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Ford County Death Notices

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Robert S. "Bobby" Jones born Dec. 27, 1943.
He died April 19, 2002. (Pleasant Valley Cemetery)

Guillermo Monge-Herrera born Feb. 10, 1986 died in an auto accident 4-22-2002. (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Mary Lou (Sceals) Holeman born July 28, 1928
dide 4-22-2002. (Her husband, Melvin Holeman, died in 1987 and presume he is buried in Maple Grove)

Irene G. Churning McCune (Moore) died 4-25-2002 born 9-07-1917. (Her son Kenneth Churning is buried in 4 136 B.) (Maple Grove Cemetery- Greencrest Division)

Clarence Ewalt died 4-23-2002 was born 2-07-1916. (His wife is buried in 7 50 B she died 3-30-1997.) (Maple Grove Cemetery- Greencrest Division)

Mina Hager (Snook) died 10-26-2001 was born 06-17-1906. Buried in A 4 G with her husband Ansel. (She had a twin sister named Maudie, she is buried in Ford under the name of Baxter. (Ford Cemetery)

Marion Lee Baddock, born Jan. 19, 1925, died May 4, 2002. (location 1 15 17, his wife is buried there, she died in 1986}(Maple Grove Cemetery)

Helen Faye (Wallen) Hurst, born Dec. 25, 1922, died May 3, 2002 (Husband died on Dec. 12, 1964) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Lelah F. (Thorpe) Smalley, born July 25, 1920. died April 25, 2002. (Husband died Aug.17, 1999. (Buried in Greencrest division)

Pauline Jeanette (Smith) Able born 10-17-1918, died 04-30-2002 (Husband buried in 8 179 13. (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Pauline Jeanette (Smith) Able, born 10-17-1918. died 04-30-2002 8 179 13. (Husband died 11-18-1996) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Lottie (Allen) Bisbee, born 10-17-1909, died 05-10-2001. (Buried with her husband Clifford R. Bisbee  in C 3 XI) (Ford Cemetery)

Douglas D. Wallis, born 6-9-1912, died 5-17-2002. (Wife, Ethel Spitznaugle Wallis died 1-09-1984) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Charles "Ben" Hughes born 5-18-1927 died 5-17-2002. (Wife Velda Mae Baird Anders survives) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Guadalupe Sandoval Aguilar died 5-19-02 (Infant girl)  Plot Unknown (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Boyd L. Strickland, born 9-06-1930, died 5-23-2002. No location but his wife Juanita Strickland (Ragan) died 8-05-2001. So she will be on your list later. (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Emma "Lou" (Wright) Smith, born 6-29-1924, died 5-27-2002. Husband died 3-27-1999 buried in Maple Grove. (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Gail E. Thomas, born 9-18-1928, died 5-26-2002, no location, wife survives. (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Horton, Eileen A. (Jones) born 11-05-1918, died 5-28-2002  (No Location, husband survives.) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Goddard, Sunshine 'Sue' (Jones) born 5-10-1915, died 5-30-2002    6 7   14 (Her husband buried on this plot 1997) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Schraeder, Marjorie G. (Dimmitt) born 4-25-1910, died 6-3-2002 (Her husband, 'Dutch' Shraeder died 10-18-1964)

Kirby, M. Virginia (Kennedy) born 3-18-1917, died 6-5-2002. (Husband survives) (Maple Grove)

Downey, Sally S., born 5-3-1960, died 6-7-2002 (Maple Grove - Greencrest Memorial Gardens) 

Tolson, Norma M. (Shumard) born 4-15-1909, died 6-8-2002 (Husband, Geo. Tolson died in 1982) (Maple Grove)

Nevilla Wilma Deines (Schaben) born 5-28-1908 died 4-16-2002 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Francis C. "Pete" Peters, born 10-03-1915 died 4-16-2002 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Switzer, Robert C. (Bobby) b. 7-23-1964 d. 6-17-2002. (He has no wife but it does list a companion, Tamara Boese, Minneola) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Lierle, Georgia Lou b.12-22-1916, d. 6-26-2002. Husband in 3 43 7 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Sinclair, S. T. b.4-29-1922, d. 4-22-2002 (Concord Cemetery)

Howard, Margaret Berniece. b.  8-31-1907 d. 7-2-2002. (Husband Edwin Francis Howard d. 5-27-1982) (Greencrest Cemetery)

Crebs, Clara Alvina (Drach) b.3-3-1919, d. 7-9-2002. (Husband died
11-11-2001, he is probably also buried in Maple Grove) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

?? Scroggins Mausoleum (On Maple Grove Grounds)

Sutton, Delores G. (VanVoorhis) b.9-27-1923, d. 7-8-2002. (She was related somewhere down the line to the Bucklin VanVoorhis Group) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Harbert, Ralph Martin b.9-15-1928 d.7-9-2002 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Stokes, Daniel E. b.1-28-1945 d. 7-11-2002 (Parents and brother
preceded him in death.) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Brennan, Dorothy Louise (No surname listed,
Brennan was her married Name) b.5-5-1928, d. 7-10-2002 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Rowton, Maurine (Rainey) b. 5-26-1910, d. 7-18-2002. (Buried in 3 46 10 with husband Robert Paul) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Morrow, Edith I. (Culver) b.12-17-1923, (In Ford,KS) d. 7-26-2002.
(Buried in 7 175 13 with husband Ernest R. Morrow) (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Strickland, Boyd L. b. 9-6-1930, d. 5-23-2002 (Maple Grove Cemetery)


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