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Crawford County Kansas

Towns and Coal Camps

ARMA May 18, 1909 Rust/Armacost
BEULAH 1874 none known
BRAZILTON 1882 none known
CATO 1857 none known
CHEROKEE 1890 none known
ENGLEVALE 1890 none known
FRONTENAC 1887 Sante Fe Mine No 1 (1886)
GIRARD 1868 none known
HEPLER 1871 none known
McCUNE 1879 Time
MULBERRY ?? Mulberry Grove
OPOLIS 1876 Stateline City
PITTSBURG 1876 Hope, New Pittsburg
WALNUT 1874 Glenwood (1871)


During the coal mining days in the county, there were many little coal camps that dotted the countryside.

Ashley, Barber Camp, Bricker, Burnett Camp, Cambria, Capaldo, Chapman & Hazen Camp, Chicopee, Coalville, Cockerill, Croweburg, Curranville, Dunkirk, Fleming, Foxtown, Fuller, Gross, Iowa Camp, Jacksonville, Kirkwood, Klondike, Litchfield, Lone Oak, Markum, Midway, Mineral City, Radley, Ringo, Schwab, Scott's Camp, Williamstown, Yale (home of the World Famous Chicken Annie's and Chicken Mary's)


4 1/2 Camp, Blue Goose, Breezy Hill, Buzzard's Roost (Bell Camp), Frogtown, Dogtown, Gebo Camp, Little Italy, Pumpkin Center, Red Camp, Red Onion Camp, Washer Camp, Water Lilly

Some camps were named after the number of the shaft of the major coal companies for which drilled them. The camps were usually built and ran by the coal companies. They consisted of row houses with a company store, where the miners would buy their goods.

The major coal companies were the Sheridan Coal Co., Western Coal & Mining Co., Cherokee-Pittsburg Coal & Mining Co., Central Coal & Coke Co., Mayer Coal Company, Clemens Coal Co., Kansas & Texas Coal Co., Crowe Coal Co., Pittsburg & Midway (P&M) Coal Mining Co., Wear Coal Co. and the Missouri, Kansas & Texa Railway Co.


No. 17 Central Camp, No. 31 Central Camp, No. 41 Central Camp, No. 45 Central Camp, No. 48 Central Camp, No. 49 Central Camp, No. 50 Central Camp (still exists as a hamlet known as Camp 50), No. 51 Central Camp, No. 6 Crowe Camp, No. 9 Hamilton Camp, No. 11 Jackson & Walker Camp, No. 3 Sheridan Camp, No. 5 Sheridan Camp, No. 6 Sheridan Camp, No. 7 Sheridan Camp, No. 9 Sheridan Camp, No. 10 Sheridan Camp, No. 11 Sheridan Camp, No. 14 Sheridan Camp, No. 7 Spencer-Newlands Camp, No. 10 Western Camp, No. 11 Western Camp, No. 13 Western Camp, No. 22 Western Camp

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Town and Camp information provided by Mark Hill, former County Coordinator.

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