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Elk County became a county in 1875. It was formed from parent county, Howard County. The court house in Howard is the repository of the following documents.

The Register of Deeds, Neva Walter, takes care of the genealogy requests. She keeps a file of the information she has been asked for in the past and has, on occasion, included with her reply, the name and adddress of others who have requested similar information. Include as much information as you have and be clear about what it is need, you may be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information you will receive. She also has a book of headstone readings for the Elk Co. cemeteries.... not the interment info, but Headstone Readings.

Document Type Years Responsible Official
Birth 1885-1889,
Neva Walter,
Register of Deeds
Elk County Kansas
P.O. Box 476
Howard, Ks. 67349
Marriage 1878 to present same as Birth Records
Death 1885-1889,
same as Birth Records
Land 1871 to present same as Birth Records
Probate 1906 to present Probate Judge
Court 1906 to present Clerk of the District Court

See the web site for Kansas Department of Vital Statistics for documents not retained at the county level, the link will take you to the Kansas Dept of Vital Statistics, where you obtain the necessary information to make a request for certificates.

The apple seldom falls far from the tree. So many of our ancestors moved just a few miles when they moved, it's useful to know the adjacent counties. Click here to see a map of southeast Kansas.

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