Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
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Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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Jackson, A. J. Jackson, A. T. Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, M. A. Jackson, M. L. Jackson, N. C.
Jackson, S. E. Jackson, Tho. Jeffrey, Mary
Jenks, G. E. Jenks, J. Jenks, J.
Jenks, J. H. Jenks, Jane Jenks, Joseph
Jenks, Lovelin Johnson, C. C. Johnson, David
Johnson, E. Johnson, E. J. Johnson, E. M.
Johnson, Ellen Johnson, James Johnson, James
Johnson, Jane Johnson, M. A. Johnson, M. L.
Johnson, Margaret Johnson, N. V. Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, Reubin Johnson, Robert Johnson, S. J.
Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Unice
Johnson, W. C. Jolly, John Jones, A.
Jones, Ann Jones, Asa Jones, D. A.
Jones, David Jones, E. E. Jones, E. J.
Jones, Elizabeth Jones, F. S. Jones, F. V.
Jones, J. F. Jones, James E. Jones, Jane
Jones, Jane Jones, John Jones, M. M.
Jones, Mary Jones, R. D. Jones, S. J.
Jones, S. R. Jones, Sarah Jones, T. B.
Jones, Thomas D. Jones, Wm. H. Jordan, Bethane
Jordan, E. M. Jordan, E. P. Jordan, Frank
Jordan, Geo. R. Jordan, Harry C. Jordan, M. A.
Jordan, Q. A. Jordan, Q. C. Jordan, Robert
Jordan, S. Juct, M. A. Judd, C. B.
Judd, E. Z. Judd, F. M. Judd, John D.
Judd, L. W. Judd, M. J. Judge, Eliza
Junkins, C. E. Junkins, Edward Junkins, J. G.
Junkins, M. J. Junkins, S. C. Junkins, Terry
Junkins, W. A. Karr, A. Z. Karr, John L.
Karr, M. M. Karr, Mary Karr, Sarah
Keith, A. E. Keith, D. H. Keith, E. C.
Keith, Margaret Keith, Wm. H. Kelley, Caroline
Kelley, Harrie Kelley, Harrison Kennedy, Abbie
Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Cyrus Kennedy, D.
Kennedy, E. Kennedy, E. A. Kennedy, Geo. W.
Kennedy, Henry Kennedy, J. A. Kennedy, Jesse
Kennedy, M. Kennedy, M. A. Kennedy, M. E.
Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, P. S. Kennedy, Rachel
Kennedy, S. A. Kennedy, Wm. Kent, K. S.
Kent, Orson Kerby, C. E. Kerby, M. E.
Kerby, W. H. Kerby, Wm. O Kerns, C. A.
Kerns, Milton W. Kesner, Anna Kesner, Chris
Kesner, Henry Kesner, M. E. Kesner, S. E.
Key, C. R. Key, Carter Key, George
Key, Joanna Key, L. E. Key, Lucinda
Key, Nancy Kilmer, Amanda Kimburo, Martin
King, Robert Kingsbury, C. Kingsbury, Mary
Kingsbury, P. Kinkead, Ann Kinkead, J. B.
Kinkead, L. J. Kinkead, S. S. Kinny, Charles
Kinny, Hallie Kinny, Robert Klinkenbeard, A. J.
Klinkmen, John Kniffin, Anna Kniffin, Celia
Kniffin, Eleanor Kniffin, Geo. R. Kniffin, Lemuel
Knight, A. A. Knight, C. A. Knight, L. E.
Knott, L. Knotts, Eldora Knotts, Elizabeth
Knotts, Hiram Knowles, Amanda Knowles, Jacob
Knowles, Mary Knowles, Wm. Knowlton, A. J.
Knowlton, N. E. Lacert, Rosalie Lacert, S.
Lamb, A. F. Lamb, Aaron Lamb, Catharine
Lamb, E. B. Lamb, E. D. Lamb, E. H.
Lamb, E. J. Lamb, E. L. Lamb, Emily B.
Lamb, F. E. Lamb, L. A. Lamb, L. C.
Lamb, Leroy Lamb, M. A. Lamb, Mary
Lamb, Moses Lamb, P. G. Lamb, P. W.
Lamb, R. A. Lamb, Romain Landers, Alix
Landers, Ann Landers, C.J. Landers, Catharine
Landers, Celia Landers, Jack Landers, Jane
Landers, Major Landers, Mary Landers, Mose
Landers, Pleasant [Landers], Twin Boys [Landers], Twin Boys
Lane, A. A. Lane, C. A. Lane, E. M.
Lane, J. C. Lane, J. M. Lane, James M.
Lane, L. M. Lane, M. E. Lane, M. J.
Lane, M. P. Lane, Margaret Lane, S. M.
Lane, Samuel. H Lane, T. M. Langford, C. H.
Langford, J. A. Langford, Mary Lankard, Angelina
Lankard, J. W. Lankard, S. Z. Lankard, Wm. T.
Laudlam, E. D. Laudlam, M. Laudlam, Wm. H.
Lawrence, I. D. Lawrence, John T. Lawrence, S. A.
Lawrence, S. M. Lawrence, S. V. Lawrence, Samuel
Lawrence, Wm. Leabo, Charles Leabo, James
Leabo, N. A. Leabo, Wm. Leach, J. B.
Leach, R. S. Leach, Robert Lee, C. J.
Lee, Catharine Lee, G. W. Lee, Gran
Lee, J. C. Lee, J. H. Lee, M. A.
Lee, Orlina Lee, P. M. Lee, Sarah
Leonard, M. S. Leonard, Milton Lesbis, S. Ellen
Lewis, Andy Lewis, Justin Lindsay, A.
Linthicum, Elizabeth Linthicum, Slingsbee Littell, D. W.
Little, Watson Lock, D. C. Lock, M. C.
Locke, D. G. Locke, M. J. Locke, R. S.
Locke, S. E. Locke, S. T. Logan, Augustus
Logan, James Logan, Mary Logan, R. O.
Logan, Rachel Logan, Sidney Logue, Ambrose
Logue, Celia Logue, E. A. Logue, James
Logue, Joseph Logue, Mary Logue, R.
Long, A. J. Long, E. I. Long, John
Long, M. A. Long, M. J. Long, M. L.
Long, S. A. Lowell, S. Lowry, A. S.
Lowry, Charity Lowry, Charles Lowry, Grace
Lowry, Jane Lowry, Peter Lowry, Susie
Loy, Catharine Loy, H. A. Loy, Martha
Loy, Mary Loy, Susan Loy, Susannah
Loy, William Ludlam, B. F. Luyster, E.
Luyster, H. A. Luyster, I. N. Luyster, J. B.
Luyster, P. M. Luyster, Rachel

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