George Washington Jackson


In May of 1886 G. W. Jackson came to Decatur County and was engaged in the dray and transfer business with his brother James J. (J. J. Jackson).  The moving of houses was an important business in the early 1890ís and George Jackson did that work so well, that he practically had no competition in this section of the state.   For years Mr. Jackson in connection with his dray business and house moving managed a livery barn on the block east of the sales pavilion (now in 2005 it would be in the block east of the Post Office). 


George W. Jackson was born in Davis County, Iowa on October 30, 1865 and died at the McCook hospital on April 21, 1926.

On February 25, 1911, the livery barn burned and he then concentrated on just the house moving business.

Below are pictures of the livery barn burning and some of the houses and other buildings being moved.  He built the large wheels used in moving these buildings and the Decatur County Museum has a set of these on exhibit.


Marion Powell Residence, Marion , NE  May 21,1912

Mrs. Zimmerman's Residence. Danbury, NE May 30-1912

Orville Murren Residence, St. Francis, KS  1-7-1913

Otis Benton's House

Cathloic Parsonage, McCook, NE

Art Steele House

Between these dates was the start of using tractors to pull the buildings instead of horses.

Mrs. Metcalf's House Nov. 20, 1913

H. C. Clapp's House, McCook, NE   Dec. 14, 1913

Rush Coler Barn,    Nov. 14, 1914

Lee Greenwood house and barn  Nov. 18, 1914

Ferguson Farm Home Dec. 16, 1914

Dresden Bank Building 1915

School House, McCook NE

Straightening the Clark Barn 

W. J. Bower's House, Norton, KS

Unknown House and the crossing over of a bridge


The originals are located at the Decatur County Museum

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