Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
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Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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Gabrielson, Nelson Gans, A. M. Gans, Emma
Gans, Hiram Gans, L. Gans, Laura
Gans, Wm. Gans, Wm. Gardner, Phebe
Garner, Eliza Garner, G. W. Garner, P. F.
Garner, S. L. Garner, T. Q. Garner, Wm. A.
Garrett, Albert Garrett, C. J. Garrett, Francis
Garrett, Geo W. Garrett, James H. Garrett, Josephine
Garrett, William Garrett, Wm. A. Gibson, John
Gibson, Mary Jane Gibson, Samuel Gibson, Sarah
Giesy, E. A. Giesy, Elizabeth Giesy, Ellen
Giesy, George Giesy, Jacob Giesy, John W.
Giesy, Josephine Giesy, M. J. Giesy, Minnie
Giesy, N. Giesy, R. A. Gillett, Anna
Gillett, Edward Gillett, Elizabeth Gillett, F.
Gillett, Francis Gillett, Francis Gillett, Frank
Gillett, Louiza Gillett, Olive Gillett, Thomas
Gillett, Wilson Godard, C. Godard, J. T.
Godard, L. D. Godard, Martha Godard, R
Godard, R. P. Goddard, J. E. Goddard, M. E.
Goddard, N. A. Goddard, Welcome Gooch, Maurice
Goodell, E. Goodell, Mary Ann Gordon, Martha
Gordy, Jeremiah Gordy, M. A. Grant, Catharine
Grant, David Grant, Ellen Grant, Hugh
Grant, John Grant, Owen Grant, Owen
Grant, Ruget Grant, Ruget Gray, G. W.
Gray, H. J. Gray, L. S. J. Gray, Nelson
Gray, Wm. M. Grayson, Lydia Griffin, D. B.
Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin, H. S. Griffin, John
Griffin, John B. Griffin, M. A. Griffin, O. E.
Griffin, Patrick Griffith, C. Griffith, C.
Griffith, J. Griffith, M. Griffith, O.
Griffith, R. Griffith, U. Griggs, S. E.
Grim, Sarah Grimes, David Grimes, L. R.
Grimes, Lydia Grimes, M. E. Grimes, Sarah F.
Grimit, Sarah Grobingsen, H. W. Grobingsen, Louisa
Grobingsen, Sophia Grobingsen, Wm. Grobingsen, Wm. Jr.
Hadley, James Hadlow, John Hale, Dorinda
Hale, G. E. Hale, G. W. Hale, Jacob
Hale, M. J. Hale, Samuel Hale, Samuel
Hale, Wm. Hall, Amanda Hall, C. W.
Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Hiram
Hall, John J. Hall, John T. Hall, Lemuel
Hall, Lucinda Hall, M. Hall, M. A.
Hall, Mary Hall, R. B. Hall, Samuel
Hall, Wm. Halsey, C. J. Halsey, Joseph
Halsey, L. H. Halsey, P. A. Halsey, P. S.
Halsey, Robert Halsey, S. E. Halsey, S. J.
Halsey, Wm. R. Hamilton, Alex. Hamilton, Charles
Hamilton, Charles Hamilton, Delia Hamilton, F. E.
Hamilton, G. A. Hamilton, Harriet Hamilton, J. P.
Hamilton, J. P. Jr. Hamilton, James Hamilton, John B.
Hamilton, L. B. Hamilton, L. E. Hamilton, L. J.
Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. F. Hamilton, Maria
Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Medora Hamilton, Pamelia
Hamilton, S. E. Hamilton, Silva Hamilton, Wilson
Hamilton, Wm. T. Hardin, D. C. Hardin, M. A.
Harlan, H. L. Harlan, Hiram Harlan, O.
Harlan, S. E. Harlan, S. H. Harland, A.
Harland, M. Harland, S. E. Harper, D. C.
Harper, E. A. Harper, F. E. Harper, J. F.
Harper, J. F. Harper, M. J. Harper, S. B.
Harrington, L. C. Harrington, Rowena Harrington, S. R.
Harris, A. A. Harris, Amelia Harris, B. F.
Harris, C. L. Harris, Caroline Harris, G. W.
Harris, H. E. Harris, Ida Harris, Ira
Harris, Isreal Harris, J. A. Harris, J. O.
Harris, J. O. Harris, J. R. Harris, James
Harris, Jane Harris, L. T. Harris, Lana
Harris, M. Harris, M. A. Harris, M. J.
Harris, Mary Harris, N. E. Harris, Nancy
Harris, Nancy Harris, O. C. Harris, Stephen R.
Harris, T. G. Harris, Tyre Harris, Wilson
Harris, Wm. E. Harrison, D. C. Harrison, E.
Harrison, Eldora Harrison, J. Harrison, J. L.
Harrison, Jesse Harrison, S. A. Harrison, Sarah
Hastings, B. W. Hastings, J. V. Hastings, Julieth
Hastings, L. B. Hastings, T. B. Hastings, Wm. S.
Hathaway, Antha Hathe, C. E. Hathe, G. W.
Hathe, M. L. Hawkins, D. A. Hawkins, D. B.
Hawkins, David Hawkins, E. F. Hawkins, E. J.
Hawkins, F. S. Hawkins, Geo A. Hawkins, I. S.
Hawkins, M. A. Hawkins, Wm. Hays, Hannah
Hays, Laura Heddins, James Heddins, Levi
Heddins, Martha Heddins, S. H. Heffner, Edward
Heffner, Elizabeth Heffner, Ellen Heffner, James
Heffner, Jane Heffner, John Heffner, Lydia
Heffner, Margaret Heffner, Mary Heffner, Michael
Heisinger, A. Heisinger, A. Heisinger, B.
Heisinger, C. Heisinger, E. Heisinger, J.
Heisinger, J. Heisinger, L. Heisinger, M.
Heisinger, M. Heisinger, P. C. Heisinger, P. J.
Henley, A. Henley, Frederick Henley, J. E.
Henley, J. G. Henley, J. R. Henley, M. E.
Henley, M. E. Henley, Nancy Henley, S. F.
Henley, S. J. Henley, Wm. Herrick, S. E.
Herrick, Webster Hick, A. D. Hick, M. C.
Hickox, Chancy Hickox, H. M. Hickox, L. S.
Hickox, M. E. Hickox, Nancy Hickox, Samuel
Hickox, Wm. H. Hickox, Wm. M. Hiedrick, Esther
Hiedrick, Philip Hiedrick, Rebecca Higdon, Allen
Higdon, Cyntha Higdon, Eliza Higdon, Elizabeth
Higdon, H. A. Higdon, J. B. Higdon, John
Higdon, Noah Higdon, Sarah F. High, Austin
High, C. T. High, M. A. C. High, S. Ann
High, Wm. Hill, B. C. Hill, Charles
Hill, E. J. Hill, Garret Hill, James H.
Hill, R. A. Hill, S. L. Hill, Spencer
Hill, W. B. Hinde, A. C. Hinde, Amanda
Hinde, George Hinde, H. L. Hinde, Lucy A.
Hinde, M. B. Hobbs, Augusta Hobbs, E. J.
Hobbs, George Hobbs, John W. Hobbs, Leslie
Hobbs, Rachel Hobbs, S. E. Hobbs, Wm.
Holland, Alice Holland, Augustin Holland, B. A.
Holland, Ella Holland, Ellen Holland, Gabe
Holland, Girard Holland, Howard Holland, Ida
Holland, Isabell Holland, Laura Holland, Maggie
Holland, Mary Ann Holland, Wallace Holliday, Amos
Holliday, Caroline Holliday, Daniel Holliday, J. W.
Holliday, N. M. Holloway, A. Holt, E. H.
Holt, S. M. Homes, A. I. Homes, Alice
Homes, David Homes, Elizabeth Homes, James
Homes, L. C. Homes, M. L. Homes, Margaret
Homes, Martha Homes, Sarah Hooper, E.
Hoover, A. A. Hoover, Andrew Hoover, C.
Hoover, David Hoover, David Hoover, David N.
Hoover, Eliza E. Hoover, Ellen Hoover, Ellen
Hoover, Fredric Hoover, Geo L. Hoover, H. M.
Hoover, Hiram Hoover, J. H. Hoover, Jacob
Hoover, L. Hoover, M Hoover, M. E.
Hoover, M. L. Hoover, Martha Hoover, Pery
Hoover, S. A. Hoover, S. E. Hoover, S. E.
Hoover, Samuel Hoover, Sarah Hoover, Susan
Hoover, U. U. Hoover, Wm. E. Hornbeck, Henry
Horrell, C. Horrell, T. L. Hosic, D. C.
Hovey, D. H. Hovey, E. W. Hovey, J. A.
Hovey, J. C. Hovey, Jane Hovey, M. E.
Howard, C. Howard, C. Howard, J. H.
Howard, M. Howard, M. A. Howard, M. R.
Howard, M. W. Howe, C. C. Howe, C. G.
Howe, E. C. Howe, F. M. Howe, H.
Howe, H. G. Howe, India Howe, Isabell
Howe, J. K. Howe, M. E. Howe, P. H.
Howe, S. A. Howerton, C. Howerton, S. M.
Howerton, Wm. Hudson, Lavinia T. Hughes, A. H.
Hughes, Catharine Hughes, J. L. Hughes, S. A.
Hughes, Sally Humphrey, M. Hunter, Albert
Hunter, Ben Hunter, Bet Hunter, Betsey
Hunter, Fommy Hunter, Mary Hunter, Nancy
Hunter, Silla Hunter, Tom Huntirng, Logan
Hurst, Angeline Hurst, C. Hurst, E.
Hurst, J. A. Hurst, J. R. Hurst, S.
Hussa, Adam Hussa, Oscar Ingwersen, Adaline
Ingwersen, C. A. Ingwersen, C. L. W. Ingwersen, S. A.

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