Coffey County Kansas genealogy resources 1865 State Census
Coffey County, KS
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Transcribed by Kelly Hull, Jan. 2000

Kansas State Census

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Walkling, A. L. Walkling, Alfred Walkling, Edith
Walkling, J. A. Walkling, O. Walkling, Susie
Wallace, Arnetta Wallace, E. Wallace, M. V.
Walters, M. E. Walters, V. Q. Ward, B. B.
Ward, Effie Ward, Emily Ward, Ephraim
Ward, Hardy Ward, J. D. Ward, J. E.
Ward, James L. Ward, L. W. Ward, M.
Ward, M. L. Ward, O. P. Ward, Rebecca
Ward, Wm. R. Warner, Ann Warner, Elester
Warner, Lemuel Warrick, Henry Warrick, Matilda
Waterman, C. C. Waterman, D. Waterman, D. B.
Waterman, Mary Waterman, O. Waterman, W. A.
Watrous, A. C. Watrous, D. D. Watrous, Frances
Watrous, H. W. Watrous, Helen Watrous, J. H.
Watrous, John Watrous, Mary A. Watrous, Mary A.
Watts, Wm. Weatherbee, Albert Weatherbee, G. E.
Weatherbee, J. B. Weatherbee, Jane Weatherbee, M. E.
Weatherbee, Mary Weatherbee, S. H. Weaver, Agnes
Weaver, Zilpha Webb, Benj. Webb, J. S.
Webb, L. J. Webb, Margery Webber, C. F.
Webber, G. E. Webber, G. E. Jr. Webber, M.
Webber, M. C. Webber, Nancy Webster, A. J.
Webster, E. B. Webster, E. S. Webster, G. L.
Webster, J. F. Webster, M. L. Webster, Mary
Webster, Muriell Webster, Orlando Webster, R. J.
Webster, S. L. Webster, Viola Weddle, Adaline
Weddle, Adelia Weddle, James Weddle, M. E.
Weddle, Mary Weddle, Nancy A. Weddle, Polly
Weddle, Samantha Weddle, Wm. West, G. R.
West, J. K. West, J. T. West, J. W.
West, John W. West, Mary West, N. E.
West, N. J. West, N. T. West, Ruth
West, S. L. West, Samuel Wheat, Benoni
Wheat, C. W. Wheat, G. E. Wheat, H. C.
Wheat, J. Wheat, M. A. Wheat, R. A.
Wheat, R. C. Wheat, S. H. Wheeler, J. W.
Wheeler, M. J. Wheeler, Sarah Wheeler, Sidney
Whistler, Emma Whistler, G. G. Whistler, Henry
Whistler, J. H. Whistler, Joseph Whistler, Lev.
Whistler, Lydia Whistler, Lydia White, Charles
White, James H. White, Lois White, M. L.
White, M. T. White, Mary White, Susan
White, Wm. Whitmer, Mary Whitmer, Moses
Whitstone, A. Whitstone, John E. Whitstone, M. E.
Whitstone, S. E. Whitstone, S. I. Wilburn, J. R.
Wilburn, M. A. Wilburn, S. E. W. Wilburn, Thomas
Wilcox, Wm. Wilder, Ephraim Wilkinson, A. B.
Wilkinson, A. F. Wilkinson, Jane Wilkinson, L. E.
Wilkinson, M. E. Wilkinson, Mary Wilkinson, N. L.
Wilkinson, S. C. Wilkinson, S. L. Wilkinson, S. R.
Wilkinson, W. W. Williams, A. J. Williams, A. S.
Williams, Amanda Williams, Delilah Williams, E.
Williams, E. Williams, George W. Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry Williams, J. V. Williams, John
Williams, John Williams, Joshua Williams, K. B.
Williams, L. A. Williams, M. Williams, M. A.
Williams, M. E. Williams, Margaret Williams, Maria
Williams, Mariah Williams, Martha Williams, Mary
Williams, Matilda Williams, Minerva Williams, Ned
Williams, Polly Williams, S. E. Williams, Samuel
Williams, Simon Williams, W. Williams, Wiley
Williams, Wm. Williams, Wm. Williamson, Adrian
Williamson, E. J. Williamson, Jack Williamson, Many
Williamson, Maria Williamson, Mary Williamson, W.
Willson, J. Willson, J. A. Willson, James
Willson, Joanna Willson, L. F. Willson, M. E. J.
Willson, Mary F. Willson, Nancy Willson, S. F.
Willson, S. F. E. Willson, S. M. Willson, Tho. J.
Wilson, C. Wilson, C. Wilson, C. M.
Wilson, G. W. Wilson, Geo. Wilson, I.
Wilson, L. Wilson, Mary Wilson, Noah
Winchester, Frederick Winchester, James Winfield, J. F.
Winfield, L. Winfield, M. A. Winfield, Malinda
Winfield, Mary Winkleman, J. F. A. Winpigler, Elizabeth
Winpigler, George Winpigler, Josiah Winpigler, Manuel
Winpigler, Michael Winpigler, Nathan Wolf, A. G.
Wolf, A. J. Wolf, C. M. Wolf, Eliza J.
Wolf, G. W. Wolf, H. J. Wolf, M. E.
Wolf, Wm. D. Wood, Arnold Wood, Charles
Wood, E. J. Wood, Emma Wood, John
Wood, Martha Wood, Rufus C. Wooden, Geo. S.
Wooden, J. Wooden, John Wooden, N. A.
Wooden, T. J. Woodling, Delilah Woodling, H. E.
Woodling, I. M. Woodling, Jacob Woodling, M. C.
Woodling, W. P. Woodworth, A. P. Woodworth, Clarrissa
Woodworth, E. E. Woodworth, E. L. Woodworth, Elizabeth
Woodworth, Ellis Woodworth, J. W. Woodworth, O. B.
Woodworth, O. M. Woodworth, R. B. Woodworth, R. J.
Woodworth, Thankful Woodworth, Wm. E. Woolsey, E.
Woolsey, Geo. W. Woolsey, John W. Woolsey, Wm. H.
Wooster, Charles Wooster, J. M. Wooster, John M.
Wooster, Mary Wooster, Myrem Wooster, R. J.
Wooster, S. E. Wright, E. A. Wright, K. J.
Wright, M. A. Yardy, Cassandra Yardy, Delilah
Yardy, Jacob Yardy, Jesse Yardy, Nancy
Yardy, Prince Yingling, Isaac Young, M. E.

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