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City of Catherine

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Catherine, located nine miles northeast of Hays, was named in honor of the Great Empress of Russia, Catherine the Second. Catherine the Second was of German origin.  Catherine is located on the banks of the North Fork. Founded in April of 1876 by the Bissing, Karlin, and Koerner families from Katharinenstadt, Russia. Later that same year, a number of other families arrived from Katharinenstadt.

The history of Catherine is documented in The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas,August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

Settlers in Catherine came from Katherinenstadt, Russia. They included:

From Katharinenstadt, Russia, leaving 22 Oct 1875, arrived in Hays on 1 Mar 1876:

Justus Bissing (7)
Frederich Karlin (4)
Peter Karlin (3)
James Karlin (3)
Frederich Koerner (9)

Arriving 26 Jul 1876 (from Katharinenstadt):

Peter Schmidt (4)
Mrs. Schueler (3)
Mrs. A. Schuetz (7)
Henry Staab (5)
Karl Staab (5)
Jacob Weltz (3)
John Karlin (5)
Karl Koerner (4)
Frederich Meis (2)
Mrs. Meis (8)
Andrew Schmidt (2)
Jacob Schmidt (5)
John Schmidt (3)
August Walter (5)
Frederich Walter (8)
Jacob Walter (4)
George Schmidt
John Meder

Arriving Apr 1876 thru 1898 (from Katharinenstadt unless otherwise noted):

Michael Meier
Michael Meier from Pfeifer (3)
John Lattigan
Dorothy Meis
John Meis
Sophie Faller
Jacob Staab (2)
John Jacob Staab (6)
John Staab (4)
Peter Staab (5)
Raymond Staab (2)
Peter Ubert (6)
Andrew Meier (6)
Karl Karlin (6)
Leonard Mittelmeier (5)
Jacob Meier from Lui (12)
Henry Paul from Lui (4)
Michael Peters from Lui (4)
John Giebler from Ober-Monjou
Peter Gross from Marienthal (5)
Joseph Rupp from Ober-Monjou
Joseph Giebler from Ober-Monjou (3)
Frederick Weilert (2)
Peter Leikam (7)
Jacob Mueller (2)
Jacob Mueller, Jr. (2)
Wilhelmina Weilert
Michael Weilert (9)
Anna Mittelmeier
Ottilia Mittelmeier
Jacob Dorzweiler (3)
Mary Rupp
Henry Wolf (6)
Dorothy Beilman (2)
Peter Beilman (3)
Henry Karlin (7)
Catherine Leikam
Jacob Leikam (4)
Philip Meis
Karl A. Staab (3)
Anton Kinderknecht from Marienthal
Peter Antonie from Boregardt
Henry Hertlein (2)
John J. Leikam

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