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Do you have a short, biographical piece on a Gove County resident tucked away in a scrapbook, trunk or file? Does it come from an old local history, a family history or is it something you've written yourself? Send it in and share it with the rest of us! Type up your biography and email it to us and we'll post it below. Just observe the following guidelines...
To enter your Gove County biographies please follow the "Nine Commandments" of submission:

1- Email them to Lynette Wolf. Put "Gove Co Biography" in your subject line.
2- On the first line put the surname of the person.
3-On the second line put the person's full name. Try to use as full a name as you know. Put all surnames in capital letters. Put a nickname or other name used "in quotes." Put a maiden name in (parentheses). If a woman was married more than once add the surnames in order of husband married to. Here are some examples:
Armelia Elizabeth "Mel" (ALGER) POLLOCK
Susannah Maria "Maria" (CODY) SMITH JOHNSTON
Jacob "Jake" MELLONS
4-Limit your biography to less than 400 words. This may be hard. Some biographies go on and on. Figure out what to keep... what to drop. If we get something too long we'll have to send it back to you for editing. If you aware of an online biography just put down some bare bones information on the individual and link to the biographical source on the Internet. Examples of this are below.
5- It's ok to edit biographies you submit from other sources than yourself. If you want to add maiden names, correct/add dates or other information do so. Just put any added information in [brackets]. That lets the reader know that this is something not in the original obituary. Just remember to keep the whole thing under 400 words.
6-PLEASE.... Your biographies should be about Gove County residents only... A resident is an individual who lived in Gove County for part of his/her life. You may use material from other county histories if the person was born or lived in Gove County.
7-Include the source of the biography. If it's from a book, give the full title, author, year and place of publication. If it's from a newspaper or journal include the periodical's title, date of issue, volume number, issue number, and place of publication. A special warning... if you use a source that is copyrighted or published more recently than 1923 make sure you have the permission of the author/publisher before you submit it. If you write the biography yourself just say so.
8-Put "submitted by [your name and email address]" at the end. If you want to, include your postal address as well. Include your relation to the individual. Below you will find biographies with no "submitted by" notes. These biographies are usually provided by us as we come across them for people we are not related to. We hope they may be of some help to someone. If you'd also like to donate biographies about Gove County residents not related to you just let us know this when you send them to us.
9-Remember... these are biographies... not queries. If you have questions about a person, put them on the query page. We will delete questions/queries within a biography and ask you if you'd like them on the query page. On the other hand it's ok to write: "John Smith's birtdate is unknown." or "I do not know where John Smith was born."
It's as simple as that! Now, take a look at the biographies we have so far:
John Fahey
John Fahey was born on June 20, 1842, in Waterford City, Ireland. He was united in marriage to Miss Katie Hayes when he was 19 years old. To this union 3 sons were born. Shortly after the birth of their third son, his wife and infant son passed away. He then decided to move to America, bringing his two small sons Patrick and David and his sister Mary. They arrived in Avon, Illinois on May 12, 1866. John Fahey married Margaret Rice in 1872 in Illinois. They were part of the early settlers of Gove County, Kansas, arriving here in 1885. He just lacked 39 days of living to his 91st birthday.
Submitted by Mary J. Wilson
Wynne Powers HARRINGTON was born in Hiawatha, Kansas, December 21, 1870, the son of Eldred HARRINGTON and Amorette POWERS. He was married to Isis LINCOLN in 1899. He was a World War I veteran and served in the Kansas Legislature (104th House District) as a Democrat during the 1921 and 1923 legislative sessions. He died August 23, 1943.
More biographical information on Wynne P. Harrington can also be found on page 485 of the book, Illustriana Kansas (Hebron, Nebraska : Ilustriana Incorporated, 1933)
The One Hundred and Ninth Representative District comprises Gove County and is represented by John F. JONES of Grinnell. Mr. JONES was born in Roanoke, Huntington County, Indiana, May 15, 1869. He came to Kansas July 4, 1885, and has since made this State his home. From 1890 to 1895 he was engaged in the newspaper business at Gove City. At present he is engaged in farming and stock-raising, but is also a dealer in grain and coal. Mr. Jones was a member of the Legislature in 1901, and was a delegate to the recent Republican State Convention. He has always been a Republican, and has taken an active part in politics. He is married, and has three chidren, two girls and one boy. He is a Mason, belonging to the lodge at Gove City, to Aleppo Commandary at Hays City, and to Isis Temple at Salina. He also belongs to the Modern Woodsmen of America.
From: Handbook of the Kansas Legislature, 1903 (Topeka, Kan. : Crane & Company, 1903)
Alfred Augustus KEISER
Alfred A. KEISER was born January 20, 1874, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His parents were Alfred Augustus KEISER and Elizabeth KLOTZ. He was married January 6, 1898, to Sophia Beatrice MALONE, daughter of Joseph MALONE and Jane Moseley GREENWOOD, in Paris, Arkansas. He was editor of the Gove County Advocate, Quniter, Kansas. Sophia and Alfred KEISER were the parents of three children, Zelda, Muriel and Harvey.

More biographical information on Alfred A. Keiser can also be found on page 618 of the book, Illustriana Kansas (Hebron, Nebraska : Ilustriana Incorporated, 1933)

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