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1860 Census
Chase Co, Ks

Prepared 1999 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

last updated 07/06/2002

There are many damaged pages to this 1860 film. In 1859 a census was taken to establish the fact that there were enough citizens to warrant the county's organization. However, the 1860 Census was the first after the county was formed. Approximately 170 pages are unreadable.

Surname Given Age Sex Page Occupation Birth Place Township
Thatcher Elias 23 m 272 Farm Laborer Ohio Falls
Thomas Jesse 16 m 329 Farm Laborer Ohio Toledo
Thompson Orville 25 m 322 Farmer Michigan Toledo
Thompson Elliott 20 m 322 Michigan Toledo
Titus Charles 23 m 212 Farm Laborer Michigan Cottonwood
Totton Nancy 64 f 338 Virginia Toledo
Van Buskirk Lawrence 35 m 297 Farmer New York Bazaar
Van Buskirk Elsa 32 f 297 Vermont Bazaar
Van Buskirk Henry 63 m 298 Farmer New York Bazaar
Van Buskirk Betsy 58 f 298 New York Bazaar
Van Buskirk John 25 m 300 Farmer New York Bazaar
Van Buskirk Hannah 25 f 300 Pennsylvania Bazaar
Vanhorn Owen 25 m 272 Ohio Falls
Vanhorn Lydia 21 f 272 Ohio Falls
Vanhorn Sarah 3 f 272 Iowa Falls

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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