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THE WESTERN STAR, 17 January 1908
1907 Marriage Licenses
January 1. Thos. C. Pepperd and Miss Bertha M. Bell
January 28. Chas. G. McLaughlin and Miss Cora Bratcher
February 14. Vernon C. Blacard and Miss Grace Edmonds
March 4. Earl Dale and Miss Edna Torrey
March 31. Louie B. Vonanehen and Miss Anna Blanche Gallaway
April 20. Thos. D. Hunt and Miss Nellie Ratliff
May 10. Ray Mead and Miss Edna M. Wells
June 19. Ola E. Powell and Miss Eva Huntsinger
July 4. Thos. J. Taylor and Miss Zena Dickinson
July 4. Dr. J. S. Halliday and Mrs. Cora Overstreet
July 18. G. A. Schultz and Miss E. M. Green
July 20. H. V. Butcher and Miss Lenore Stewart (in Wankesha, Wis.)
July 24. A. M. Bunyard and Miss Carrie Stark
August 17. C. P. Reeper and Miss Prather
September 11. Lloyd B. Holmes and Miss Bee Meers
September 11. Joseph T. Duncan and Miss Alice Christy
October 9. Frank Baker and Miss Rosa Gorsage (In Wichita)
November 6. B. W. Maris and Miss Susie Martin
November 6. Hugh M. Sitler and Miss Bertha Leighty
November 13. J. R. Edmonds and Miss Dora Griffith
November 27. Robert L. Henderson and Miss Mildred Ritchey (in Emporia, Kans.)
December 11. Abner McCay and Miss Arinda Cooper
December 12. Omer H. Todd and Miss Mabel Guseman
December 24. Leavitt Haydock and Miss Zelma Smith
December 25. John S. Spilman and Miss Mary Lenertz
Transcribed and Contributed by Shirley Brier

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