Listed below is some of the books that contain Cowley County information although there probably are many more..

If you own any Cowley County books, whether listed or not, and would like it posted, please let us know. the title and what part it has to do with Cowley County.

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  • Blue Stem Country by Pauline Kennedy Jones. Published in 1985. Three copies are in the Winfield Library and one copy in the Southwestern College library.

  • Cowley County Heritage, 1990: The History of Cowley County Kansas. This book is a collection of data from county residents. A great number of pictures are in the book. Many family lines told how their fathers and forefathers came to live in Cowley County

  • Still gathering info Cowley County Kansas

  • Cowley County 1875 Census.

  • Cowley County Biographical Record

  • death records and obits for Cowley County

  • History of Cowley County Kansas Vol. I The Beginning

  • History of Kansas State and People

  • 1855 Territory of Kansas Census Vol I or Vol II   
    this includes Cowley County and Chautauqua County Kansas

  • Upper Timber Creek School:
    A description of this book may be found at

  • Cemetery Inscriptions of Harvey and Omni Township:
    A description of this book may be found at

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