Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
Index P-S

Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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Paine, Alphonso Paine, C. R. Paine, Douglas
Paine, John L. Paine, M. H. Paine, Martha
Paine, Morgan Paine, Rebecca Paine, Rodney
Paine, Sarah Paine, W. J. Palmer, G. E.
Palmer, M. E. Palmer, Mary A. Palmer, S. B.
Palmer, S. C. Palmer, Sarah Palmer, W. T.
Parkinson, James Parkinson, Jane Parkinson, William
Parr, Henry Parsons, Irma Parsons, James
Parsons, Julia Parsons, R. W. Parsons, Wm.
Partrige, E. M. Partrige, J. N. Patten, Catharine
Patten, Frances Patten, G. W. Patten, John
Patten, John Jr. Patten, Julia Patten, M. A.
Patten, M. N. Patterson, E. A. Patterson, J. B.
Patterson, John Patterson, M. A. Patterson, M. N.
Patterson, M. S. Patterson, R. F. Patton, C.
Patton, I. H. Patton, J. W. Patton, M. J.
Patton, P. S. Patton, S. D. Patton, Wm. B.
Paul, Mary Payne, Mary Payne, Vivia
Pearson, Elizabeth Pearson, J. N. Pearson, M. E.
Pearson, S. A. Pearson, S. S. Pearson, Timothy
Peck, Elba Peck, Frances Peck, L. J.
Peck, Lydia Peck, Orson Peck, Theodore
Pelkey, Chris'r Pennington, J. L. Pennington, J. W.
Pennington, M. E. Pennington, N. J. Pennington, S. F.
Pennington, W. L. Pepper, G. Pepper, L. E.
Pepper, Lydia Pepper, Margaret Pepper, S. P.
Perry, A. J. Perry, J. S. Perry, M. E.
Peterson, A. J. Peterson, C. Peterson, Henry
Peterson, John Peterson, M. J. Peterson, Sameul
Peterson, Samuel Philips, A. J. Philips, Aaron
Philips, Amanda Philips, Curtis Philips, D. M.
Philips, F. C. Philips, Jane Philips, L. E.
Philips, N. J. Philips, O. O. Philips, Rebecca
Philips, Rosella Philips, S. A. D. Philips, Wm.
Pick, Wright Pierce, Anne Pierce, Eliza
Pierce, Geo. J. Pierce, George Pierce, Harriet
Pierce, Helena Pierce, Louisa Pierce, Thaddeus
Polan, E. Polan, M. J. Polan, R.
Polan, R. Polan, Robert Polan, S.
Ponting, Daniel Ponting, Henry Ponting, James
Ponting, Michael Ponting, Rebecca Ponting, Robert
Porter, Ellen Porter, James Porter, John
Potter, A.A. Potter, F. W. Potter, L. E.
Potter, Laura Pottorf, Thornton Price, G. C.
Price, John Price, L. J. Price, Levi
Price, S. Price, S. R. Price, Sciota
Primm, Hagas Primm, Tom Proctor, S. L.
Proctor, T. Y. Prouty, Amelia Prouty, Eva
Prouty, F. G. Prouty, H. M. Prouty, S. S.
Puffer, A. S. Puffer, C. Puffer, C. H.
Puffer, Ella Puffer, Emma Puffer, Hannah
Puffer, Henry M. Puffer, Margaret Puffer, Richard
Puffer, Thomas Quiggles, Amy Quiggles, Frank
Quiggles, Hiram Quiggles, James Quiggles, John
Quiggles, Silas Quiggles, Wm. Quigle, Allen
Quigle, Francis Quigle, John Quigle, M.
Quigle, Mary Quigle, Mary Quigle, Thomas
Ralls, L. Randall, Avrilla Randall, Benj.
Randall, H. E. Randall, Henry Randall, Sephrona
Randall, W. M. Raney, A. F. Raney, Charles
Raney, Mary M. Rankin, J. M. Rankins, A. C.
Rankins, K. A. Rankins, M. V. Rankins, S. J.
Rasor, Amanda Rasor, David Rasor, G. G.
Rasor, J. S. Rasor, M. E. Rasor, T. J.
Rasor, W. J. Rawls, Celesta Rawls, Emma
Rawls, Franklin Rawls, Jane Rawls, Joseph
Rawls, Mary Rawls, Serilda Ray, F. A.
Ray, J. L. Ray, M. A. Ray, T. L.
Ray, Wm. J. Read, H. N. F. Read, M. A.
Read, M. G. Read, M. J. Read, M. L.
Redman, Ellen Redman, Mary Redman, Nancy
Redman, R. H. Redman, Theodora Reed, Articia
Reed, C. M. Reed, E. F. Reed, E. F.
Reed, J. M. Reed, Margaret Reed, Mary
Reed, Sarah Reed, Sarah A. Reed, Thomas
Reeder, A. G. Reeder, A. H. Reeder, E.
Reeder, J. G. Reeder, J. W. Reeder, M. D.
Reeder, M. E. Reeder, N. C. Reeder, N. J.
Reeder, N. R. Reeder, N. W. Reeder, S.
Reeder, S. C. Reeder, Wm. T. Rein, Geo. J.
Rein, Henry Rein, Robert Rhodes, C. P.
Rhodes, J. D. Rhodes, M. A. Rhodes, Wm. S.
Riadon, L. B. Riadon, L. T. Riadon, Levi
Riadon, N. J. Rice, C. M. Rich, Calvin
Rich, E. Rich, Jane Rich, John Milton
Rich, W. A. Rich, William Richards, A. V.
Richards, Anna Richards, Catherine Richards, Henry
Richards, John Richards, M. J. Richardson, Caroline
Richardson, J. Richardson, James Richardson, John
Richardson, Josiah Richardson, Sarah Rider, L. M.
Rightnour, E. Ringle, C. B. Ringle, Franklin
Ringle, George Ringle, M. E. Ringle, Maria
Ringle, Nancy Ringle, Sarah Ringle, Simon
Ringle, William Roberts, Betty Roberts, Eliza
Roberts, L. A. Roberts, M. L. Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Michel Roberts, Pheba Roberts, Salverius
Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Silvester Roberts, Solomon W.
Roberts, Timothy Roberts, Tom Roberts, William
Robins, Hector Robinson, Albert Robinson, Anna
Robinson, E. E. Robinson, Elijah Robinson, G. W.
Robinson, J. A. Robinson, John Robinson, John W.
Robinson, Joshua Robinson, Laura Robinson, M. A.
Robinson, Mary Robinson, N. J. Robinson, Noah
Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Thomas B. Robison, H
Robison, Josephine Roby, Mary Ann Roby, S. E.
Rogers, A. A. Rogers, G. B. Rogers, Greenbury
Rogers, Janette Rogers, Jesse Rogers, William
Roland, D. L. Roland, I. C. Roland, J. M.
Roland, R. M. Roland, S. N. Roland, Wm. V.
Romary, Ann Romary, E Romary, H.
Romary, Henry Romary, Wm. Romery, Alfred
Romery, Arther Romery, Emery Romery, Geo
Romery, Henry Rooney, C. Rooney, E.
Rooney, Leonard Rooney, Marietta Rooney, R. I.
Rooney, R. W. Rooney, Robert Ruggles, I. M.
Ruggles, Olive Ruggles, Sarah Ruggles, Thomas
Rulin, J. J. Russell, Ada Russell, Adaline
Russell, Albert Russell, C. Russell, E. A.
Russell, Edwin Russell, Frances Russell, H. P.
Russell, Ida Russell, James Russell, John
Russell, John Russell, John W. Russell, M. P.
Russell, Martin Russell, Mary Russell, N
Russell, Nancy Russell, Nancy Russell, Pointon
Russell, Samuel Russell, W. H. Ryan, Alonzo
Ryan, E. F. Ryan, Geo. Ryan, H. J.
Ryan, Henry Ryan, Henry Ryan, J. J.
Ryan, James Ryan, Jerusha Ryan, Julia
Ryan, Lydia Ryan, Martha Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary Ryan, Priscilla Ryan, S. P.
Ryan, Solomon Sadler, A. J. Sadler, B. F.
Sadler, E. E. Sadler, J. E. Sadler, James
Sadler, Lavina Sadler, N. J. Sadler, W. A.
Saferite, A. N. Saferite, C. S. Saferite, F. A.
Saferite, J. A. Saferite, N. J. Samuels, S. E.
Samuels, S. J. Sanders, F. M. Sanders, J. W.
Sanders, M. E. Sanders, M. M. Sanders, R. R.
Sanders, S. R. Sanders, W. J. Sanders, W. W.
Saunders, E. A. Saunders, J. E. Saunders, S. L.
Saunders, W. R. Schaaf, Edward Schaaf, Emaline
Schaaf, Henry Schaaf, J. I. Schaaf, J. S.
Schlee, E. C. Schlee, Henry Schlee, M. C.
Schlee, R. D. Schlee, Rosina Schlee, S. F.
Schlichter, Amelia Schlichter, Ellen Schlichter, Laurens
Schlichter, Martha Schlichter, Mary Schlichter, Matilda
Schlichter, Rosetta Schlichter, W.H. Schrump, Frederick
Scott, C. D. Scott, John B. Scott, John B. Jr.
Scott, Lucinda Scott, M. G. Scott, R. N.
Scott, Rodie T. Scranton, Tho. Scrugs, Jim
Shaffer, Agnes Shaffer, Charles Shaffer, Geo.
Shaffer, Geo. Jr. Shaffer, J. Shaffer, Margaret
Shaffer, Terry Sharp, C. L. Sharp, F. A.
Sharp, G. W. Sharp, J. C. Sharp, M. A.
Sharp, S. J. Sharp, Sarah Sharp, Tilmon
Shawbell, C. Shawbell, F. M. Shawbell, H. W.
Shawbell, J. G. Shawbell, L. E. Shawbell, M.
Shawbell, S. M. Shelton, A. J. Shelton, F. A.
Shelton, F. B. Shelton, H. J. Shelton, J. W.
Shelton, M. Shelton, M. L. Shelton, M. M.
Shelton, S. D. Sherman, John Shiver, B.
Shiver, O.  Shobe, J.
Shobe, Jonas Shobe, M. E. Shobe, N. A.
Shoemaker, A. E. Shoemaker, C. H. Shoemaker, C. M.
Shoemaker, E. E. Shoemaker, E. J. Shoemaker, J. G.
Shoemaker, R. M. Shore, J. H. Shore, Jeremiah
Shore, John Shore, M. Shore, M. E.
Short, Helen Short, I. M. Short, Isabelle
Short, James W. Short, Maria Short, Oscar
Short, S. A. Short , Alice Short , Emily
Short , Milton Shull, Wm. H. Sims, E. H.
Sims, James W. Sims, Z. A. Smith, A. A.
Smith, A. C. Smith, A. E. Smith, A. E.
Smith, A. E. Smith, Addie Smith, Carrie
Smith, E. A. Smith, E. C. Smith, E. C.
Smith, E. C. Smith, E. F. Smith, E. L.
Smith, Eber C. Smith, Flora Smith, Frances
Smith, G. C. Smith, Geo A. Smith, H. G.
Smith, Henry Smith, Henry A. Smith, J. A.
Smith, J. F. Smith, James Smith, James E.
Smith, Jemima Smith, L. D. Smith, L. R.
Smith, Laura Smith, M Smith, M. A.
Smith, M. B. Smith, M. C. Smith, M. J.
Smith, Marietta Smith, Mary Smith, Mary
Smith, N. J. Smith, Nancy E. Smith, O. G.
Smith, O. L. Smith, P. H. Smith, Peter
Smith, R. Alice Smith, R. E. Smith, R. J.
Smith, Risa Smith, S. A. Smith, S. E.
Smith, S. S. Smith, S. T. Smith, Sarah
Smith, Solomon Smith, Virginia Smith, W. A.
Smith, W. H. Smith, Wm. R. Smith,
Smith, Smyer, James Snoddy, A. E.
Snoddy, A. E. Snoddy, B. W. S. Snoddy, E. A.
Snoddy, J. M. Snoddy, J. M. E. Snoddy, J. R.
Snoddy, J. W. Snoddy, M. J. Snoddy, not named
Snoddy, S. E. Snoddy, Sally Snodgrass, Anna
Snodgrass, Eveline Snodgrass, Hannah Snodgrass, J. K.
Snodgrass, Nathan Snodgrass, Wm. Snyder, Christian
Snyder, G. E. Snyder, H. J. Snyder, J. H.
Snyder, J. W. Snyder, Nancy Snyder, W. A.
Southard, C. C. Southard, D. W. Southard, Emma
Southard, J. M Southard, M. Southard, R. B.
Southard, R. E. Southard, R. E. Southard, Z. A.
Spain, Joanna Spain, John Spain, Martha
Spear, Louiza Spear, M. F. Spear, N. S.
Spear, Wm.T. Spillman, L. Spillman, S. H.
Staley, A. L. Staley, Abagail Staley, C. M.
Staley, E. Staley, F. G. Staley, J. A.
Staley, J. E. Staley, James Staley, L. S.
Staley, R. A. Staley, S. E. Standly, G. F.
Standly, L. L. Standly, N. E. Standly, O. W.
Stanfield, A. Stanfield, A. Stanfield, C. R.
Stanfield, Elijah Stanfield, H. H. Stanfield, L. E.
Stanfield, S. Stanfield, S. A. Stanfield, Wm.F.
Stanfrey, Daniel Stanfrey, John Stanfrey, R.
Stanly, J. C. Stanly, S. F. Stansbury, Lydia
Stansbury, Richard Stewart, Alexander Stewart, B. A.
Stewart, C. A. Stewart, E. J. Stewart, F. A.
Stewart, F. S. Stewart, G. W. Stewart, H. W.
Stewart, I. M. Stewart, James C. Stewart, M. R.
Stewart, P. J. Stewart, S. J. Stewart, T. M.
Stillion, Arbell Stillion, Cordelia Stillion, Moses
Stillion, Walter Stillion, Z. C. Stillman, G. F.
Stillman, J. M. C. Stoeltzing, Charles Stoeltzing, Matilda
Stone, Wm. Story, John B. Story, Sarah I.
Stringham, C. Stringham, E. Stringham, H. G.
Stringham, L. M. Stringham, S. P. Stringham, W. S.
Stron, Alice Stron, Catharine Stron, E.
Stron, James Stron, Martha Stron, Sarah
Stron, Thomas Stublefield, David Stublefield, E.
Stublefield, E. A. Stublefield, Geo. W. Stublefield, J. A.
Stublefield, J. K. P. Stublefield, Jacob Stublefield, L. P.
Stublefield, Levina Stublefield, M. E. Stublefield, M. M.
Stublefield, R. W. Stublefield, S. A. Stublefield, Wesley
Stublefield, Wm. F. Stump, B. H. Stump, Geo
Stump, Nancy Stump, Wm. A. Summers, Henry
Summers, R. Suttle, C. W. Suttle, F. R.
Suttle, G. H. Suttle, H. H. Suttle, I. A.
Suttle, J. E. Suttle, L. A. Suttle, M. A.
Suttle, O. L. Sutton, A. R. Sutton, D. L.
Sutton, D. W. Sutton, Geo. C. Sutton, H. E.
Sutton, L. Sutton, M. A. Sutton, M. J.
Swecker, John Swecker, S.

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