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If you have a book on Ford County and it is either in the public domain or you have permission from the author or publisher to do lookups in it, please email me.


Book or Resource Lookup Volunteer
Dodge City and Ford County, Kansas     1870-1920 Janis Dawson
I purchased a copy of "Tenth Nimitz Hall Annual Kansas Soldiers' Home Fort Dodge, Kansas 1968" at an auction.   The inscription inside the cover reads "To Webster Doze From Vetrice Price".  It is hand typed and states that a copy was given to each member and employee annually since 1959.  The annual contains stories written by the residents and employees of Nimitz Hall.  I would be willing to do lookups in this annual. Kathleen Gregory


Listed below are some of the Ford County, Kansas, resources that are available, although certainly not all.

Many of these resources will be available thru interlibrary loan or a lending library. The Kansas Library Catalog is available online. By using this catalog, you can determine if any of these resources are located in a Kansas library. By taking the results of your search to your public library, you should be able to have your public librarian submit an interlibrary loan request for the item(s).

Ford County Resources

Author Title Copyright
  Dear ol' golden rule days: a history of communities south of Dodge City, Kansas ?
  Dodge City & Ford Co. KS: history of the old & a story of the new ?
  Dodge City Queen of Cowtowns ?
  Ford, Kansas 1885-1985 ?
  Ford County, KS, Marriages, Book A 1874-1886 ?
  Treesearcher (quarterly of Kansas Genealogical Society) ?
Andrews, Jay S. History of Bloom, Kansas ?
Ford County Historical Society Dodge City and Ford County, Kansas 1870-1920: Pioneer Histories and Stories 1996
Gribble, Gerald George M. Hoover, Dodge City pioneer ?
Rath, Ida Ellen Early Ford County ?
Vestal, Stanley Queen of Cowtowns: Dodge City, "the wickedest little city in America," 1872-1886 ?

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