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This index of names includes obituaries printed in Cherokee County, Kansas newspapers from 1868 to 2007. Since the 1980's, the Genealogy Library volunteers have read microfilmed newspapers, abstracted the names and dates of obituary publications and have created an obituary card file which has grown to almost 100, 000 entries. Microfilm for over 11 newspaper titles in the Genealogy Library collection have been abstracted and will be included in this index.

Obituaries vary greatly in the amount of information included. Some have only the briefest details such as names, locations, and dates of death. Others, particularly in the later twentieth century provide 3 generations of relationships, places, dates of birth, spouse s names and dates of marriage, biographical sketches, religious affiliations, survivor s names, undertakers, and place of burial. Regardless of their length, obituaries provide information and clues for further research.

The information in this index includes: SURNAME (last name), FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME (if given), the MAIDEN NAME of females (if given), AGE or BIRTH DATE (if given), and DATE OF DEATH.

The volunteers are starting with the 2007 obituaries and then working back through the card file. This will be a long process as we are also adding names and photos of tombstones to There will be some years for some of the communities in the county, in which the newspapers not been read as yet. Please be patient and check back often, as names will be added to this index on a regular basis.

To get copies of obituaries for deceased persons listed in this Index of Obituaries, send your request to:

P. O. Box 33
Columbus, KS 66725

The Society asks a donation of $5.00 for each obituary and this amount should accompany your request. For further information, e-mail the Genealogy Library at:


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