Submitting Information
We encourage and appreciate all the information that everyone submits. The same questions seem to be asked on "how do I get the information on the site" This is not one of those long "FAQ" pages that tries everyone's patience, just the basics on submitting information to be posted on the site.

Obituaries & Cemetery Transcriptions
1.   Obituraries and other text files can be submitted as a text file or Word file.
2.   Cemetery transcriptions can be submitted in text, Word or Excel.
a.   Excel being the preference, but any a text file or MS WORD document if fine.
b.   If submitting in text or WORD it is preferred that the words be separated by commas
      where they will go into table cells, ie;
        Last Name
        First Name Middle Initial (also maiden name if available for females, any Dr., Jr., etc)
        Date of Birth
        Date of Death
        Comments - place of birth, place of death, any inscription on tombstone, known facts of the submitter, or this can stay blank if no other info is available.
Basically these are the five (5) columns that are used, but there are exceptions.
Those being if there are plot #'s, cemetery sections, etc for all burials.


  • All cemetery transciptions and photos remain the property of the submitter.
  • An email link will be posted along with all submissions
Email corrections and submissions to Steve ruggles