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   From the "Whittier's Birthday Book" belonging to Alice Sarah Miles Noller      

Alice Sarah Miles was born in Keokuk County, Iowa November 05, 1863.  She married John Hugo Noller on March 07, 1883 in Keokuk County and they moved to Kansas in 1884 living Mitchell and Jewell counties.  Her daughter, Lydia Noller, was given the book and continued to enter family names and birth dates.  Lydia Noller married John Henry Schierbaum who farmed in Mitchell County.  They retired to Concordia, KS in 1928 before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 1941.  Below is an alphabetical listing of those included in the  birthday book.  I have added a father's name and a notes column from family information I had. 


Last Name First Birth date Spouse Father's name Notes
Allsup Dannie W 3/18/1885      
Allsup Eldora Effie 5/31/1877 Fair    
Allsup Josiah H 9/5/1856      
Allsup Julia 4/5/1879 Moore    
Austin Pearlie May 4/14/1898 Noller    
Bass Meda 11/27/1874 Noller    
Bitner Lizzie 7/5/???? Payton   Birth Year 1835; Lydia's sister
Bitner Lydia 8/23/1841      
Brickey Victor 1/29/1876      
Brindle Lucy Fay 8/7/1890 Noller    
Brown  Helen 06/05/1903      
Brust Amelia 5/14/1879 Miles, Charlie Marcus    
Castle Henry W 2/25/1847      
Castle Ida  10/23/1870 Brickey    
Christner Ruth Mae 05/11/1909      
Cole  Libbie L 4/6/1869     (Lucy Elizabeth) Daughter of C J and Catherine ?
Colson Eleanor Alberta 03/14/1900 Noller    
Conrad Irene M 01/21/1907      
Conrad Sam H 1/7/1877      
Conrad Wayne 01/24/1905      
Cook Edna Ruth 02/04/1921      
Cook G Leroy 11/11/1892      
Cook J Clayton 10/1/1890      
Cook J Willis 12/06/1916      
Cook Jennie H 6/28/1890      
Cook Mildred 9/4/1895      
Cook Robert Leroy 09/15/1924      
Cook Walter A 8/15/1894      
Covert Arthur 1/23/1882      
Covert Blanche Jolene 02/08/1911      
Covert Estella Smith 11/18/1883      
Covert Ruby Fern 01/07/1908 Gibbs    
Covey Sarah 4/22/1874 Noller    
Cyr Donna Lee 09/29/1929      
Cyr Ivan Merle 11/06/1904      
Cyr Melba Jodeyn 11/26/1927      
Cyr Wanda Irene 10/16/1931      
Davis J May 6/29/1897 Fear    
Denning Lucy 4/7/1808 Eaton    
Eaton Anna Marie  03/12/1907 Pekorek    
Eaton Augustus A 5/4/1830   Benjamin Eaton likely Augustus Alonzo Eaton; married Abigail Sumner
Eaton Benjamin 4/23/1795      
Eaton Catherine Maria 10/24/1828 Cole    
Eaton Donna Jean 01/31/1926      
Eaton Edwin H 5/15/1870   Marcus D Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Elson R 02/17/1905      
Eaton Ernest Leon 5/19/1866   Marcus D Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Esther P 01/12/1907      
Eaton Etha Alberta 2/28/1877 Wolfe Marcus D Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Frank B 2/28/1879   Levi James Eaton Born Kansas
Eaton Grace 12/17/18?? Seymour    
Eaton Hannah E 11/9/1831 Westerfield    
Eaton Harold Lee 04/29/1907      
Eaton Harvey Lysander 12/6/1843      
Eaton Hattie 4/6/1867 Norton    
Eaton Henry Arthur 6/21/1879   Marcus D Eaton  
Eaton J Calvin 12/21/1841     John Calvin Eaton
Eaton James 4/4/1869   Levi James Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Jean Eleanor 05/20/1922      
Eaton Jonathan Albert 12/28/1837     Died Iowa 1860
Eaton Julia Ann 11/1/1839 Miles, William    
Eaton Levi James 3/21/1836     moved to Ellsworth Co., KS between 1873-1875
Eaton Lewis 12/11/1889      
Eaton Mabel 10/12/1888 Saunders Marcus D Eaton  
Eaton Maggie K 12/24/1866      
Eaton Marcus D 10/20/1845     moved to Ellsworth Co., KS between 1873-1875
Eaton Marcus E 01/29/1900      
Eaton Margia Evelyn 06/12/1924      
Eaton Mary Mernelva 05/11/1850 Hollingsworth Benjamin Eaton living with Benj Eaton 1870 
Eaton Mattie 12/14/1847 Maudlin, David Benjamin Eaton married David Maudlin ended up in S. Dak.
Eaton Melvina 04/01/18?? Decker William D Eaton Born 1858
Eaton Minnie E 04/09/1867   Levi James Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Myrtle 12/17/1871   Levi James Eaton moved to Ellsworth Co., KS
Eaton Rae 01/10/1906      
Eaton Ralph Henry 09/19/1904      
Eaton Ruth Mae 12/05/1895      
Eaton Susan Clara  01/05/1868   Marcus D Eaton  
Eaton W Orion 02/26/1873   Marcus D Eaton  
Eaton William C 07/09/1864   Marcus D Eaton  
Eaton William Denning 11/29/1833   Benjamin Eaton  
Fear Besse Irene 01/11/1885 Larson    
Fear Cleo Loydine 10/14/1919      
Fear Cleveland J 08/24/1887      
Fear Delila 06/28/18?? Miles Edmund & Jane fear  
Fear Elsie 01/10/1902      
Fear Ernest David 03/07/1880      
Fear Frank Leroy 07/11/1878      
Fear Glen R 07/02/18??      
Fear Goldie  07/22/1898      
Fear Jessie 08/28/1882 Johnson    
Fear John T 01/28/1856   Edmund & Jane fear  
Fear Thelma 02/02/1918      
Fear Wanda 02/15/1923      
Ferry Martha  11/11/1837 Eaton, Levi James    
Gallavan Eva 03/14/1911 Noller    
Garrett Everett 02/12/1920      
Garrett Floyd M 10/12/1895   Sherman Garrett  
Garrett Foster S 09/09/1910      
Garrett Sherman 09/10/1865      
Gillett Diana Joyce 12/07/1943      
Gillett George 12/09/1923      
Hardesty Charley 02/05/1852      
Hardesty Frank 03/01/1890      
Hardesty Homer 10/28/1883      
Harris Charles 09/19/1902      
Harris Hazel 07/15/1899 Mitchell    
Harris Jessei Elma 08/27/1900      
Harris Mida 12/24/1888 Dallas    
Harris Thomas 02/25/1890      
Harris Velva 08/31/1891 Post    
Hewitt Nellie 07/22/1873 Noller    
Hoaglund Florence M 09/20/1893      
Johnson Margaret May 11/15/1909      
Knox Carl Noller 12/16/1912      
Knox Walter C 01/19/18??      
Lane Lois Ethel 09/20/1932      
Larson Albert H 07/28/????      
Larson Betty Jo 01/12/1924      
Larson Harold Albert 04/01/1925      
Larson Harold Fear 02/12/1906      
Larson Warren Donald 10/28/1911      
Logue (Sogue?) Byron Karl 03/09/1943      
Logue (Sogue?) Paul 03/01/1909      
Logue (Sogue?) Shirley 11/23/1934      
Maudlin Mamie 06/25/1874 Harris    
Maudlin Melivn Leroy 01/03/1884      
Maudlin Walter T B 03/15/1891      
May Ella Jane 02/01/1894 Noller    
McCoy Clark 10/06/1897      
McGonigal Sarah 01/19/1797 Miles    
McGonigal Sarah 5/20/1847 Castle    
McNabb Bessie Nellie 03/01/1885 Conrad John McNabb  
McNabb Charles Ancel 08/25/1881   John McNabb  
McNabb Earl Marvin 02/14/1889   John McNabb  
McNabb Eliabeth Della 04/20/1887 Christner John McNabb  
McNabb Jesse Denver 06/12/1883   John McNabb  
McNabb John 05/05/1859     Married Arminda Delila Miles
McNabb William Andrew 02/02/1880   John McNabb  
Miles Adella Frances 01/07/1872 Sumner William Edward  
Miles Alice Frances 07/08/1914   Charley Marcus Miles  
Miles Alice Sarah 11/05/1863 Noller, John Hugo William Edward  
Miles Alonzo J 06/05/1863   John Miles  
Miles Alvina Melissa 10/01/1857 Allsup,Ebenezer (Alsop) William Edward  
Miles Amanda H 02/16/1860 Hardesty John Miles  
Miles Arminda Delila 06/12/1861   William Edward  
Miles Benjamin Ebenezer 11/01/1867   William Edward  
Miles Charley Marcus 01/27/1869   William Edward  
Miles Dan 05/10/1836   Ebenezer Miles  
Miles Ebenezer 07/17/1788      
Miles Elma 09/19/1911      
Miles Elmer Charley 11/21/1916   Charley Marcus Miles  
Miles Fannie C 08/31/1842      
Miles Goldie Marie 05/23/1909 Lane Charley Marcus Miles  
Miles Ida 06/08/1866 Cook John Miles  
Miles J Henry 10/28/1906      
Miles John 03/21/1841   Ebenezer Miles  
Miles Mary Effie 05/13/1866   William Edward  
Miles Minnie M 08/31/1876 Davis    
Miles Olga Mae 03/27/1908   Charley Marcus Miles  
Miles Rosa 07/10/1869 Garrett, Sherman John Miles full name:  Rosa Martha Ellen Miles
Miles Velma 09/19/1911   Charley Marcus Miles  
Miles William Edward 02/02/1833      
Miles William Jacob 03/12/1907   Charley Marcus Miles  
Moore Dara 04/17/1897 Donahue    
Nelson Gladys 11/13/1908 Schierbaum    
Noble Charles 10/28/1933      
Noller  Homer 10/23/1874      
Noller Aileen Eunice 04/15/1919      
Noller Alice Frances 01/17/1913      
Noller Amanda E 03/15/1860 Fear, John T David Noller  
Noller Arby Theron 10/17/1916      
Noller Barbara 03/08/1936      
Noller Charley C 01/30/1900      
Noller Dale Albert 06/17/????      
Noller David Edward 05/26/1924      
Noller David M 10/16/1831      
Noller Dewey Howard 08/30/1914      
Noller Diana Carol 09/17/1943      
Noller Donald 01/09/1920      
Noller Dora 01/7/1880 Garrett David Noller  
Noller Earnest D 12/20/1901      
Noller Flossie Nadine 10/12/1929      
Noller Floyd 02/14/1904      
Noller Fred Reason 06/20/1890   John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Gary Lee 06/11/1939      
Noller Gerald Earl 03/16/1918      
Noller Glen Hewitt 01/9/1895      
Noller Guy 03/31/1907      
Noller Howard Levi 09/28/1892   John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Irene Olive 04/25/1916      
Noller Ivan 09/15/1922      
Noller Jake Henry 06/28/1886   John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller full name:  Jacob Henry
Noller Janice 08/12/1937      
Noller Jo Ann 05/16/1934      
Noller John Calvin 07/11/1927      
Noller John Hugo 11/18/1861   David Noller Moved to Riley Co and then Mitchell Co., KS
Noller John Vernon 03/12/1910      
Noller Joyce Marcelle 01/07/1925      
Noller Kenneth Lee 02/02/1931      
Noller Larry 08/13/1938      
Noller Linda Rae 08/11/1941      
Noller Lydia Anne 12/06/1883 Schierbaum, John Henry John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Mabel Helen 04/08/1899 McCoy John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Mae 07/05/1877 Knox David Noller  
Noller Mae M 5/21/1888 Reystead John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Margie Jean 04/02/19??      
Noller Mary Emily 05/05/1864 Smith, Philip David Noller  
Noller Mary Lou 03/28/1932      
Noller Milton George 02/28/1872   David Noller  
Noller Myrle Edythe 11/08/1906 Cyr John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller Omer David 11/08/1895   John Hugo & Alice Sarah Miles Noller  
Noller R Frank 07/24/1869   David Noller  
Noller Richard Paul 08/15/1917      
Noller Roy 03/17/1899      
Noller Ruby Fern 11/27/1892 Ragan    
Noller Shyrel 02/02/1945      
Noller Stephen Earl 01/07/1943      
Noller Thomas Edgar 02/05/1867   David Noller  
Noller Thomas Henry 07/20/1920      
Noller Willis Eugene 01/21/1925      
Noller Winifred May 10/22/1913      
Noller   01/07/1943      
Ortman Barbara 01/31/1933      
Ortman Kenneth 03/06/1915      
Ortman Larry 03/12/1938      
Palmquist Dale Earl 02/04/1943      
Palmquist Keith Vane 10/01/1945      
Palquist Earl A 8/23/1913\      
Partch John Cecil 10/24/1906      
Paull Elizabeth 04/17/1875 Eaton    
Reystead Alfred Robert 09/04/1885      
Reystead Anna Ruth 12/17/1923      
Reystead Donna Lee 10/10/1939      
Reystead Ethel Faye 05/02/1912 Noble    
Reystead Ethel Faye 05/05/1859 Noble    
Reystead Gracie Alma 02/09/1918      
Reystead Harold Gene 12/17/1931      
Reystead John Robert 08/25/1913      
Reystead Joyce Marie 07/09/1936      
Reystead Sylvia Mae 04/29/1915      
Saunders Caryl Newton 08/11/1914      
Saunders Robert V 11/03/1912      
Saunders Victor A 04/29/1888      
Saunders Winifred L 09/19/1910 Grubb    
Schierbaum Ethel Faye 02/27/1911      
Schierbaum John Henry 01/29/1871      
Schierbaum Marilyn Ann 04/06/1933      
Schierbaum Opal Marie 05/18/1914      
Schierbaum Vane Earl 01/15/1906      
Smith Charles Leo 04/21/1901      
Smith Dora 01/08/1886      
Smith Everett Leroy 06/22/1906      
Smith Frank Reason 03/05/1891      
Smith Fred W 03/07/1905      
Smith Gertrude Mabel 10/13/1888 Taylor    
Smith Jesse Frank 11/06/1923      
Smith Kenneth Edward 12/25/1926      
Smith Philip Chubb 12/26/1852      
Smith Ruth Maxine 12/14/1930      
Sumner Abbie Sumner 3/2/1845 Eaton then Godfrey Married to Alonzo Eaton then   
Sumner David Lee 10/18/18??      
Tempro Ida 10/28/???? Fear    
Unknown Gerald's baby 02/04/1945      
Unknown Orly girl 02/04/1943      
unknown vernon's baby 01/02/1945      
Westerfield Lucy Rebecca 07/05/1855 Austin mother Mary Mernelva Eaton living with Benj Eaton 1870 
Winkler Buelah 09/08/1903 Eaton    
Wolfe Elizabeth Ann 06/04/1911      
Wolfe Willis 02/13/1858      



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