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Nov. 1885- July 1911

Transcribed by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

These registered births are on record at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court in Oberlin.  

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with wording that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that NOT ALL births were registered, and be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Because of the hand writing in Book B it is almost impossible to accurately re-create.  If you have a surname, date of birth, father's or mother's name we will do a look for you.  The dates in Book B start January of 1894 and go through June of 1910.  

Other information that is given on the records include: Date of Return, Sex of Child, Number of child for this Mother, Race or Color, Place of Birth, Nationality of Father and his Place of Birth, Nationality of Mother and her Place of Birth, Residence of Mother, Occupation of Father, Name and Address of Medical Attendant, Name and Address of Person making certificate, and Returned by.  To get a copy of the complete record you can write to the Clerk of the District Court 194 S. Penn, Oberlin, KS, 67749, be sure to include Book and page number when writing, or email me and from the copies I have can provide you with the additional information.


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Surname First Name Birth Date Father's Name Mother's Name Book/page
Abbott Male May 2, 1886 Eugene Margaret T. McMurray A-4
Addison Female May 2, 1888 Charles Sarah E. Richardson A-24
Aggson Male March 11, 1892 J. R. Mary Etta Hicks A-49
Alcom Jay A. March 31, 1887 William A. Ophelia Kerr A-11
Alexander Male Oct. 10, 1910 L. E. A. Caldwell C-44
Allen Claudius Talbert Jan. 28, 1888 S. S. Helm Julia Deborah Bu??s A-21
Allen Female Aug. 13, 1888 H. B. Lucie Elson A-27
Amon Ethel W. April 8, 1887 Simon Peter Salinda E. Green A-11
Anderson Edward Cornelius Aug. 6, 1891 Richard H. Mattie E. Love A-46
Anderson Male Oct. 5, 1891 Francis M. C. A. Lent A-47
Anderson Male June 14, 1892 W. P. Amanda Zimmerman A-49
Anderson Female April 30, 1893 Alex Stella Christie A-53
Arnold Male Dec. 27, 1888 Sam'l Adellie Morgemau A-31
Arnold Female April 23, 1891 Charles Ella May Suter A-45
Ashcroft Grace Belle Dec. 24, 1886 Homer Wait Sarah Elizabeth Bell A-9
Ashcroft George April 10, 1887 Perry S. Melissa C. Woodward A-11
Aumiller Female Dec. 18, 1887 Geo. Sarah Laurance Radcliffe A-19
Autrim ? Male Feb. 26, 1886 James A. Ella Fuqua A-2
Bailey Male Jan 29, 1888 Chas. Millen Mary Susie Engle A-21
Bailey Minnie Molly Oct. 26, 1889 Chas. Millen Mary Susan Engle A-37
Baker Female Aug. 26, 1889 Curtis Nettie A. Gillison A-36
Baker Male Feb. 8, 1892 Geo. W. Laura A. Curry A-48
Ballard Female Oct. 11, 1887 Henry Allen Christiona England A-17
Ballard Homer Allen Sept. 9, 1889 Henry Allen Christiona England A-36
Bariteau Female July 4, 1887 Eugene Alexis Nellie T. Allen A-13
Bariteau Male May 12, 1889 Eugene A. Nellie T. Allen A-34
Bartos Female Nov. 9, 1886 Paul V. Jessie C. Doom A-9
Bayes Effice C. Nov. 18, 1887 Chas. Edward Carrie Blanche Patchin A-19
Bayes Male May 12, 1891 Chas. E. Carrie Blanche Patchin A-45
Baylock Wm. P. Nov. 1888 Wm. P. Maria Kathka A-30
Bayne Female May 7, 1892 Geo. W. Bell Bellhite A-49
Beal Glenn Clifford June 4, 1887 Daniel A. Mout Mason A-13
Beal Cecil Sept. 10, 1888 Albert Laura Etta Miller A-28
Beard John L. Jan.9, 1888 Mr. Beard Anna Parker A-20
Beardsley Geo. Beal July 7, 1888 Henry Sherman Mary Ann Beal A-26
Beardsley ???  Cleveland July 7, 1888 Henry Sherman Mary Ann Beal A-26
Bebb Male July 28, 1887 Augustus Elan King A-14
Bebb Female March 2, 1888 Edward Martha Ellen Hardesty A-22
Bebb Female March 7, 1888 Benson Ruth Shields A-23
Bebb Male June 8, 1888 James E. Rosa Brotz A-25
Beck Mary Edith Nov. 28, 1889 Alpheus Emma Frances Stanton A-39
Beers Female July 7, 1889 A. J. Julia Sitemger A-35
Beiker Henry Anton April 7, 1888 Henry Eva Andreyaska A-23
Beiker Male Sept. 20, 1889 Henry Eva Andreyaska A-36
Bell Female Nov. 20, 1887 Howard Sadie M. Gilmore A-19
Benton Male June 22, 1892 Otis L. Maud D. Durkee A-50
Berry Male Oct. 11, 1892 Samuel D. Anna M. Miller A-51
Birkey Simon July 7, 1887 Joseph H. Catharine Zimmer A-14
Birkey Magdalin July 22, 1887 John C. Magdalin Zimmer A-14
Birkey Female March 10, 1893 A. D. Barbery Martin A-53
Birky Nicholas Martin July 27, 1888 Andrew Daniel Barbara Amelia Martin A-26
Birky John July 25, 1889 John C. Magdolene Zimmer A-35
Bishop Male March 5, 1886 Cyrus A. Lizzie Creed A-4
Blain Female Sept. 13, 1886 Milton Irene Butcher A-7
Bliss Male July 12, 1887 Frederick F. Fanny Henry A-14
Bliss Abner ?layton Oct. 21, 1889 Fredrick F. Fannie Henry A-37
Blum Female Nov. 20, 1886 Peter G. Anna Suke A-9
Borin Creve Carroll Jan. 24, 1892 Bruce Alice E. Ball A-48
Boyle Male Aug. 24, 1886 John Joseph Rosanna Gallagher A-7
Boyles Lela Inez March 20, 1887 Patrick Laura Inez Bartlett A-11
Boyles Male Jan. 7, 1889 Patrick Laura Inez A-31
Brace Male Dec. 15, 1887 Garrett Eliza Smith A-19
Branson Female April 18, 1886 W. Perry Lavinia E. Tolle A-4
Bremer n/a Feb. 27, 1896 Harris Webster Verna Annis Yeakle A-55
Bridle Robert Leroy Sept. 12, 1888 Robert Anna Humphrey A-28
Bridle Male June 5, 1890 Robert Anna Humphrey A-42
Briggs Female July 12, 1910 F. A. Mary Smith C-43
Brink Frankie Oct. 13, 1888 Leslie Clara Ellen Shannon A-29
Broderick Elizabeth Feb. 22, 1887 Frank Mary Ann Stack A-10
Broderick Female Feb. 19, 1889 Frank Mary Stack A-33
Broderick Male Nov. 5, 1891 Frank Mary Stack A-47
Brogan Female March 20, 1889 W. P. Anna Cross A-33
Brogan Female Dec. 25, 1890 William P. Annie Cross A-44
Brown Male July 5, 1910 David Ellen Johnson C-43
Browne Male June 3, 1886 Francis Mary Davis A-4
Browne Male Sept. 8, 1887 Francis Mary Davis A-16
Bruch John Sept. 3, 1888 Jessie Eveline Dowell A-28
Brunk Eddie Neil Dec. 7, 1886 John Evaline Thompson A-9
Brunk Female May 13, 1890 Peter Margaret L. Sharbaugh A-41
Brunk Male Oct. 21, 1890 John Eveline Thompson A-43
Brushton Male June 26, 1892 Geo. W. Amanda M. Miller A-50
Bryant Geo. Washington Aug. 1, 1888 John Jay Cora M. Dony A-27
Buneut? Female July 21, 1886 Horace Levi Mary Ann Olivia Henderson A-6
Burg Male Sept. 9, 1889 Sam'l R. Mariah Wright A-36
Burger Male Dec. 18, 1886 Charles Wesley Ruth Moore A-9
Burket Female April 1, 1890 William Ellis Anna Jane Gove A-41
Burkhead Laurence Sept. ? 1893 Abram Stella Steiner A-54
Burnes Female Feb. 27, 1887 John J. Johanna Dailey A-10
Burnett Bernice Schenck May 28, 1886 Charles Robbins Mattie Josephine McBride A-4
Burton Female Dec.10, 1886 Charles E. Jennie D. Squires A-9
Butler Male Dec.22, 1885 Henry Mary Emmeline Reed A-2
Butler William P. Aug. 2, 1886 Patrick H. Eleanor O'Donnell A-6
Butler Female Sept. 16, 1886 Joseph Sarah Malinda Ellis A-7
Butters Female April 23, 1888 John Martin Rose Rebca Butler A-24
Byers Male Aug. 29, 1888 Wm. F. Susanna Neas A-27
Cabbie Female Feb. 16, 1893 I. Sarah Fair A-52
Calahan Male May 14, 1889 George W. Sarah Ann Simpson A-34
Calahan Female April 16, 1892 Geo. Sarah A. Simpson A-49
Calhoun Female Aug. 12, 1887 William Bell Small A-15
Call Female May 8, 1891 Elijah A. Mary R. Bell A-45
Callahan Ettie Nov. 1,1887 Geo. W. Sarah A. S??son A-17
Calvert Male June 22, 1886 Judge Sol Cordelia Elfrieday Criswell A-5
Calvert Male July 18, 1888 Judge Sol Cordelia Elfrieday Criswell A-26
Cameron Clifford Aug. 1, 1887 John Jay Flora Luellen Vessey A-15
Cameron Male June 18, 1889 John J. Flora L. Vessey A-35
Campbell Effie Gladys Sept. 29, 1888 John Gladys May Rice A-28
Campbell Etta May Sept. 29, 1888 John Gladys May Rice A-28
Campbell Female Aug. 5, 1890 James Gordon Cornelia E. Branstool A-42
Campbell Male July 15, 1891 Luther E. Lula A. Bourquin A-46
Campbell Female ? 6, 1910 D. G. Bertie Burnett C-43
Carter Male Jan. 17, 1888 Johial Vienna Barcham A-20
Cass Male Nov. 17, 1890 Jno. J. Charlotte Kane A-44
Casterline Female Dec. 2, 1890 Floyd Walter Clara J. Spice A-44
Cathcart Male July 31, 1910 Frank Nettie Vernon C-43
Chapin Female June 23, 1892 Fremont Ida Chilson A-49
Charles Hugh Oct.  1888 W. B. Carrie S. Wildfang A-29
Chase Female July 28, 1886 John Randolph Cora Belle Niles A-6
Churchman Female twin Aug. 14, 1886 George Prudence Furaw A-6
Churchman Female twin Aug. 14, 1886 George Prudence Furaw A-6
Claar Albert Ross June 25, 1892 Earl Laura Ellen Towbridge A-50
Clark Nelson Ashel July 6, 1887 Nelson Ashel Elizabeth H. Harris A-13
Clark Female July 23, 1887 Marion W. Mary A. Cutler A-14
Clark Male June 10, 1890 Marion Washington Mary Alice Cutler A-42
Clinkenbeard Male Nov. 24, 1892 S. R. Alice Parker A-52
Coard Frank Stewart Dec. 1, 1885 Franklin Stewart Lydia C. Wilkins A-1
Cody Opil Earl Nov. 15, 1890 George Evans Capitola Miller A-43
Cody William Sept. 13, 1886 James William Ettie Melissa Sutton A-7
Cody Female Feb. 8, 1888 Geo. E. Capitala Miller A-21
Cody Male Oct. 20, 1888 James William Dilecta Melissa Sutton A-29
Coffey Male Nov. 1, 1887 Isham Lilley Jane Fair A-18
Coldren Anna Josephine Nov. 18, 1889 Elanzor Main Mary Claudius Fry A-38
Coldren Jno. Harvey Aug. 4, 1891 Elazar Mary C. Fry A-46
Cole William Alfred June 2, 1886 William Newton Nettie Ellen Morton A-5
Cole Male May 10 , 1891 William Newton Nettie Ellen Morton A-46
Colhouse Effie May Jan. 20, 1886 Edward C. Hannah A. Harris A-2
Collier Male March 4, 1886 Jasper Euphemia Callahan A-2
Collins Glencora Clora Aug. 21, 1886 William W. Susan Clarinda Bollin A-6
Collins Lena Bernice July 13, 1889 William Wharton Susan Clarinda Bollin A-35
Commack Female July 2, 1888 Fhielman Mary E. Fracley A-26
Conger Julia March 15, 1888 Isaac Mary McNamara A-23
Conger Ray A. Nov. 4, 1888 Isaac Jennie McNamara A-29
Conner Male Dec. 31, 1887 Tom B. Lydia Rush A-20
Connor Female July 24, 1887 George W. Jennie Roy A-14
Conquest Male Aug. 2, 1888 Wesley Eva Prescott A-27
Corcoran Female Aug. 20, 1889 Timothy Elizabeth Sla?en A-36
Cortell Male May 31, 1886 Andrew Jackson Lena M. Campbell A-5
Cortell Male Dec. 19, 1887 Andrew Jackson Lena M. Campbell A-19
Cortell Male Dec. 19, 1887 Andrew Jackson Lena M. Campbell A-19
Courtright Myrtle June 14, 1887 Lewis Jefferson Eda Ella Igon A-13
Cramer Female Feb. 10, 1888 Edwin Florence Anna A-22
Cramer Male April 26, 1891 Edwin Florence A. A-46
Crannell Anna June 30, 1887 Charles Belle Clark A-13
Crannell Johnitha Jan. 30, 1888 Willard O. Nettie Morton A-21
Crass Female Jan. 16, 1886 Chester Rachel Synah A-2
Crawford Male Nov. 4, 1888 Elmore L. Rosaline Scott A-29
Crawford Nellie June April 12, 1890 Elmore L. Rosalia Scott A-41
Crichton Male May 14, 1886 Archibald Sarah Helen Thrummel A-4
Crocker George Ralph March 13, 1889 Albert Howard Mary Ann Roush A-33
Crocker Male March 16, 1891 Albert H. Mary Ann Roush A-45
Cron Male Aug. 1, 1891 Illegitimate Mary Lucy Emily Cron A-46
Cross Female Dec. 24, 1886 John Harrison Ida May Karns A-9
Cross  Male July 11, 1893 Jno. Ida May Karns A-54
Crouse Female July 6, 1887 James M. C. Lenie Charlotte Fields A-14
Crowe Male Feb. 29, 1890 Timothy Jennie Welch A-40
Cunningham Male Dec. 15, 1893 S. S. Racheal Blevins A-54


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