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Ellis County, Kansas
City of Antonino

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Formed by a number of families attending the Munjor parish. Building of the parish church began in the fall of 1904 with completion in March of 1905.

The original intention was to name the town Anthony after Saint Anthony, the patron saint of the Russian town of Munjour but the post office department refused the name because there was already an Anthony, Kansas. The name of Antonino was then picked.

The history of Antonino is documented in The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

The original families of Antonino were:

Anton Dader
Anton Dechant
Cornel Dechant
Carl Dechant
John Dechant
Jacob Gabel
Joseph Gassman
Bernard Grabbe
Anton Haas
Michael Haas, Jr.
Michael Haas, Sr.
John H. Herl
Joseph Keberlein
Jacob Kippes
Raymund Drannenwitter
Anastas Leiker
John Peter Leiker
Ludwig Pfannenstiel
George Rohr
John Rohr, Jr.
Lawrence Rohr
Carl Rumbach
Fred Rupp
John Jacob Rupp
John Rupp Sr.
Joseph Rupp
Anton Sauer Sr.
Fidelis Sauer
George Sauer
John Sauer
Peter Sauer
Adam Schmitt
Adam Schneider
John Unrein
Joseph Unrein
John Urban
John E. Wasinger
Philip Weingardt
John P. Zimmerman

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