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Lon Doyle  12/26/98 Looking for information on the family of William T. and Georgia M. Doyle McCarty. William was born about 1861 and married Georgia in 1885 in Mitchell Co., Ks. In 1945 they were residing in Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kansas. I do not know if they had any children. Any information or descendants would be greatful.

Frankie Carlin Meyer  12/26/98   I am hoping someone knows who to contact for information on the cemetery at Woodbine, Kansas.  Two relatives (Emma and Willie Chancel) are buried there, and I would like directions to it, and possible information on where the twins are buried.

 Roberta Heorman   Sun, 20 Dec 1998  If you are researching or are a descendent of the following families of Dickinson or Clay County, Ks., please contact me. I. Uzal Williams, b. 22 March 1810, Tioga Co., NY.  Known children Orrin, George, Jacob, Emma, Elisha (sp), Emily, Eliza Jane, Ann Elizabeth.   All children born in Berrien Springs, MI. Family moved to Dickinson Co., KS in about 1860.   Daughter,   Emma Williams, b. 28 Mar 1847 m.  Martin H. Price in Industry, Ks in 1862 and had 8 children, of which a daughter, Ella married Henry Fisel. Other children of Emma and Martin were Elnora, Nola, Edson, Martin H., Norman, and Howard G. Price.  Emma's sister, Elsie Williams married Abraham Bachus and sister,  Eliza Jane married Merit C. Johnson, all in Clay Co.

Carol Montrose  8/20/98   Ira VIAN was an early settler of Dickinson Co. Ks. His brother Elijah was with him but later moved to Oklahoma. Sisters Amanda HARDESTY and Ellen McMURRAY and  possibly his brother in law, William DOWN(E)(S) lived in Clay Co. Ks. Would like to correspond with you on these families.

Thomas     8/20/98  I am researching the name PETRIE in Dickinson County.  Specifically, I am researching Earl Petrie, father of James Bogar? Petrie.  James married Noni (?).  James d. c1940 3 years after his son Dale Arthur was born.  He also had another child, Marie.  Some Petrie's are reportedly buried in Abilene.  Please contact  if you have any leads. Thanks much

Arley Strome
Robert Strome    8/19/98 Looking for information on Arley Strome in Dickinson county maybe Herington KS.

Jack Thompson
Mike Davis    8/19/98 Searching for Jack Thompson, Federal Marshall in the Abilene area - around 1881 - possible married to Cora Claiborne and had daughter - Bertha A. Thompson who was born in Abilene, Dickinson Co.

Lynnea Dickinson    8/9/98  Searching for the date of death for William David GARR/GAAR and his wife Mary Elizabeth (ATKINSON).  William b. 25 Dec 1846, son of William Hun & Sarah (MCENDRY) GARR/GAAR.  William David and Mary Elizabeth resided in Hope, Kansas.  Their children were: Sarah Frances, Ella Ann, Erman Thomas and Clyda Clarkson.  Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Otto K. Land,   8/9/98  Researching the LAND/PIERCE ancestry and I am now researching my mother's side of the family.  My mother Nellie Marie PIERCE was borned on January 22, 1910 in Franklin County Missouri.  Her parents are John PIERCE (nothing else known) and Emma BROCK-PIERCE.  John and Emma divorced.  I belive John was a traveling saleman.  John moved to the Kansas area.  I remember during the late 1940's my mother went to see her half brother in Kansas City who was dieing from either black lung disease or a coal mine desaster.  I know this is not much but would you please review your data base for a possible match.  I am willing to share information.   I want to thank you for your time and reply.  Have a nice day. Otto K. Land, 2950 Cashew Court, Fairfield, CA 94533-1473

Rodolphus W. Hewett,:
Brian MacWithey    8/9/98  My 3rd great grandfather, Rodolphus W. Hewett, is said to have died in Abilene, Kansas on 25 January 1892. I see by the "Handy Book" that the Dickinson county clerk has death records from 1892. Can you confirm this for me? Are there any obituary indexes for Abilene? I am trying to determine who his father was. One line of inquiry is that his father was also a Rodolphus. I've never been able to find another Rodolphus in the census other than the one who died in 1892. I appreciate any help you can extend.

Martha Rogers Bruke Upperman
Patricia Flatt Rogers   8/8/98  I am searching for information on Martha R .B .Upperman (1853-?) who was buried in Dickson Co. Ks.  Martha was born in Ducktown (Polk Co.) TN on January 21 1853 to a John (1809) and Rebecca Conner (1821) Rogers.  I am hoping to find someone of Martha's progeny that perhaps has some information on the parents of John and Rebecca.  All I have is that John was born somewhere in NC.  His dad was born in VA and his mother in NC.

Andrew Herington   8/8/98     I am working on my families antecedents in Britain. Herington's lived in Sussex and Surrey until the mid 19th century and our branch moved north of London and then to Australia. I understand Monroe D Herington was a famous pioneer and founder of the town of Herington Kansas. Could you e-mail me any information you have about him, the founding of the town and where he and his antecedents may have come from ? Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Regards Andrew Herington, 26 Ann St Prahran Australia 3181 , 613 9529 6276

 Bill Beasley       8/8/98  I'm trying to locate a lost relative Henry Whitney Willis who would have died in the 1920's lived in Herrington   and  wife and one son died in the 1918 flu epidemic.  Wifes Name was Lottie and Son was Vern they are both burried in Herrington.  I don't have any other info. on him.   Your Help would be greatly appreciated---Bill Beasley

Diehl, Druckenmiller, Standley
Bev Jackson   8/8/98    Names are Harrison (prison), as well as Diehl, Druckenmiller, and Standley.  All were around the Lawrence, Douglas County area; the Diehl, Druckenmiller family were around the Salina, Saline county area in 1906. The Lawrence area dates are 1920's & '30's.  The Diehls, Druckenmillers probably came from PA and/or Germany.  Harrison was born in IN around 1896-98.  I'm not sure where the Standleys come from. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Hazel Buick  8/8/98   Searching for any information on NEWMAN, Gertrude and the KUEHN, Rudolph Joseph families who came from Germany, lived in Smokey Hill Township, Davis/Geary County until approximately 1905-1906 then moved to an area South and East of Chapman, Dickinson County, Kansas.  Understand the Kuehn children attended the Rinehart School. Gertrude Newman had three sons when living in Geary County:  Valentine, Antone and August according to the 1895 Geary County census.  The 1905 Geary County census only shows Gertrude Newman and August Newman. Any information on these individuals in Dickinson County would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to anyone who can help me fill in the vacant spots.

Lesli Bell   7/4/98  I am researching the Oscar "Bert" Franklin WILEY family.  He was married to Mary Lydia GLASS.  They had five children that I know of:  Merle Leroy, Harry Albert, Frances, Irene and Margaret.  Oscar and Mary were both born about 1880.  I think they arrived in Solomon in the early 1920's and both left about 1965.

William James Parsons
Jerry Parsons,  6/27/98 I would like to trace the place of death of my grandfather, William James Parsons. One family report says he died in Kansas City. Another (and perhaps more reliable) says he died in Dickinson County at the home of H.L. Schaich in or near Abilene.  His death date is 23 Apr 1907.  Could someone help verify whether he died in Dickinson County?  Thanks for any assistance possible. Jerry Parsons, Ames, IA

Barbara 6/27/98  I am seeking information on where my Grandmother Jennie Bay was buried, also her infant son. They died in Dickson County. My deceased Uncle told me one time they were buried in Rices Plot but don't know name of cemetery. They were living in Missouri but evidently moved to Dickinson County for a time, because I have a copy of page and date of death and cause but not where buried. Died in 1902.   Thanks for any help. She was my dad's mother. Her maiden name was Triplett. Died when he was two years old; cause complications at time of birth of next child, who also died at age 6 months. Any help appreciated.
Barbara in Salem, Mo.

 LaVona Wilson  6/27/98  I am looking for info on Jacob Haney, Sr, and Elizabeth (Beetch) Haney who Homesteaded the land as mentioned. The 1875 census lists Jacob as from Germany and Elizabeth from Ky, the 1880 census lists Jacob from Switzerland.Their children were Jacob Jr, (My grandfather),   m. Dora Felbush,      Lucy m. Henry Logan, and Kate m Frank Womochil.  I found a newspaper item that sorta indicated that Jacob Sr. had a sister that died in Marion, Ks and a brother that died in Enterprise, both in 1915

William L. Meek 6/5/98    I would like to find out more information on the descendents of my great-great-grandfather, John Meek.  He is buried in the Liberty cemetary along with a number of his descendents.  I am interested in where he lived, relative to the community of Upland and if any descendents still live in the area.

Pat Settle  6/7/98  Peter FLODEN (misspelled FLODINE) and family, wife Caroline, sons Peter, Jr. & John, and daughter(?) Emily, possibly dau-in-law, found in Sherman Township, Dickinson County in 1870 census.  Have not been able to find anything on them after that.  Can anyone help?

Marilyn Brown   5/27/98   Walter Hobbs SMITH born May 7,1882 Abilene, Kansas----looking for more info on his father Thomas Jefferson Smith born Dec. 12, 1860 born maybe in Arkansas--need his parents.  Walter was my grandfather

C. Montrose 5/24/98  Ira and Elijah VIAN (brothers) were early settlers of Dickinson Co. Ks. would like to correspond with anyone else interested in this family. Both men were born in Knox Co. Ohio. Several other siblings settled in different parts of Ks. John and  Amanda (VIAN)  HARDESTY and James & Sarah Ellen (VIAN) McMURRAY

Dee March 5/21/98  I am trying to locate information on the family of Seth F FLEMING b. Sep 1881 KS-d unk. He m. c1906 Pearl M b. 1883 KS or IL.  He was a druggist and they lived at Enterprise KS in 1909.

June W Mears      5/14/98    I was born near Hope as was my father and his 2 sisters.  Francis William Wright, my grandfather, homesteaded 160 acres there in 1871/2. I am looking for information on the Wright Family. Thanks

Sharon Moran-Ibarra 5/14/98  My mother, born in Enterprise, KS, July 13, 1919)  lives in Wichita, KS but is 78 years old and has not been too much help in tracing my great-grandparents and great-great grandparents.My grandmother was born, I believe, in Enterprise  May 11 or 12, 1896.  Her mother, Marie Louisa Landolph Miller died in Enterprise in 1927.  When and where my grandfather, Kasper Miller (Mueller?) died I do not know but assume it was in Enterprise after her death in 1927. I still have one Great Uncle alive in the area:  William (Bill) Miller who was born in October 1894 (I believe)  The Hottman's in the Abilene area are related to me - their grandmother/great-grandmother was Margaret Miller married to Roy Hottman.  Again - thanks.

Ron Samson   5/14/98     I am researching John H. Sherman. He was reportedly Dickinson Co.Sheriff at one time and also a policeman prior to that, and, I'm assuming in Abilene. I'd like to know when he was a policeman, and when he was the sheriff.  Also if there was any significant incidents involving him during that time.Thanks,

Ron Junkin. 5/6/98    I am looking for information on Morris A. Jolley, born in the 1840's or 1850's in Harrison Co., Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Croskey, born 1853, also in Harrison, Co., Ohio. They were married in 1880 and moved to Abilene, Kansas in
about 1882. They had at least one daughter. Mary died about 1903 in Abilene. My great grandmother was a sister to Morris Jolley. I am having trouble getting much information on her family, so I am trying to reach my goal through her siblings.

Mary Woods
I would like to submit the names of  MORLEY, PECK, & SMITH  to the surname list. I do not have exact dates that they came to Dickinson Co, KS, however I do know that the James  MORLEY family came to KS from Suffolk England in 1882, & that the PECK & SMITH families were already residing there. Benjamin PECK was from Fulton Co, ILL, & Franklin SMITH was from Union Co, PA. Benjamin Peck was a school teacher, & was prominent in local politics, which included the apointment of Probate Judge.

Jay Grovier  5/6/98      I am tracing my G.Grandfather, Isaac C. Grovier 1845 - , his wife Rosa Orr and their children: Isaac George, born1878,  Rosa,  born ?, Edwin, born  Sept. 7, 1881 and Harry, born ? So far, I know that Isaac and Rosa came from Mount Clemens, MI about 1880. I have found some reference to him being in Hope around 1885 or so.  The Mount Clemens source  said they moved to Great Bend ( not Hope). Can you verify any of this for me ? I like to know where the children were actually born if there is a record. Isaac, Rosa Jane, Isaac George and Edwin (my Grandfather) are all buried in Hutchinson,Thank you so much for your help.

Nora Probasco 5/6/98   I am interested in all PROBASCO surname info, research and family trees. I have begun an extensive PROBASCO database and plan to use it to direct PROBASCO researchers to others who may be researching their line. Please check out my new PROBASCO Home Page which was designed to aid in PROBASCO family research - http//home.earthlink.net/~nprobasco.
PROBASCO's were in Dickinson County since the 1880's.

Mandy Morley Bello, 4/9/98 My sisters and I are looking up information on our Family Tree.  We know our Grandfather was born in Abilene, Kansas in 1884 Robert Palmer Morley, his parents were Nellie Louisa Williams Morley (born 24 Aug 1859 and died 3 Jan 1940)  and Harry Parker Morley (born Dec 31, 1857 , died 13 mar 1905) Harry's Father and Mother are supposed to be buried in Abilene or Salina their names were James Morley (born approximately  1825, died Dec 31 1892) and Maria Palmer Morley (born
Jan 1826 and died 25 Dec 1904) we have been told that they were buried there in Abilene.
If you can help us please let us know.  My email address is

Margaret Van Ness Nelson  Apr. 9, 98    I'm looking for the information on the tombstones (or cemetery office book, if possible) for  WELSEY CEMETERY, Dickinson Co KS 1. Henry Chance born 13 Aug 1843 - died?  2. Joseph Chance born 6 AUg 1849 - died ? 3. Any other Chance family members in that cemetery.    Any help will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.

Garron Woodruff Apr. 9, 98 Looking for info on Dahman, Woodruff, Jackson, Arnold all probably resident in Abilene from 1876 to present. Thank you.

Ron Jones   Just finished reading the history of Hope, KS.  Two names caught my attention; Dillon & Shugart.  My great grandmother was Sarah Shugart, born April 1861, married Frank Daniel Jones before 1889.  Dillon family was also supposed to be related.  My grandmother,  Bertha Francis Benedict, born Nov. 10, 1895, Dillon, KS.  My father Orville Frank Jones, born Navarre, KS, May 6, 1915.  Need any and all help possible on these families. Ron Jones,
541 Windsor Dr., Allen, TX 75002

 Dcevanich   23, Mar 98 I am looking for information on the three following names: Nesselhuf(f), Reimer, Neithinger.  These names could go back to the turn of the century. The Neithingers homesteaded in Dickinson County around Chapman early 1900's late 1890's.  Please contact me if you can find any information for me.

Nora Probasco  10 Feb 1998   I am interested in PROBASCO surname info, family trees and research. I am starting a central PROBASCO database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line. The PROBASCO's have been in Dickinson County since the 1880's.

Gail   My great-grandfather, Adonirim Zimmerman, was married in Iowa in1877 but was in Cloud Co. Ks. in 1879 and had a daughter, Minnie May Zimmerman, June 1, 1883. Minnie's mother died in that same year and she was raised by her grandmother in Dickinson Co. I know nothing more about him but would really like to- such as parents,siblings, re-marriage, other children. If anyone has any info. on Zimmermans in that area or time frame that are a possible connection, please let me know. I'm also looking for info. on my Grandfather, George Frank Winans. He married Minnie in Nov. 1906 in Emporia - Lyon Co.  He was born in Kansas in Oct. 1874 and his father's name was George Bargdoll Winans but that's all I know. If you have any connection to any Winans, let me know, esp. if they might fit with that time and/or place.

Kay Hoover  REICHLEY, William, Miller, Adam or Elmer.  Jacob and Julia REICHLEY were in Republic County in 1880.  I am told they had a son in Dickinson County who was a doctor.  That's about all I have on REICHLEYS who would be in Dickinson County.  Has anyone heard of them?  Thanks......Kay Hoover

Candy.   My grandmother's name was Dorothy Mae Seybold, according to my mother she was born in Abilene, KS, on April 28, 1906.  Her parents were Tressa Lister, and Thomas Leonard Seybold.  When my Grandmother got married she lived in Junction City, in Geary County. Thank you for any assistance.

Mike Green   The following family came to Herington approx 1886. Christopher Dunn Sr. with W. Sara Flannigan with Children, approximately 9 ch. one of whom was Christopher JR., Gertrude and a couple more. Christopher worked for RIRR for 52 yrs as did all of the Dunn's. One of the Girls Married a L. Moore. Looking for relations and burial sites of family. Catholics. Perhaps church records.

Mike Green   Seeking information about Mrs Theodore Moore,ne Dunn. Daughter in law to Christopher Dunn Sr. Worked for RIRR. lived at 502 E. Arnold, Herington, Ks.

Doug Hall  I am trying to locate any information regarding the following individuals that moved to the state of Washington sometime around 1900.  They are thought to have come from the Abeline area of Kansas and probably still had relatives in the area when the left and moved to Washington.  I would also love to find existing relatives that may be living there too!  Here is the information I have: Henry Berger born Aug. 5. 1842, died Dec. 23, 1912.  His wife was Rosina Berger born Feb, 14, 1841, died Sept. 13, 1918.  They had three children: Henry Berger born Apr. 29, 1870, died Nov. 14, 1955; Rose Berger born in 1872, died 1965; and William Berger born Sept. 8, 1876, died June 1966. Any information would be most sincerely appreciated.