Cherokee County Kansas

listed alphabetically by cemetery
(State Property)Ross43223 
Baxter SpringsSpring Valley343424Find A Grave
BeasleySpring Valley183424 Find A Grave
BethlehemCrawford33324Find A Grave
BirdPleasant View303125Find A Grave
BorlandSheridan153222Find A Grave
Boston Mills/CoxLowell53425Find A Grave
Brush CreekSpring Valley33424Find A Grave
CherokeeLola243321Find A Grave
City -- ColumbusCrawford203324Find A Grave
Council CornersCherokee113224Find A Grave
CrockerPleasant View213125Find A Grave
DoveLola223322Find A Grave
EdgmandRoss333223Find A Grave
FairviewNeosho43522Find A Grave
Faith Community ChurchGarden213425Find A Grave
Ferris/CrumSpring Valley273424Find A Grave
Fly Creek/FaulknerNeosho153422Find A Grave
FriendshipSheridan293222Find A Grave
Galena CityLowell143425Find A Grave
GandyGarden203425Find A Grave
GarrisonLola13321Find A Grave
GreenlawnLyon343423Find A Grave
Harley (Sheridan)Sheridan193121Find A Grave
HillcrestGarden153425Find A Grave
Hosey HillMineral293124Find A Grave
Jordin FamilyRoss173223 
LaRueSheridan363222Find A Grave
Lone ElmCherokee323224Find A Grave
Lone OakPleasant View353125 
LowellGarden323425Find A Grave
McKeeSheridan323222Find A Grave
MesserShawnee263325Find A Grave
MoundShawnee123325Find A Grave
Newton/MooreLyon83423Find A Grave
Oak HillLowell113425Find A Grave
Oak Hill/Timbered HillsCrawford263324Find A Grave
ParkCrawford173324Find A Grave
PenceGarden83525Find A Grave
Old Pleasant ViewPleasant View163225Find A Grave
Pleasant View (Shiloh)Spring Valley233424Find A Grave
New Pleasant ViewCherokee133224Find A Grave
Pottersfield (County)Crawford83324Find A Grave
Quaker ValleyGarden183425Find A Grave
RigneySheridan223122Find A Grave
Sherman CitySheridan243221Find A Grave
SpickelmeyerLola143322Find A Grave
St. AnthonyCherokee353124Find A Grave
St. Bridget's Mineral83224Find A Grave
StarSheridan113222Find A Grave
StevensonLowell163425Find A Grave
Timber Hill Oak Hill Crawford263324Find A Grave
Union ChapelicheyShawnee353325Find A Grave
UnnamedSpring Valley63524 
Unnamed (Dockery)Spring Valley163424 
UsreySpring Valley143424 
Weir    Find A Grave
WirtoniaShawnee83325Find A Grave

Tom & Carolyn Ward
Columbus, KS

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