Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
Index A-C

Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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, Aaron , Ceasar , Dick
, Dorcas , Hannah , Jeffrey
, Jenny , Jordan , Malinda
, Malinda , Mons , Moses
, Nancy , Nancy , Silvia
, Tom Abbott, Amanda Abbott, E.
Abbott, H. O. Abbott, Mary Adair, J. M.
Adair, John Adair, N. J. Adair, R. H.
Adams, Amelia Adams, James Adams, John
Allbudy, Homar Allen, Delina Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Wm. R. Anderson, Jane Anderson, John
Anderson, Martha Anderson, Rufus Archer, A. M.
Archer, E. Archer, F. S. Archer, J. P.
Arnidt, Mary Arnold, Adam Arnold, C. A.
Arnold, H. D. Arnold, J. F. Arnold, Lucy A.
Arnold, M. E. Arnold, M. E. Arnold, Maria
Arnold, N. C. Arnold, N. E. Arnold, R. E. E.
Arnold, Richard Arnold, S. J. Arnold, Sam
Arnold, Thomas Atherly, A. Atherly, Clara
Atherly, F. A. Atherly, Frank Atherly, H. W.
Atherly, Minnie Ayr, Wm. Baker, A. W.
Baker, Adaline Baker, I. D. Baker, J. L.
Baker, M. L. Baldwin, D. C. Baldwin, H.
Baldwin, M. E. Baldwin, Nancy Baldwin, O. P.
Baldwin, W. W. Baldwin, Wm. Bales, Angeline
Bales, E. E. Bales, J. R. Bales, M.
Bales, S. A. Ballard, C. H. Ballard, C. W.
Ballard, Geo. W. Ballard, Mary Ballard, Nancy
Ballard, S. W. Ballard, T. H. Barkley, A.
Barkley, E. L. Barkley, J. F. Barkley, M. H.
Barkley, R. Barnett, D. L. Barnett, David
Barnett, J. L. Barnett, Nancy Barnett, R. F.
Barnett, S. D. Barrett, Frank Barrett, Samantha
Barringer, Walter Bartlett, A. E. Bartlett, E. H.
Bartlett, Eliza Bates, Mary Bates, Samuel
Baysinger, ?.?. Baysinger, George Baysinger, H.
Baysinger, J. V. Baysinger, P. Baysinger, R. J.
Baysinger, Wm. Beale, M. J. Beale, O. M.
Beale, Philip Beale, R. M. Beale, Rebecca
Beans, Albert Beans, C. Beans, F. B.
Beans, Inf Beans, Nancy Beans, W. L.
Bear, H. C. Bear, Lilian Bear, Wm. H.
Beard, C. A. Beard, F. J. Beard, James H.
Beard, John W. Beard, Julia A. Beard, M. L.
Beavers, H. Beavers, Jacob Beavers, John
Beavers, R. Beavers, Samuel Beavers, Sarah
Beebee, Diana W. Beebee, James M. Beebee, John P.
Beebee, John W. Beebee, Thomas W. Bell, A. B.
Bell, G. W. S Bell, M. N. Bell, M. S.
Bell, W. F. Bell, W. P. Benedick, E. H.
Benedick, M. Benedick, W. F. Bennet, John H.
Bennet, Sylvina Benson, F. Bent, H. N.
Berry, D. D. Berry, M. A. Berry, M. E.
Berry, S. Berry, S. J. Berry, Susannah
Berry, unnamed Bethard, Alex. Bethard, E. E.
Bethard, Harvy Bethard, I. E. Bethard, J.
Bethard, Mary Bethard, Nancy Bethard, S. J.
Bethard, S. J. Bethard, Wm. Biers, Angeline
Biers, E. E. Biers, Elizabeth Biers, George
Biers, Jno. Biers, John Biers, Oliver
Bishop, Samuel Black, Elizabeth Black, James
Black, John Blakely, John H. Blakely, Mary M.
Bolden, Charlotte Bolden, Julia Bolden, Martin
Bolden, Mary Bolden, Nancy Bolden, Nathan
Bolden, Rachel Bonnett, C. Booth, Delilah
Booth, S. S. Booth, Samuel Booth, Silas
Boson, H. Boss, Hamilton Bouton, Ann
Bouton, Eli Bouton, H. E. Bouton, L. A.
Bowen, Abraham Bowen, Angeline Bowen, C. M.
Bowen, Catharine Bowen, F. E. Bowen, M.
Bowen, Mary Bowen, Robert Bowen, Salome
Bowen, Sophia Bowen, Wm. Bowman, Elmira
Bowman, I. J. Bowman, J.W. Bowman, L. V.
Bowman, M. E. Bowman, S. G. Boyce, Dalton
Boyd, Adaline Boyd, Alfred Boyd, Almira
Boyd, Amos Boyd, E. J. Boyd, George
Boyd, Lucy Brand, Elizabeth Brand, Harry
Brasher, Frank Brasher, John Brasheur, Isabelle
Brasheur, S. V. Brewer, A. Brewer, E. L.
Brewer, M. W. Brewer, W. J. Brown, A. D.
Brown, Aris Brown, B. Brown, B. M.
Brown, C. O. Brown, Catharine Brown, D. B.
Brown, D. B. Brown, E. A. Brown, Eliza
Brown, F. M. Brown, G. W. Brown, G. W.
Brown, Geo. Brown, Geo. M. Brown, H. S.
Brown, Henry Brown, J. A. Brown, J. M.
Brown, Jane Brown, L. A. Brown, L. J.
Brown, M. Brown, M. A. Brown, M. E.
Brown, M. M. E. Brown, Melinda Brown, Miles
Brown, N. J. Brown, R. A. Brown, Rachel
Brown, S. Brown, S. G. Bruner, Abby
Bruner, Adam Bruner, Agnes Bruner, Albert
Bruner, Alice Bruner, August Bruner, Betsey
Bruner, Christy Bruner, Dan Bruner, Dinah
Bruner, Edmund Bruner, Harriet Bruner, Ishmael
Bruner, James Bruner, Jim Bruner, John
Bruner, John Bruner, Lucy Bruner, Manwell
Bruner, Mary Bruner, Mary Bruner, Mary
Bruner, Ned Bruner, Ned Bruner, Nelley
Bruner, P. Bruner, Paro Bruner, Paro
Bruner, Peter Bruner, Pilot Bruner, R.
Bruner, S. Bruner, Sam Bruner, Sarah
Bruner, Tecumseh Brutchin, Anna Brutchin, John
Brutchin, M. Bryant, Elizabeth Bryant, H. F.
Bryant, James M. Bryant, John Bryant, Marion
Bryles, Alexander Bryles, Benj. Bryles, Harrison
Bryles, John Bryles, Lebeda Bryles, Louisa
Bryles, Mary Ann Bryles, Nancy Bryles, Robert
Bryles, Sarah Buchanan, James Buckman, A. J.
Buckman, E. C. Buckman, E. C. Buckman, R. C.
Buckman, S. G. Bundy, Agnes Bundy, Arthur
Bundy, H. A. Bundy, Jane Bundy, Maria
Bundy, Mary Burbank, A. R. Burbank, Geo. W.
Burbank, Leroy J. Burbank, Lydia Burbank, N. E.
Burbank, Rufus Burns, Benj. F. Burns, C. A.
Burns, C. A. Burns, Harriet Burns, I. T. C.
Burns, J. F. Burns, J. W. Burns, Jacob
Burns, L. A. Burns, S. A. Burns, S. A.
Burr, A. A. Burr, A. H. Burr, Angeline
Burr, C. A. Burr, Olive Burr, R. J.
Burr, Richard Buruss, A Buruss, Charles
Buruss, Geo. Buruss, Martha Buruss, Melville
Buruss, Stephen Buruss, Stephen Jr. Buruss, Thomas
Bussett, D. M. Bussett, E.A. Bussett, H. E.
Bussett, L. J. Bussett, Phebe C. Bussett, R. E.
Bussett, S. B. Bussett, W. T. Butler, Caleb
Butler, Elizabeth Butler, S. A. Butler, V. L.
Cabbage, Adam Cabbage, Isaac Caldwell, J. J.
Caldwell, J. W. Caldwell, Sarah Carlile, John W.
Carlile, Rebeca Carlile, Wm. Carlite, George
Carothers, Jacob Carothers, Lavina Carothers, M. D.
Carothers, M. E. Carson, E. W. Carson, Minnie
Carson, Pheba Carson, R. A. Carter, A. J.
Carter, A. T. Carter, Amanda Carter, C. C.
Carter, E. E. Carter, E. J. Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, F. M. Carter, Henry Carter, Joseph
Carter, M. V. Carter, Rozetta Carter, S. A.
Carter, S. C. J. Carter, S. E. Carter , A. N.
Cartright, D. F. Cartright, E. J. Cartright, F.
Cartright, L. Cartright, W. W. Cary, Charles
Cary, G. W. Cary, George Cary, Ida
Cary, Lillia Cary, Lucy Cary, Malvina
Casey, Samuel Casner, Clara Casner, Peyton
Cayot, Cynthia Cayot, John Cayot, Mary
Cayot, Philip Cayott, Cecil Cayott, Charles
Cayott, Frank Cayott, Frank Jr. Cayott, Margaret
Cayott, Peter Cayott, Peter Jr. Cayott, Philip
Cayott, S. F. Cayott, Willie Cayton, E. J.
Cayton, J. N. Cayton, L. F. Ceasar, Bill
Cesar, Rosa Chadwick, E. Chadwick, Emily
Chadwick, Jane Chadwick, Jesse Chambers, Charlotte
Chambers, E. Chambers, E. Chambers, Jesse
Chambers, M. Chambers, M. Chambers, Margaret
Chambers, N. Chambers, Phebe Chancy, L. E.
Chatham, Isaac Chess, C. J. Chess, Geo. W.
Chess, J. H. Chess, J. P. Chess, John
Chisholm, Nancy Chrisman, E. J. Chrisman, J. M.
Chrisman, N. J. Christman, J. S. Christman, John
Christman, W. G. Christman, Zelah Chronister, J. T.
Chronister, John Chronister, Monroe Chronister, N. A.
Chronister, Tennesee Chronister, Thomas Chronister, Thomas Jr.
Church, F. E. Church, H. S. Church, Henry
Church, James Church, Rebecca Church, W. M.
Claburn, Elizabeth Claburn, J. R. Claburn, M. A.
Claburn, M. F. Claburn, M. H. Claburn, N. C.
Claburn, R. M. Claibourn, M. J. Claibourn, M. J.
Claibourn, Wm. F. Claibourn, Z. M. Clark, E. C.
Clark, Eliza Clark, Jacob Clark, L. J.
Clifford, A. P. Clifford, Caroline Clifford, D.
Clifford, J. E. Clifford, Jerusha Clifford, R. S.
Clifford, W. G. Climer, E. Climer, Elmire
Cline, B. D. Cline, Bennet Cline, Charles
Cline, D. P. Cline, Elizabeth Cline, F. E.
Cline, Geo. F. Cline, Geo. P. Cline, Hannah
Cline, J. M Cline, M. J. Cline, S. E.
Coble, C. C. Coble, D. Coble, E. J.
Coble, J. A. Coble, M. E. Coble, Mary
Coble, S. A. Coble, Wm. H. Coburn, C. D.
Coburn, E. L. Coburn, J. C. F. Coburn, J. S.
Coburn, S. B. Coburn, S. M. Coburn, Wm. R.
Cochran, L. F. Cochrane, C. Cochrane, H.
Coffin, A. R. Coffin, A. R. Coffin, A. V.
Coffin, Cameron Coffin, E. E. Coffin, J. E.
Coffin, Marinda Coffin, Mary Coffin, S.
Coffin, S. A. Cofield, Janette Cofield, M. A.
Cole, A. A. Cole, Frank Cole, J. M. Jr.
Cole, James M. Cole, Louisa Cole, Mary
Cole, Wm. M. Collings, E. A. Collings, Eliza E.
Collings, John Conley, F. M. Conley, J. A.
Conley, M. J. Conner, Robert Conner, Sally
Conner, Thomas Corlin, Jane Corliw, Robert
Corliw, S. J. Cornell, Benj. Cornell, E. J.
Cornell, L. A. Cornell, M. E. Cornell, M. E.
Cornell, Newton Cornell, Pamela Cornell, S. C.
Cornell, Wm. Cottingham, C. P. Cottingham, C. T.
Cottingham, Christina Cottingham, Frances Cottingham, G. H.
Cottingham, J. L. Cottingham, J. W. Cottingham, Jacob
Cottingham, L. C. Cottingham, T. J. Cottingham, Wm. P.
Counts, Manda Cox, C. Cox, Charles W.
Cox, Charlotte Cox, Clora A. Cox, H. F.
Cox, H. M. Cox, Isaac Cox, John T.
Cox, John T. Cox, L. K. Cox, M. I.
Cox, N. J. Cox, Rachel Crabtree, C. O.
Crabtree, Frank Crabtree, Louisa Crabtree, Thomas
Crail, A. A. Crandall, A. L. Crandall, C. O.
Crandall, Isabell Crandall, Warren Crane, E.
Crane, H. H. Cratty, Almira Cratty, Hugh
Cratty, W. H. Crawfut, Catharine Crawfut, James
Crocker, Allen Crocker, Dora A. Crocker, E.
Crocker, H. S. Crocker, J. D. Crocker, L.
Crocker, Mary O. Crocker, S. A. Crocker, Wm.
Cropwhite, Mary Cropwhite, T. S. Crotts, C. W.
Crotts, D. D. Crotts, E. Crotts, J. L.
Crotts, K. A. Crotts, M. S. Crotts, S. A.
Crotts, T. W. Crotts, Wm. V. Crow, H. M.
Crow, L. E. Crow, S. P. Crow, Susan
Crow, W. L. Jr. Crow, Wm. Crow, X.
Crutcher, Jane Culberson, D. W. Culberson, J. A.
Culberson, J. C. Culberson, M. A. Culberson, R. M.
Culberson, S. C. Culver, C. M. Culver, D. J.
Culver, D. V. Culver, L. M. Culver, M. E.
Culver, S. C. Culver, S. E. Culver, V.
Cummins, H. C. Cummins, J. R. Cummins, M. L.
Cummins, Margaret Cummins, S. E. Cummins, V. W.
Currey, E. A. Currey, Elizabeth Currey, Matilda
Currey, Wm. F. Curtis, Alta Curtis, H. C.
Curtis, Roxanne

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