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Cheyenne County Surnames N - Z

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Please Note:  All surnames posted on this page MUST have a Cheyenne County, Kansas connection

To enter surnames of your ancestors in Cheyenne County, send your surnames to me, with the new Cheyenne County Query / Surname Entry Form!!

Note: Users of a web-based email program such as some users of AOL, WebTV, Juno, CompuServe and users of MSN that have opted to use MSN Explorer's web-based email. Please use the link directly below to send your queries and/or surnames.  I have found that this form by it's very nature does not work unless there is an email program  resident on your computer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I am working to find coding to enable this form to be used by all. - Kenny

Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

You may also want to register your Kansas surnames with the Kansas Surnames List. (Note that the Kansas Surnames List is part of the Kansas Interactive Genealogy and not part of The KSGenWeb Project. Therefore, any questions regarding the surnames appearing below should be directed to either the researcher associated with the surname or to myself, NOT the wonderful folks at the Kansas Interactive Genealogy who maintain the Kansas Surnames List.)

Surname Contact Person
NELSON Dawn Higgins (dawn.higgins@ssa.gov)
NIEHAUS Gary Niehaus (olderndirtdad@yahoo.com)
PARSONS Millie Sharp (mjsharp@st-tel.net)
PATTEN Fran Patten (frpatt9@aol.com)
Natialene Schopf (natialene@comcast.net)
POWELL Kathy Thibedeau (kathyt@ruraltel.net)
ORCUTT Chuck Lingren (clingren@brookings.net)
RAILE Tee Burr (wvtee@aol.com)
RANDOLPH Ray Randolph (rarandolph@sbcglobal.net)
RATH Jan Plambeck (jplambeck@gtmc.net)
RATHBUN Linda Urbanek (lurbanek@kans.com)
RITCHEY Elaine Bird (elainebird2005@netcommander.com)
ROACH Elaine Bird (elainebird2005@netcommander.com)
ROBERSON Wyleen Chapin (wdclady@peoplepc.com)
ROCKWOOD Priscilla Klocek (klocekp002@hawaii.rr.com)
ROGERS Melody Rogers (padres92029@cox.net)
ROUT Sharon Bookmyer (sbookie@pacbell.net)
SAWYER Mary Lee Sawyer Findlay (gandlfindlay@cybertrails.com)
SCHORZMAN Rick & Deb Schorzman (debschorz@centurytel.net)
SCHUBERT Cecilia Hart (lehart@att.net)
SHEARER Cathy Harrison (charrison1026@comcast.net)
SMITH Renee Herres (gmanae@hostidaho.com)
SPEER Pat Duncan (patduncan@aol.com)
STAPP Larry Carrel (300fan@san.rr.com)
STINEHAGAN Kathy Thibedeau (kathyt@ruraltel.net)
SWIM Joe Davenport (dportjoe@hotmail.com)
Kathleen Tello (chickenlittle2003@sbcglobal.net)
TARPLEY attorneysims@aol.com
THOMPSON Joni Pontius (jpontius@rochester.rr.com)
Carol Kallio (ckal1@cox.net)
TINGLEY dross1155@aol.com
TREMBLY Peggy Hayes (eagle85201@hotmail.com)
TURLEY Ivan Lamb (kippie@comcast.net)
WALZ Tee Burr (wvtee@aol.com)
WARREN Vincent Warren (fireknight@cox.net)
WEAVER Kathy Thibedeau (kathyt@ruraltel.net)
WELLS David White (rid23545@ride.ri.net)
WHEATON Kris Jardine (dkjardine@bwtelcom.net)
WHITE Kris Jardine (dkjardine@bwtelcom.net)
WILBURN Mary Gillespie (holthouse@holthouse.org)
WILLIAMS Sherri Gregory (sgregory1@neb.rr.com)
WITHAM Diana Marshall (georgeanddianamarshall@verizon.net)
ZUEGE Kris Jardine (dkjardine@bwtelcom.net)

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

Last update: Monday, July 07, 2008 19:37:02

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