Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
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Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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Madden, Anne Mag, Doca Majors, A. J.
Majors, E. L. Majors, G. McClelland Majors, M. S.
Majors, N. E. Majors, R. J. Majors, S. J.
Majors, T. J. Majors, Thomas Majors, V. G.
Makinson, B. W. D. K. Makinson, E. G. G. Makinson, J. F.
Makinson, J. W. Makinson, J. W. Manson, C.
Manson, E. S. Manson, G. H. Manson, J. M.
Manson, M. L. Manson, Wm. Marlow, Duke
Marlow, Martha Marsh, L. C. Marsh, Laura
Marsh, Leonard Marsh, Luther Marsh, M. E.
Marsh, Sarah Martin, Morris Martindale, A.
Martindale, Allice Martindale, C. M. Martindale, Cordelia
Martindale, Cristal Martindale, Elijah Martindale, H.
Martindale, I. Martindale, James Martindale, L. F.
Martindale, Levi Martindale, M. J. Martindale, Rana
Martindale, Thomas Martindale, William Marty, C. S.
Marty, Margarett Marty, S. C. Matson, Frances
Matson, Wm. Maudlin, H. L. Maudlin, J. G.
Maudlin, R. Mayer, A. E. Mayer, C.
Mayer, J. T. Mayer, S. A. Maylsoveth, J. A.
Maynard, Alonzo Maynard, J. L. Maynard, Sarah
McAllister, Hiram McAllister, Louisa McAllister, M. E.
McAllister, Orillea McAllister, W. F. McCandles, Charles
McCandles, Havilla McCandles, Margaret McCandles, Wm.
McClearin, John McClearin, Susan McCollum, M.
McCollum, M. J. McColough, L. McCombs, E. A.
McCombs, Ester McCombs, John McConnell, A.
McConnell, Bell McConnell, Frank McConnell, Geo. H.
McConnell, Jas K McConnell, M. A. McConnell, Mary
McCor, J. K. McCor, R. McCormick, A.
McCulough, J. A. McCurston, Ann McCurston, M.
McCurston, M. P. McCurston, P. E. McCurston, R. E.
McCurston, Robert McDaniel, E. D. McDaniel, H. A.
McDaniel, H. M. McDaniel, J. A. McDaniel, Mary
McDaniel, N. J. McDiblie, Dinah McDiblie, Jacob
McDiblie, John McDiblie, Julie McDiblie, Kittie
McDiblie, Sam McDiblie, Taylor McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, J. K. McDonald, J. S. McDonald, Louisa
McDonald, Lucinda McDonald, Sarah McDonald, W. W.
McDormid, George McGee, Albert McGee, Amanda
McGee, Ambrose McGee, G. A. McGee, John
McGee, Larkin McGee, M. J. McGinnis, J. A.
McGinnis, Sarah McGinnis, W. F. McGlassin, Elizabeth
McIntosh, Joseph McIntosh, M. McIntosh, Matilda
McIntosh, P. McIntosh, Tom McKay, Catherine
McKay, Clark McKay, E. B. McKay, H. E.
McKay, M. J. McKay, W. C. McKee, A.
McKee, Lucy McKee, Mary McKinney, E.
McKinney, Esther McKinney, Esther McKinney, James
McKinny, A. G. McKinny, Gohn McKinny, Howd
McKinny, J. W. McKinny, J. W. McKinny, L. M.
McKinny, Louisa McKinny, Luvinia McKinny, M. E.
McKinny, Sarah McKinny, Wm. McLaughlin, Geo.
McLee, Jos McLees, C. J. McLees, John W.
McLees, Mark McLees, S. J. McMahon, D. J.
McMahon, E. A. McMahon, E. C. McMahon, Hardin
McMahon, Henry McMahon, J. H. McMahon, J. H. Jr.
McMahon, L. E. McMahon, M. E. McMahon, M. E.
McMahon, N. H. McMahon, Nancy McMahon, S. P.
McMahon, S. W. McMahon, Wm. McMurtry, J.
McNaughton, C. McNaughton, C. E. McNaughton, James
McNaughton, Jerusha McNaughton, Wm. McQuiston, Clark
McQuiston, D. J. McQuiston, Ibby McWaters, Samuel
McWaters, Wm. McWilliams, Bernice McWilliams, Charles
McWilliams, Clarrisa McWilliams, David McWilliams, Elmer
McWilliams, Eugenia McWilliams, Mary McWilliams, Moses
McWilliams, Serena McWilliams, Wallace McWilliams, Wm.
Meinhousen, Wm. Merrel, Cintha Merrel, Isaac
Merrel, Peggy Merrit, T. C. Messick, --
Messick, C. Messick, E. Messick, J.
Messick, Jackson Messick, S. Metcalf, D. P.
Metcalf, Minna Metcalf, Walter Mickle, Ephraim
Mickle, G. W. Mickle, L. H. Mickle, M. E.
Middlebusher, A. H. Middlebusher, J. E. Middlebusher, L. E.
Middlebusher, M. Middlebusher, T. A. Middlebusher, Wm. H.
Miller, Daniel Miller, Delos Miller, E. S.
Miller, Florence Miller, H. Miller, Harriett
Miller, J. W. Miller, John Miller, Laura
Miller, Levi Miller, Martha Miller, R.
Mintzer, Japhet Mintzer, Maretta Mintzer, Mary
Mintzer, R. Moffett, J. H. Montgomery, Kate
Moon, Charles Moore, Angeline Moore, Charles
Moore, Elizabeth Moore, J. A. Moore, J. H.
Moore, J. O. Moore, John Moore, John H.
Moore, L. Q. Moore, M. H. Moore, N. E.
Moore, Nancy Moore, S. I. Moore, W. G.
Moqurt, Charles Moqurt, Julia Moqurt, Pauline
Morcindale, H. C. More, A. B. More, C.
More, Catharine More, E. A. More, Henry
More, J. A. More, J. O. More, Jesse
More, L. D. More, Levica More, Levina
More, M. J. More, M. L. More, Nancy
More, S. N. More, Wm. Morey, Clara
Morey, H. S. Morey, I. M. Morey, J. M.
Morey, K. C. Morey, L. W. Morey, Lyman
Moriquand, J. P. Moriquand, J. P. D. Moriquand, L.
Moriquand, L. Moriquand, L. L. Moriquand, M. E.
Morris, A. S. Morris, David Morris, Eleanor
Morris, Frances Morris, Harriet Morris, J. M.
Morris, Jane Morris, John Morris, L. F.
Morris, Lucinda Morris, Mary Morris, Samuel
Morris, Terry Morris, Wilson Morris, Wm.
Morrow, A. J. Morrow, H. C. Morrow, I. R.
Morrow, Jane Morrow, M. Morrow, M. A.
Morrow, M. E. Morrow, M. R. Morrow, William
Morrow, Wm. Morrow, Wm. P. Morse, B. A.
Morse, C. S. Morse, Charles Morse, John
Morse, Laura Morse, Lizze Morse, Mary
Morse, W. H. Morton, C. G. Morton, Clara
Morton, E. F. Morton, Edwin Morton, M. E.
Morton, S. A. Morton, W. A. Mosier, Geo.
Mosier, Isaac Mosier, John Mosier, L. A.
Mosley, Edmund Mosley, Wm. Moss, D. L.
Moss, I. B. Moss, Jenni M. Moss, L.
Moss, M. A. Moss, S. E. Moss, S. L.
Motsenbocker, A. Motsenbocker, A. J. Motsenbocker, C. E.
Motsenbocker, E. A. Motsenbocker, J. D. Motsenbocker, Jacob
Motsenbocker, L. S. Motsenbocker, M. Motsenbocker, N. M.
Motsenbocker, S. A. Motsenbocker, W. E. Moulton, Vivia
Mullen, E. F. Mullen, John M. Mullen, Levi
Mun, Haggis Mun, Jesse Mun, Mary
Mun, Nancy Mun, Noah Mun, Wanneo
Murden, Sarah Murfey, Nancy Murfey, Thomas
Murphy, Benj. Murphy, E. J. Murphy, Elenore
Murphy, Richard Murphy, Sidney Murphy, Victoria
Murphy, W. L. Musgrove, A. J. Naughton, James
Naughton, John Naughton, Margaret Naughton, Mary
Naughton, Thomas Nelson, D. H. Nelson, L. E.
Nelson, L. E. Nevy, John Newman, Alex.
Newman, Geo. L. Newman, James Newman, S. P.
Newman, S. R. Newton, Margaret Newton, Thomas
Nibro, Emma Nibro, T. C. Nicewangle, Jane
Nichols, Amanda Nichols, G. T. Nichols, Henry M.
Nichols, Pink Nichols, Samuel Nichols, W. D.
Niles, John Niles, R. Niles, R.
Niles, S. A. Niswangle, E. J. Niswangle, J. W.
Niswangle, Mary Nixon, H. H. Nixon, J. G.
Nixon, L. S. Nixon, Milton Nixon, N. E.
Nixon, N. H. Nixon, S. E. Nixon, W. E. J.
Noel, Alice Noel, Caleb Noell, G. McC.
Noell, J. A. Noell, J. M. Noell, M. W.
Noell, S. E. Noell, W. C. D. Northrup, Geo.
Northrup, Harriet Northrup, Ira Northrup, John
Northrup, Margarite Northrup, Marshall Northrup, Nancy
Norton, Annette Norton, D. Norton, Minnie
Norton, Rollin O Leary, Catharine O Leary, Theodore
Obins, Sarah A. Ogbourn, Geo Ogbourn, L. E.
Ogbourn, M. E. Ogburn, Edwin Opdyke, H. H
Osburn, Elizabeth Osburn, Jesse Ozburn, A. F.
Ozburn, I. T. Ozburn, Susan Ozburn, T. W. H.

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