Frank Greenfield

Found in 9 March 1900 issue Fannin Co., Texas Bonham News

Fort Scott, Kan., March 3.

Frank GREENFIELD of Mapleton, (Boubon Co.,) Kan., who last fall came home from South America and secured the co-operation of the Government in a relief expedition to search for the party of rubber prospectors which was sent from Kansas City to the interior of Brazil in February, 1898, has notified his parents from Cuguba, Brazil, in a letter just received, that the entire party was massacred by S__aiís Indians far up the Xinga River. There were 5 or 6 men in the party. It was in charge of M.E. Kirk, a civil engineer of Kansas city, and consisted of Alfred GREENFIELD of Mapleton,(Bourbon Co.), Kan.; 2 men named Williamson and Brownly of Ohio, and one or two unknown men. The Brazilian Government assisted in the search.

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