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Chase County, Kansas
World War I

Military Registrations

Surname Given Names Residence St Age Date of Birth Place of Birth Occupation Nearest Relative Relationship/Place
Valdez Juan Saffordville Ks 25 ***** Mexico Track Labor Single *****
Vance Lewis McGouney Strong City Ks 39 Nov 17 1878 ***** Mail Carrier Lois Vance, Wife Strong City, Ks
VanGorden Herbert Rowe Elmdale Ks 38 Jul 12 1880 ***** RR Brakeman Carrie VanGordna Elmdale Ks
VanTuyl Carl Lee Saffordville Ks 37 Jan 27 1881 ***** Baber Salesman Ollie Van Tuyl, wife Saffordville, Ks
Varelman George F Hymer Ks 22 Jun 13 1894 Clarence. Mo Farmer Single *****
Veit William Martin Marion Ks 44 Sep 22 1874 ***** Farmer Clara Veit Marion, Ks
Velasquez M Elmdale Ks 27 Jun 05 1896 Mexico Laborer RR wife and children *****
Vera Jose Strong City Ks 28 Mar 19 1894 Mexico Section Hand ***** *****
Vesper Harry Ray Cedar Point Ks 34 Sep 16 1883 ***** Farmer Carol Nellie Vesper Cedar Point, Ks
Vigel Rosando Elmdale Ks 21 Mar 1 1896 Mexico Laborer Single *****
Villar Paul George Strong City Ks 36 Mar 12 1882 ***** Painter May West Villar Strong City, Ks
Vinson Smauel Clarence Clements Ks 34 Sep 22 1883 ***** Farmer Georgia Vinson Clements, Ks
Vinson Samuel Isaac Clements Ks 36 Jun 17 1882 ***** Laborer Laura B Vinson, Clements, Ks
Vinson Thomas Dwight Clements Ks 25 May 02 1892 Leslie, Iowa Farmer Wife/two children *****

Chase County World War I Registrations 1918-1919
compiled and abstracted from the Kansas,
Chase County, World War I Registration forms
by your Chase County Host, Lorna Marvin.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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