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THE WESTERN STAR, 12 August 1893

We are called upon again this week to chronicle another sad accident, which have been unusually frequent in Comanche county this year. The unfortunate victim in this instance is Bennie, the 7 year old son of Abraham Davidson of Nescatunga township.

Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson came to town, leaving their family, among whom are two sons, named Bennie and Willie, aged 7 and 9 respectively, at home. During the forenoon, the boys went to the stable - which is dug
out of a bank and covered with poles, hay and about 15 inches of dirt - to water some hogs incarcerated therein. While they were thus engaged the roof gave way, letting its full weight down upon the boys, burying them beneath its heavy weight. Bennie noticed the roof falling and alarmed his brother but before they could get from beneath its full force was upon them. The ridge pole fell upon Bennie's neck and probably killed him instantly. Willie was pinioned to the ground by heavy timbers
falling upon his foot, but no bones were broken, and other wise was uninjured.

A 13 year old sister was the oldest person at home and she immediately started for a neighbors for help to release the buried boys. Not finding anyone at home at the first house she visited, she continued until she found James Wihebyrner, who returned with her and removed the debris from the unfortunate brothers. Willie was nearly smothered and in a half conscious condition when taken out, and Bennie's neck had probably been broken by the fall of the heavy ridge pole.

Word was immediately sent to the parents and Dr. Halliday hastily summoned. The mother was nearly distracted with grief when told. Funeral services were held Tuesday. No cause is assigned as to what made the roof fall.
Transcribed and Contributed by Shirley Brier

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