Cowley County Heritage Book

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All pages have been scanned and should be posted. If a page link is not clickable, please email Steve Ruggles so he can fix it. Thanks!!

The names in the index are on the pages inidicated however they may be mentioned in only one sentence. Use your "FIND" option in your browser to locate a name on a page.

We have also found that not all names listed are on the pages. Again please email Steve Ruggles so he can fix it. The Cowley County Heritage Book is no longer available to purchase. The book is avilable for lookups at the Winfield Public Library and Southwestern Collegeg Library in the Reference section. He is willing to do lookups in The Cowley County Heritage Book, so please email him. There is extensive information on the pages of this book that are linked and we are most grateful to the people that made them possible to be posted on the site.

These stories are your stories. A few minor changes may have had to be made, in spelling or punctuation, for some stories to be more readable. But those are still your stories, as you wanted to tell and pass them along to future generations. Historical authenticity cannot be guaranteed by the compilers or the publishers of this book, but the care and love that went into the writing of each story can be verified. Cowley County Heritage Book


So many helpful people have worked on this book that it would be almost impossible to name each and every one of them. Their businesses, spouses and friends that served as contributors and volunteer workers need to be given special recognition and thanks. The listing below may have overlooked someone, I sincerely hope not, but the appreciation is the same to everyone! The friendship, love and encouragement felt during the process of putting it all together will forever be appreciated. A generous thanks to ...

  • U.S. Postal Workers
  • Southwestern College
  • New Learning Center of Southwestern
  • Southwestern Computer Lab Staff
  • Cowley County Community College, Faculty & Staff
  • Bluestem Booksellers Staff
  • Kyger Furniture
  • Abel Computer Services
  • Cowley County Historical Society, Officers & Volunteers
  • Galaxie Business Equipment
  • Arkansas City Traveler
  • Winfield Courier
  • Edward B. Stephenson & Co.
  • Cherokee Strip Run Museum
  • Rex Flottman Photography
  • Radio Stations: KSWC, KSOK, KVFW & WKS
  • All members of the volunteer Cowley County Heritage Book Committee

Special mention must be made for the help received from Glenda Martin, Judi Sutton, Leda Bechtel & Kay Wortman for assisting in putting the over one thousand stories on computer disks. To Sharon Olmstead, Co-chairperson, for housing and helping to staff this Project. Dr. Rick Johnson, Director of the New Learning Center of Southwestern; Bob Johnson, Taylor Publishing Company and Harry R. Renek, thanks for helping to keep me going. To Frankie Cullison, Don Dietick and Brad Light for the cooperation of the historical society ... and I could go on and on. To everyone who sent photos, poems, items of interest and business or family stories.
THANK YOU ....... Without all these people it could not have been done.
Joan R. Renek, Co-chairperson

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Southwestern College
100 College Street
Winfield, KS 67156.
Title: The History of Cowley County, Kansas. (1990)
Call#: F 687 C8 H5 1990

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EMAIL Cowley County Coordinator
Karen Rodenbaugh ....Arkansas City, KS

Email corrections and submissions to Steve ruggles