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Jane McGill Buchan Parish Barbara 3/11/99
Jane lived in Flora Township.  She was Jane McGill b. 1826 In Arg. Scotland. Had a twin sister Mary McGill Stewardson who lived in Colby, Thomas Co., KS. They came from Huron Co., Ontario, Canada.  Wish to contact descendants. Barbara

RUMOLD, DeWALD  Warren B. Roby,   3/11/99
Looking for any info on the families of John Rumold, Jacob Rumold, and David DeWald.  The Rumold brothers acquired land near present-day Dillon in 1868.  The daughter of David DeWald, Elizabeth, married John.  I have met Theodore Rumold of Hope and know that he is descended from a brother who stayed behind in Germany when John and Jacob came to the US.

CEDAR CREST DAIRY, ABILENE Sandy Buysse  3/11/99
I came across your web page as I was looking for information on CEDAR CREST DAIRY in Abilene KS,,,do you happen to know if it still exists or if another cooperative took it over...thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

DODGE,  Max Schottler  3/11/99
Would like to find the name and location of cemetery where JAMES P DODGE and HANNAH DODGE are buried.  They died in 1879 and 1918 respectively.

RUGH   Karla Rugh Hancock  3/11/99
My father's grandparents lived in Abilene. His father, Victor Emmanuel Rugh was a school teacher in Abilene when Eisenhower was a student, who contracted TB and was sent to Texas, where he died at age 33.  I am interested in finding out about the Rughs who lived around Abilene about the time my father was born there, which was in 1907.  If you can help me with that, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

HARDIN/BESSEY  Don Henricks  3/11/99
Searching for information on George W. HARDIN and wife, Lydia Magdalen BESSEY.  Came to Hope, Dickinson Co. about 1878 with two children, Oliver and Iva Belle.  Had four more children in Hope: Ellen, Minerva, Bertha and Charles.  Lydia's brother, William (Billy) BESSEY, may also have lived in Dickinson Co

KNIGHT  Stacey R. Benson  3/11/99
Maida Joan KNIGHT b. 21 Sep 1926 in Abilene, Dickenson, Kansas. Married 7 Jun 1952 place unknown, Bernard Clement Rappe b. 3 May 1929 place unknown.  They had four known children: Debora Joan Rappe b. 11 May 1953, Cynthia Susan Rappe b. 7 Sep 1955, Theresa Lynn Rappe b. 25 Jul 1959, and Michael Bernard Rappe b. 14 May 1961.  I would like to know the unknown information and also if their children were married and if they had any children.Thanks so much. Stacey R. Benson

Alice Sophia Rhine John Linville  2/26/99
My mother was born in Abilene, Ks, about 1922. I need any information possible about her mother and father. I know her father's name was Charles F. Rhine. I don't know when and where he was born.  Would appreciate any help.

Ella May Hanigan Ken Barton 2/26/99
I am trying to obtain information on the Hanigan branch of my family. David D. Hanigan married Anna Volkman in Woodbine, Kansas in August of 1888.  They had a daughter, Ella May Hanigan, born May 3, 1889.

BEAMER, BUTCHER, EDWARDS, FUGATT  Bill Mitchell  2/26/99
Seek any info on following who died in Dicksonson County; Marsh Clyde Beamer 1886-1942; Hattie May Butcher 1873-1943, died at Solomon; Grace Mabel Edwards 1886-1959, died at Solomon; Andrew Jackson Fugatt 1846-1932, died at Solomon; William Edward Fugatt 1882-1975, died at Abilene.

I am looking for information on my ggrandfather's parents, siblings. Winfield WILSON m. Molly PURVIS Children of Winfield and Molly: Gilbert C. WILSON b. 4-23-1885 in Talmage, KS. d. 8-29-1960 in Oklahoma City, OK Co., OK m. Nona May MOORE b. 10-14-1887 in Talmage, KS d. 11-10-1974 in Oklahoma City, OK Co., OK. Other children unknown Children of Gilbert and Nona: Corwin LeRoy (called Roy) b. 5-19-1910 in Salina, Saline Co., KS d. 12-7-1946 in Oklahoma City. m. Alpha Mae SEXTON b. 1913 probably in KS Other children: Kenneth, Bill, Bob, Harold, Pauline, Donna, Verla, Virginia, Georgia. Children of Roy and Alpha:  Davy Lee (Pete) Fern Joan Freddie Ray (my father) b. 3-1-1938 in Oklahoma City, d. 1-18-1983 in
Oklahoma City I would love to have any info on any name here, especially Winfield and Molly. Please, if possible, email me as it is hard for me to get to the boards very often. Thanks!

Sarah  Machmer Allison, Gerry Machmer 2/25/99
My great aunt, died March 25, 1936 in your county leaving 9 children; Lida Gish, Mary, Laura, Dora,  David M. John M. and C.B. all of Abilene. I have copy of her obituary.  I know where she came from I need a little background on those children with the hope that one of them may still be living in the area.

KILGORE  Jim     2/25/99
Seeking Cyrus KILGORE, siblings and descendants.  Cyrus was admitted to the Bar in Franklin County, IN 1853 and migrated to Abilene area ca 1870.  He was a Judge during the days of the Cattle Drives. I am
descended from his sister Lorenda Elizabeth Kilgore who m Theodore Markle and they accompanied the KILGORES to KS but after a year of Grasshoppers and a second year of drought, they returned to IN. Will gladly share all I have with interested researchers.  I use Mac PAF and can prepare a GedCom in either DOS or MAC formats.

DILLINGHAM:  Mary D. Foley, Russell Springs, KY 2/25/99
Seeking info on Jesse P. Dillingham, from Casey Co, KY, listed on 1900 & 1910 Dickinson Co. census; listed in Chapman.  Wife was Nancy E. "Nannie or Nann"; children: Bayle/Boyston b. 1876; Lucy b. 1882; Eluh/Uluah b. 1886; Ida b. 1888; Edwin b. Feb 1896.  Two of the children where listed as inmates in the Institute for deaf and mute in Olathe, Johnson Co, KS

 THORPE   E. T. Thorpe   2/18/99
Would like any information available pertaining to THORPEs in Dickinson County, specifically Everett Thorpe, my father, and any of his relatives.  He was born around 1887, and eventually migrated to New York.  Any information would be helpful.  Thank you.

MILLER, SLATER, WILKIE Roger & Cyndi Pratt  2/18/99
The names I am looking for in Dickinson county are Henry H. MILLER, married to Cecelia N. SLATER. Most of their children were born in Dickinson Co.  Also looking for Christian SLATER and his wife Isabel WILKIE.  They are the parents of Cecelia. Both died at Hope, KS. Christian in 1889 and Isabel in 1917.Does anyone know where I might locate an obituary or other info about them. Looking for the parents of Christian and Isabel. Thanks for any help.

UPSHAW, LOOMIS, Nancy C. in Williams, AZ  2/18/99
Can you tell me if there is a death index or index to the cemetery interments in Abilene. I have a letter to my great grandmother Luella Loomis from her uncle Francis Marion (F.M.) Upshaw, dated Nov 16, 1899.  I believe he was ill, depressed and said he was getting out of the business he owned which was a furniture business he had for many years.  His wife was Juliett or Julia Reed Upshaw and I think she died in 1900.  I think he may have died prior to that or my gr grandmother would not have saved that one particular letter.  Do you have any suggestions for me in locating this information.  I sure would appreciate your help.  I'm also hoping to find the burial for my grgrandfather but I don't know when he died. William Loomis as they lived in Abilene and my grandmother got her teaching degree there. My grgrandmother evidently returned to Peoria after that as she is buried there in the old Springdale Cemetery but he is not. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me. Thanks in advance.

CAROUSEL, Benrea   2/18/99
I am looking for info on the Parker, 2 row portable track carousel machine.  It is circa 1901 on display at the Dickenson County Historical Society in Abilene, Kansas.  Were they connected in any way to the Great Parker Amusement Co.

HUTCHSON, HUTCHINSON, McCOSH  Candace Gatner  2/18/99
I am from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I am trying to search our family.  My grandmother's maiden name is Irene Hutchison.  I was told that her grandfather Dave Hutchison married a Mary Ellen McCosh in 1888 in Abilene.  They had a son named Frank Milo Hutchson on Aug 23, 1891 born in Abilene.  I believed they left Abilene sometime around 1899 or so.  I also have a George Washington Hutchison, who I believe could be Dave's father. If you have any information or know where I could find any I would be more then appreciative.  One of my goals is to find out who is George Washington Hutchison's father was.  I was wondering about CC Hutchinson who I know was the founder Hutchinson, Kansas. Thank you for your time and any information in advance.

STADLER,   Karen Carmack Stadler  2/18/99
My husband's great-grandfather, George Stadler, left St Gallen, Switzerland in response to a newspaper advertisement offering land in Kansas.  George, his wife Barbara, and their five children settled in New Basel on October 20, 1873.  They had 10 children in all, five of which were born in New Basel and some of which died in New Basel. The family moved to Helvetia, West Virginia in April, 1884.  Are there any birth or baptismal or death records for this period?  George's cousin, Elias Baumann was a preacher in New Basel.  Are there any church records?  George corresponded with the Mangold family for several years after moving to West Virginia.  Is there any information available on New Basel?

McCALL   John B. McCall 2/28/99
Family legen has it that my grandfather, Henry L. McCall lived in Abilene,Kansas, and was listed in records in dickinson county.  His father's name was John W>S> McCall, i believe and died there.  This was around 1880, I believe.  Since most of the relatives are now dead, I am trying to get as much geneological info as possible - anothe legend is tghat John W>S> and Henry were related to the infamous Jack McCall who shot Wild Bill in the back in Deadwood SD.  Any information you can provide me with would be appreciated. thanks for your help

HURT, KLAUS  Augustin  2/18/99
I am looking for any information of Emma Louise Hanoch Klaus Hurt, Born 18 October 1874  and Died 23 October 1941.  Also her husband s. Frank Klaus. Mr. Hurt born 11 June 1863 and died 5 July 1935, they wed in Abilene.  They also lived in Detroit as well as Abilene.

IRETON  LaRoux K. Gillespie   2/13/99
Hello there: I am a researcher of Ireton susrnames. I recently found John H. Ireton and Asa Mathew Ireton in Dickinson Counton,near Carlton Ibelieve. These were in the 1880-1910 era. Can you enter my IRETON interests in your database. I have writing nad collecting for two decades and have a quarterly newsletter on Iretons.

MONAHAN  Maureen Monahan-Quigley  2/8/99
I'm looking for information about my gggrandparents John and Euphemia Monahan.  I know they homesteaded in Longford, KS and are buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Abeline, KS.  Their gravemarker is on the far eastern side of the cemetary.  John died around the late 1890's and Euphemia died around 1906.  I'd like to find out where the homestead was located and any record/list of the 14 children they had...one was my ggrandfather James who married an Anna Kelly in 1888. Thank you very much.

HARLOW CONANT  Vickie Karmann  2/8/99
I am looking for any info on the HARLOW and CONANT families of Dickinson Co.  Charles CONANT b.1885 d.1959 m.(?) a Bertha HARLOW b.1885 d.1917, daughter of Mr. & Mrs Granville Harlow of Solomon. The family is beleived to have lived in the Solomon, Harington or Enterprise areas. Charles and Bertha had 4 childern May b.abt. 1906, Lucile b.abt 1808, Granville b. 1909 and Charles b.abt. 1912.  Per her obit, Bertha died in a fire at her home in Harington on Jan 9, 1917 and was buried in Soloman.  Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

 Parish, Barnett or Buchan,McGill and Stewardson  Barbara Clarkson  2/8/99
To tell the truth, I am not sure where they lived.  I have seen a Parish  and rest in Dickinson, Flora T. and in Johnson Co. on 1857-60 census index. All we have is the 1860 , 1857 census index and was guessing by that. Jane and Mary (twins) had a brother who left them some money.  He wrote the will in 1903 listing that they lived in Kansas.  No one has ever found where. He left money to Jane Parish and Mary Barnett with James Stewardson.  Not sure how Stewardson is related. Some people think it was really Buchan and he just forgot.

McCANN, COLLIN  Brian D. Brinegar  2/8/99
Looking for any information on my Great Great Great Grandparents James Joseph MCCANN Sr. born 24 June 1826 in Britin, Ireland and died 14 Dec 1909 Herington, KS. He married Eleanor COLLIN 24 Aug 1857.  Eleanor Collin born 29 Aug 1893 in Great Wakering, England, died 09 Dec 1929 in Latimer, KS.

PEUGH, Pat Bean  2/8/99
Would like to contact any descendants of the PEUGH families who lived in Herington before the turn of the century.  My grandmother, Minnie Ellen Smith worked for the families from the time her mother died in 1887 until she married David H. Stolfus in 1898.  I'm sure she was never adopted by the Peughs but she always considered them her family.  Any info would be appreciated. Pat Bean, 23 Duvall Lane, Bella Vista, AR 72714

TROSPER, HAWORTH, MARTIN, SIMPSON Correll Trosper-Hartman  2/8/99
I am searching for dec. of    THOMPSON TROSPER, wife RACHEL HAWORTH TROSPER, WILLIAM A. MARTIN and MINNIE TROSPER SIMPSON.  Thompson Trosper was my g grandfather.