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THE WESTERN STAR, 1 March 1918
Miss Katie Gamble of Greensburg Loses Life on Comanche-Kiowa County Line Tuesday Night.

That traveling in automobiles, especially at night, is still more or less dangerous, requiring special care on the part of drivers was again proven on Tuesday night when Miss Katie May Gamble, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Gamble who live a short distance north of Greensburg, lost her life in an auto accident which occurred at the J. Frank Smith corner on the Coldwater-Greensburg road eight miles north of this city about 11 o'clock p.m. on last Tuesday. The car was a Case "six' and was driven by Hobart Porter of Greensburg. Miss Gamble was in the front seat with him. In the back seat were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Beckett, also of Greensburg. The party had come down early in the evening and attended the production of the operetta, "Sylvia" at the opera house in this city. They were on their return home when the accident occurred. The driver has had considerable experience at the wheel and was considered a good driver. He was not, however, altogether familiar with the road. There was no warning sign at the corner where the first turn is made, and as the car was going at a pretty rapid speed, the driver was right at the corner before he knew it, and when he noticed the turn he put on the brakes and started to guide the car around as best he could, but the momentum of the car and the braking of the front wheels caused it to overturn after it has skidded for nearly two rods. Miss Gamble was thrown to the ground, evidently striking on her head, with the result that her neck was broken and death was caused almost instantly. Mrs. Beckett received some injuries about the arms and back, but at last report it was thought that no serious results would follow. The men escaped with only slight injuries. Mr. Porter stayed with the wheel and his escape is almost miraculous. Mr. and Mrs. Beckett were thrown some distance, but only Mrs. Beckett was injured, as already noted.

A few minutes after the accident occurred Oscar Maris and Frank Smith, who had been at Ira Hadley's, drove up with their cars and they immediately proceeded to render what assistance they could. All the parties, including the body of the dead girl, were brought to town in Mr. Maris' and Mr. Smith's cars and medical attention was promptly given. Relatives and friends at Greensburg were notified immediately after the accident occurred and the father and a brother and a number of friends came down at once, returning about 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday with the corpse and the other three members of the party.

Miss Gamble would have been 19 years of age in July, had she lived. She was a member of the Senior class in the Greensburg high school and was a very talented and popular young lady. The other three occupants of the car were graduates last year in the Greensburg high school. Miss Gamble's mother was visiting a son at Camp Pike, Ark., and the sad news of her daughter's death was conveyed to her by a telegraphic message. The sudden taking away of a young person of such promise as Miss Gamble, elicits in a peculiarly sad way the sympathy of all.
Transcribed and Contributed by Shirley Brier

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