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County Burials in 1888

  This contains the names of those whom had burial lots purchased on their behalf.  


Jan. 16 Mrs.J. P. Snyder Consumption
Jan. 31 sister of Mrs. J. P. Snyder
Feb. 2 child of Mr. Mansfield
Feb. 3 son of Mrs. Morningstar (Clemmie) Typhoid
Feb. 6 Pius Bean Windmill accident
Feb. 29 brother of L. H. Wo?n? consumption
Mar. 6 Wesley McDonald, aged 71
Mar. 14 child of H. N. Hanson
Mar. 15  child  of ? J. Smith
Mar. 17 J. B. Nickerson
Apr. 4 child of N. Ponton
Apr. 11 Mrs. Wesley Crider
Apr. 29 Mrs. S. S. Eells
May 5 child of J. A. Murphy
May 7 child of T. A. Filson
May 15 Ollie Dollard killed by lightening
May 18 Solomon Temple
May 31 child of L. B. Spurlock
Jun. 5 child of S. Haling
Jun. 6 child of John Hubbard
Jun. 21 child of W. H. Hagaman
Jul. 6 child of Charley Wingard
Jul. 18 J. B. Mackley malarial fever
Jul. 20 P. Wickoff typhoid fever
Jul. 20 L. L. Holcomb, aged 69 dropsy of heart
Aug. 14 child of T. A. Wilson
Aug. 21 child of J. J. Price
Aug. 29 father-in-law of Mr. Lawrie
Sep. 1 A. Vansickle Bright's disease
Sep. 1 Maywood Scott consumption
Sep. 3 Nellie Dennis, aged 20 consumption
Oct. 3 grandchild of Mr. Fulmer
Oct. 11 Mrs. Fustace, aged 42
Oct. 16 son-in-law of J. P. Whelchel
Oct. 29 E. R. Rogers, aged 61 general debility
Dec. 10 Wm. Haskett, aged 69 typhoid fever
Dec. 12 George Roe lung fever



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