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The history of Ellis is documented in The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

In 1873 a colony from Syracuse, New York settled in Ellis. They had come to work in the shops of the Union Pacific railroad. Among those settlers was:

Gil Kinney
M. M. Fuller
John Brightman
Edward Orton
Cornelius Eldon
W. O. Hamelton

In 1877 and 1888, a colony from Pennsylvania settled north of Ellis. Settlers included:

John Norcross (might be Narcross)
A. B. Norcross (might be Narcross)
L. W. Norcross (might be Narcross)
Mary Hutchison
Rebecca Ketchel
Jacob Newcomer
Harry Cobb

A colony from Bukovina, Austria, settled north of Ellis. Settlers included:

Jacob Schoenthaler
? Armbruster
Adam Schoenthaler
John Kerth
Fred Fries (might be Freis)
Adam Aust
Joe Aust
John Fries
Frank Erbert (might be Ebert)
Rudolph Erbert (might be Ebert)
Joe Erbert (might be Ebert)
George Huber
John Huber
Fred Humburg (might be Humberg)

A group from Louisville, Kentucky settled in Ellis to work on the railroad. They moved to Nicodemus but later moved back to Ellis. They included:

Lena Penny
John Neal
Sarah Patterson
Margrette Penny
Jonas Moore
Joe Anderson
Hester Anderson
? Hicks
Mrs. Edward
Harry Alsoup

A group from Chicago, Illinois formed a Bohemian settlement south of Ellis included:

Joe Kutina
John J. Kutina
Frank Simons
Z. Cerney
? Ptacek
John Kutina
Joe Kutina Sr.
Ignaz Papas
Frank Costka
James J. Kutina
Frank J. Kutina
? Porzel

An Irish group settled north of Ellis on the Saline river in 1870. Included were:

Mr. McKinney
Mr. McCarty
Catherine Cox
Mary Nolson (might be Nolan)
? Henches
? McGurey
Barney Martin
John Dean
William Dillon
? Cotton
? Murphy
Tom Hamilton
Joe Keagy
John Lamb

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