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Cheyenne County Queries 2005

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To enter queries for your ancestors in Cheyenne County, send your query to me, with the new Cheyenne County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Cheyenne County to be posted on these Query pages.

Note: Users of a web-based email program such as some users of AOL, WebTV, Juno, CompuServe and users of MSN that have opted to use MSN Explorer's web-based email. Please use the link directly below to send your queries and/or surnames.  I have found that this form by it's very nature does not work unless there is an email program  resident on your computer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I am working to find coding to enable this form to be used by all. - Kenny

Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Priscilla Klocek (klocekp002@hawaii.rr.com)  13 July 2005
Looking for information related to family members of Afton Laverne JACKMAN, his wife Ellen (ROCKWOOD) JACKMAN and Afton's sister, Kate (JACKMAN) CHASE or his son William Henry JACKMAN who was born in St Francis, Kansas in 1883.

Kathy Wilmot (kwilmot@atcjet.net)  6 July 2005
Looking for information on the Charlie CORMACK and Curtis CORMACK families.

Jean Tucker (jeantru@hotmail.com)  6 April 2005
Joseph W. ANDERSON, resident of Cheyenne County, Kansas in 1900 & 1910.  Can someone please tell me the names of his children?  Initials only in 1880 in Rawlins County, Kansas and I do not believe them to be correct.

  • Charles E.
  • S. E. (son)
  • J. G. (son)
  • E. E. (daughter)
  • H. M. (daughter)
  • M. J. (daughter)
  • M. L. (daughter)

Mother was Elizabeth TUCKER, b: Indiana, Charles, b: Missouri and M. L. b: Kansas.  The rest were born in Iowa.  In 1920, Joseph and Elizabeth have moved to Florida and living near son, Charles.  I would appreciate any information on this family.

Wyleen Chapin (wdclady@peoplepc.com)  12 March 2005
Charles W. ROBERSON was my Grandfather, and I would like any help in locating information about him.

William Finnegan (jfinnegan@tbcnet.com)  13 February 2005
I am looking for the obituaries of the following people.  John FINEGAN, who died May 9, 1934.  His children, Mary, who died September 1905, Julia, who died July 23, 1905, Jane, who died April 14, 1975, and Michael, who died in 1952.  They are all buried at Lawn Ridge Cemetery in St. Francis, Kansas.  I am hoping someone can tell me how to obtain obituaries for them.

Peggy Hayes (eagle85201@hotmail.com)  13 February 2005
I would like to find out more information about Nuttycombe Township, its exact location, anyone living there in 1930 that might remember anything about the TREMBLY family.  They were listed on the 1930 census for Nuttycombe Township, Cheyenne County, Kansas.  They lived from the late 1880s until present in Dundy County, Nebraska.

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