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Families from Kamenka, Rothhammel, and Pfeifer, Russia came to Kansas and founded Pfeifer. Pfeifer is located on the banks of the Smoky Hill river, 10 miles south of Victoria. Pfeifer means "piper" or "flute player."

The history of Pfeifer is documented in The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

Founding families included:

Four families left Russia on October 7, 1875:

From Kamenka, Russia:

Joseph Stremel
Mathias Urban
Michael Meader

From Pfeifer, Russia:

Christ Stegman

Families arriving in June of 1876 included:

From Pfeifer, Russia:

Andrew Desch
Joseph Jacobs
George Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt
Anton Holzmeister
John Schmidt
Jacob Schoenfeld
Mathew Jacobs
George Etzel
Gottlieb Jacobs
Michael Jacobs
George Schaffer
Andrew Schaffer
J. M. Schaffer

From Kamenka:
John Meder
John Schlieter

From Rothamel:
John J. Basgall
John Basgall
Martin Appelhans
Alois Hartman

Arriving on November 12, 1877 were:

From Pfeifer:
Johannes Koeberlein
Jacob Kissner
Kasper Kissner
Adam Stegman
Matthew Stegman

From Kamenka:
John Ingenthron
Anton Stremel
Anton Stremel, Jr.
John Stremel
Michael Urban
Jacob Urban
Stephen Urban
George Urban
George Burkhart
Jacob Burkart

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