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Obituaries A - G
Aldridge, George Alexander, Alley "Grandma" Alexander, Naomi Allbright, Elizabeth Matilda
Alley, Evaline Alley, James Luther Anderson, Charles L. Avery, Charles Thomas
Bacon, Earl Otterbein Baessler, Moritz G. Baessler, Sophie Baker, A. H.
Baker, Charles Edgar Baker, C. Gayle Baker, Helen M. Baker, Huldah
Baker, Mrs. Leroy Baker, Wayne Franklin Baldwin, Mary A. Barber, Volney
Barker, Mrs. Sylvester Barlow, Rachel Barlow, William Barlow, William H. "Billie"
Barnes, Elizabeth Bean, Charles M. Beck, John D. Beck, Quita
Becker Infant Beddinger, Pearl Beitler, Christian John Bell Infant
Bennett, Mrs. H. S. Bennett, Mrs. W. O. Betzer, Lizzie Bickford, Chas. D.
Black, Mrs. A. D. Black, Jennie Black, Leara Minnie Blair, John C.
Blair, Louis Blake, Charles Ernest Blake, Gratia Maud Boles, Walter Edwin
Bordner, A. Booth, Capt. Henry Boswell, H. P. Botts, Isaac
Botts, Minerva Bowers Infant Bowman, Etta Boyd, Belle
Boyd, John Boyer, Frank M. Bravman, Melvin Brew, Lutie
Bridgwater, Dave W. Broadstone Infant Brown, Bertie Brown, Mrs. J. S.
Brown, Nellie Bunyard, Carrie Stark Burch, Emery C. Burkhall, Josephine Celia
Burr, Bettie Burr, Ella A. Burrill, Lillie Butts, Mrs. H. C.
Callaway, Parham Cameron, Rod Campbell, John M. Campbell, Margaret E.
Carlisle, Floyd Denman Carpenter, A. A. Carpenter, Richard Duane Carrithers, Michael Lynn
Carson, Andrew Jr. Carson, John Carter, Emma E. Carter, William H.
Cash, John G. Castle, Enoch George Chadwick, Chas. Harvey Chandler, Roy
Chapee, J. W. Chenoweth, Matie Chitwood, Richard Clark, Henry
Clark, James Clark, Minnie Agnes Clark, Polly Cleek, Sadie
Cochran, Henry Cole, David Cole Infant Cole, W. G.
Cone, Mrs. Connaughton, Julia Fritz Connaughton, Mrs. Cook, Amos Brownwell
Cook, Augustin Brownell Cooper, Ross Cosby, Merit Morton Cox, Mrs. N. T.
Cranmer, May E. (Barker) Crites, Lucy J. Crites, Mary Cross, Willie
Crouch, Robert Crow, Tessie M. Crozier, Joshua Wood Crummer, Cora A. & Infant
Cruse, Raymond Eugene Cumpton Infant Curran, Ada Curran, George
Dale, James T. Darrow Infant Davidson, Bennie Davidson Infant
Davis, Mr. Decker, Maude Ella Dellinger, Edna Ethel Denny, Mary Christinia
Deppink, Johanna Deyoe, Lucinda "Addie" May Dicken, Thomas Dickerson, Ivan
Doig, Ruth Downing, William James Drake, Clayton B. Duncan, Blaine
Duncan, Lucy J. "Grandma" Duncan, William Dunn, Dr. C. L. Dunn, Cashes
Dunn, Elizabeth Brady Dunn, Francis Marion Early, J. F. Eastridge, James
Ediger, Henry Edmisson, Geo. T. Edmonds, Lois Elder, John Jasper
Ellington, Elizabeth Elliott, Montague B. Elzea, Bertha Annetta Elzea, John
English, James Ezell, James W. Farrell, Maggie & Patrick Fish, Jane C.
Fish, John Fisher, Nancy Margaret Fleming Infant Flowers, Mary
France, John Frazier, Oren S. Freeman, Everett A. Freeman, Frankie D.
Freeman, George W. French Infant French, Maude Fridley, Clarence Andrew
Fridley, Howard Fridley Infant Frost, Ella Mable Gage Infant
Galligher, Pat Gamble, Katie May Gates, Kate Gibson, Augusta M.
Gibson, W. P. "Grandpa" Gilchrist, Idress Curran Gilchrist, John Girkey, Elijah
Glascow, Mrs H. C. Goodrich, Douglas Grant, Jack R. Gribble, Lawrence
Griffin, Catherine Guss, Oliver    

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