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Obituaries H - N

Hackney, Walter Hadley, Calvin Wayne Hadley, Raymond Paul Haeslig, William F.
Hale, F. Hale, Jeanne Hall, Eva Halliday, Mary Margaret Lisle
Ham, Jacob H. Hamilton, Jack Handy, Anna Jane Robbins Harbaugh, William N.
Hardy, Ora Harper, Harold Eugene Harris, Mrs. Harris, Burge S.
Harrison, Dr. A. P. Harter, J. J. Hase, Dan Haydock, Alvus M.
Haydock, Lydia Jane Heaton, T. C. Heaton, Telitha Louellen Hecht, Conrad Henry
Hecht, Henry C. Hecht, Mabel Maude McMoran Heflin, Lu Herbert, Jennie
Herndon, George Herron, Geo. W. Hind, D. W. Hind, John Harold
Hind, Marian Hind, Susie C. Hind, Tecumseh "Teck" Sherman Hinkle, Thos. R.
Hixon, William Hobart, W. P. Hoch J. W. Holderby, Anna Martha
Holderby, Hiram Holderby, J. D. Holland Infant Twins Hollenbeck, Lottie
Holloway, Alpha Holt, Chas. L. Holt, Elizabeth Hoofer, Etta M.
Hopkins, Hazel Helen Howarth Infant Howell, Francis Marion Huckelbridge, Arthur C.
Huff, B. S. Huffmaster, Frank Hufft, Cynthia Harriett Hughs, Mary Amanda
Hull, Bradford Hunt, H. M. "Mack" Hulsey, Mina Pearl Hutchins-Hunter, Mary
Inman, Mrs. David Jackson, Fannie Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Quint
Jackson, Samuel McPherson Jackson, Thos. Janett, Harriet Martha Janson, John
Janson, Joie Janson, Milton S. Jarnagin Infant Jenkins Infant
Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Ezekiel W. Johnson, George H. Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Reagan Johnston, Edgar Jones Infant Jones, John Milton
Jones, Jonathan L. Jordan Infant Judson, J. H. Kannier, John L.
Keith Infant Kellogg, Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Keltner, Alma Ruth Kimes, Icle
Kindred Infant King, Frank King, James N. "Bud" King, Joseph M.
King, Mrs. Robert Kington, Reuben F. Kirk, Alice L. Kirk, David
Kirk, Margaret H. Klingensmith, Earl Kluttz, Alexander M. Knabe, Martha J.
Knecht, Diana Knecht Infant Knecht, Stephen Korf, Juanita Lorene
Krug, William Kurz, Anton Langhead Infant Lawson, Vernie Wilkerson
Lease, Catherine LeDou, Elizabeth Lee, Emery T. Litton, Grandma
Livingston, Clyde Logan, Lillie May (Moore) Long, Evelyn Loop, Lillie Rose
Lord, D. K. Lovelace, Naomi Loyde, Samantha Madden, Bert
Maltby, Sarah Cornelia Maris, Elma Maris, John T. Martin, Bessie M. (Lamb)
Martin, Everett Martin, Irene B. Martindale, Dr. W. J. Marshall, David Ray
Marvel, Alva Orvin Maxted, Mary May Maxwell, A. B. Mayes, Sallie
Maynard, G. W. McArthur, Norine Helen McBride, Miller Rowley "Rolla" McBride, Robert D.
McCain, Arthello McCauley, Clarence Francis McCorkle, Charlie McCune, Elbert B.
McCune, Hollie Earl McDaneld, Hiram R. McIntyre, Catherine McIntyre, Chas. M.
McLain, Lucinda McLaughlin, Frank McLaughlin, Julia McLaughlin, Leota
McMahan Infant McNeill, Corbin A. McQuiddy, Wm. H. McQuillen, Beulah
McWherter, Mrs. H. C. McWherter, Mabel Meals, William Austin Meers, Bernard C.
Meers, Walter H. Meisinger, Geo. Melchi, Sarah J. Merrihew, Mrs. Curtis B.
Merrihew, Darius George Metzker, Clyde Frederick Metzger, Mrs. Peter Metzger, William Henry
Miller, Grace Miller, James Miller, Theodore A. Miller, Nora
Mills, Ottis Monticue, Ada Elma Moore, John Moore, Lucinda
Moore, Maggie Moore, Martha A. Moore, Maude Morris, David
Morton, Myrtle Mulholland, Harry Murphy Infant Murphy, Wilford D.
Murray, Allen Hughes Murray, George F. Murray, James George Murray, Mrs. John A.
Mussett, Elias Myers, Beatrice Myers, Charlotte J. Neumann, Ernest Walter
Newlin, Ruth Nickelson, Minnie Norrid, Mrs. W. T. Norris, Katherine Elizabeth
Nutter, Luther H.      

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