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Chase County, Kansas
World War I

Military Registrations

Surname Given Names Residence St Age Date of Birth Place of Birth Occupation Nearest Relative Relationship/Place
Uhlman Ed Saffordville Ks 21 Oct 18 1896 Saffordville, Ks Farmer John Uhlman father Saffordville, Ks
Uhlman John David Saffordville Ks 18 Mar 01 1900 ***** Farm Labor John Uhlman father Saffordville, Ks
Umberger Bruce Martin Elmdale Ks 19 Sep 17 1898 ***** Farmer L C Umberger Elmdale Ks
Umberger Frank Jackson Saffordville Ks 30 Oct 27 1886 Emporia, Ks Farmer Single *****
Umberger Fred Saffordville Ks 24 Dec 20 1892 Emporia, Ks Farmer Single *****
Umberger Gen Owen Elk Ks 22 May 20 1895 Elk, Ks Farmer Single *****
Umberger Lewis Martin Cottonwood Falls Ks 25 Mar 20 1892 Cottonwood Falls Farmer Single *****
Underhill Elvin John Strong City Ks 20 Apr 24 1898 ***** Machinist Mrs John McKenna, Mother Mother of Newton, Ks
Underwood Clark C Matfield Green Ks 21 Jun 14 1898 Matfield Green, Ks Oil worker in Oklahoma Riley Underwood, Father Matfield Green, Ks
Underwood Clyde Lewis Matfield Green Ks 33 Jul 10 1885 ***** Farm Hand Lois Underwood Matfield Green, Ks
Underwood Doyle Johnson Matfield Green Ks 20 Jun 23 1898 ***** Farm Hand Rena Underwood Matfield Green, Ks
Underwood Earl Emmett Matfield Green Ks 23 Nov 07 1893 Fallif, Okla Farm Laborer Single Matfield Green, Ks
Underwood Glen Edward Matfield Green Ks 24 Apr 21 1890 Matfield Green, Ks Farm Hand Married wife and child *****
Upton Walter Stanely Elmdale Ks 22 Jun 06 1894 Elmdale, Ks Tel Operator RR Single *****

Chase County World War I Registrations 1918-1919
compiled and abstracted from the Kansas,
Chase County, World War I Registration forms
by your Chase County Host, Lorna Marvin.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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