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Kelly Hull, June 2001

Kansas State Census

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There are 87 pages of hand-written census entries, excluding the agricultural records. The microfilmed pages have not 'official' pagination. [There are a few handwritten page numbers, which are noted in brackets, just to the right of the township name. These numbers may be found in the upper-left section of the microfilm census page.] The pages were not copied in numeric order. I numbered the pages in the order that they are copied on the microfilm. My numbering was done out of self-defense, I want to be able to find the 'original' pages in the future. [Note: There is no page number 32, as after my numbering, I discovered that pages 31 and 32 were the same census page, just on the microfilm twice.]

Changes from the original census: Names were in First Last order, I have reversed them for readability purposes. I have also replaced the 'do' (ditto abbreviation) with the previous word.

This transcription is intended to be an accurate reflection of the original census. Therefore, it includes misspellings, marking errors, and other original errors (i.e. tacking on a missed person, 2 pages later!), and original poor interpretations of pronunciation, such as 'D Spain' instead of 'Despain' and 'Crawfut' instead of 'Crawford' with a southern accent.


This work has been proofed, by me, which means that some current errors have been over-looked more than once. In a few places, there are question marks, '?', which indicate that I cannot decipher what was written, as read off the microfilm page.


I broke the index into eight smaller files to keep the download time reasonable. The individual file displays are columnized to keep the display lengths short. The columns read left-to-right and top-to-bottom.


Accents, English as a second language, and poor spellars, including myself, make searching interesting. I personally suggest that you sound out words and names. Then, you spell them as they sound. [Try to keep the giggles to a minimum.] This method has worked for me before....try 'Cecil' recorded as 'Cizzel' or 'Seasell' and 'Gottleib Eckart' as 'Caleb Ekard.'

Still having fun in Coffey County, Kansas,

Kelly J. Hull

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