. Only Terms: Cash.

Wilson, Gordon & Kay - Dry Goods and Groceries, Wholesale and Retail, Bigler Street.

C.F. Drake - Dealer and Manufacturer in Tin Ware, Stoves, Farming Implements, &c, east end Bigler street.

Craigue & Dillon - Proprietors of the Wall Street Exchange. Good Billiard Tables, and a well supplied Bar, on Wall Street.

McDonald & Brother - Wholesale and Retail dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Liquors, Provisions, on Scott Avenue.

Ch. Van Fossen - Wholesale and Retail dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, &c., North side Bigler street.

Rosenfeld & Co. - Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Ladies Dress Goods, &c., Bigler Street, next door north of Drakes Tin Store.

J. W. White - Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries, Hats, and Caps, Boots and shoes, &c.

D.B. Emmert - Clerk, District Court of Bourbon County, Land and Collecting Agent. Office in Union Monitor office on Bigler street.

John O’Niel - Carpenter and Joiner, in the rear of R.M. Jack’s store, Scott Avenue, Fort Scott.

Manlove & Dieffenbach - News Depot, and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Books, Stationery, Periodicals, Cutlery, &c., &c. Post Office Building, Wall Street, Fort Scott, Kansas.

Linn & Stadden - Dealers in Groceries, Liquors, Wines &c., Store on Bigler Street.

D.E. Andrick - Dealer in Drugs, Paints, Oils, and Dye Stuffs. Corner Williams & Bigler Street.

Griffith’s Restaurant - On Williams Street. Meals at all hours, served in the most fashionable style.

Parker & Tomlinson - Photographers, rooms on Jones Street, west of Wilder House.

John Bunyan - Station Agent, Southern Kansas Stage Company. Stage for the north leaves Fort Scott, regularly every morning at 7 o’clock for Leavenworth, Kansas City, any and all intermediate points. Office in the Wilder Hotel.

J.H. Page, M.D. - Physician and Surgeon, Physician to the Quartermaster’s Department, Fort Scott, Kansas. Office on Bigler St. over Drake’s Tin Store. Can be found at the office at all hours of the day and night - except when absent on professional visits.

Silber - Has opened a new shop, next door to Hartman Varieties, where he will serve his customers, and the public generally, in his line. Shaving, hair cutting, dressing and curling in the latest fashion, shampooing and powdering. Particular attention will be paid to cutting and dressing children’s hair. Razors will be sharpened to order.

Goodlander & Allison - Architects and Builders, Will attend to all business in their line such as contracting for the erection of buildings, &c. Job work of all kinds executed, with neatness and dispatch. Sash and Doors made to order. Coffins made to order. Shop on Scott Avenue, opposite McDonald & Bro’s.

W.C. Weatherwax - Fort Scott Cabinet Shop, prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet work, repairing, varnishing, upholstering, &c., in the most approved style. He will also keep on hand a good assortment of ready made Coffins of all sizes, cheaper than can be had in the City. He will take dry lumber in exchange for work.

John C. Stuart - Carriage and Wagon Maker, is prepared to do Carriage and Wagon making in all of its branches, Repairing promptly attended to. Shop on Scott Avenue, food of Bigler street, Fort Scott, Kansas.

Elder & Bray - Deceased Soldiers back pay and bounty, and all soldiers discharged on account of wounds received in battle. Pensions for widows procured. Claims against U.S. adjusted and collected. $5,000 worth of vouchers wanted. Office over White’s store, Fort Scott. Advice and information free.

Wilder House, Dimon Brothers, Proprietors. The proprietors wish to announce to the public that this large and commodious house has been fitted up and elegantly furnished. Guests will be waited on by attentive Waiters, and furnished with good meals and Comfortable beds.

W.H. Shanahan - The undersigned has five thousand bushels of pure lime for sale at his kiln, two hundred yards west of Capt. Green’s new residence, and will constantly keep on hand fresh lime and at prices lower than the lowest.

J.C.W. Seymour - Banker and Exchange Dealer, Fort Scott, Kansas (late Cashier Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Detroit, Mich.). Dealer in gold, silver, demand notes, exchange, government vouchers, and checks. Deposits received and collections made on the principal routes.

Lagore & Bro. - Watchmakers and jewelers. Keep constantly on hand a good supply of clocks, watches and jewelry, of the best quality, which they offer at reduced prices for cash. Every description of clocks, watches and jewelry, repaired and warranted in a style not to be surpassed by any other establishment in the country. Store on Bigler street opposite Van Fossens, Fort Scott, Kansas.

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