District 49 North Hackberry
By Tayler Wellbrock

North Hackberry was opened in 1896 (Gove County Register of Deeds). It is located 3 miles south and 6 miles west of Grinnell, Township 11, Ranges 30 and 31 (History and Heritage of Gove County).

Some of the students of North Hackberry were Jeanie Stephens, Mary Lou Stephens, Danny Racette, Judy Stephens, and many others. Two of the teachers were Mrs. Racette and Stella Mather (History and Heritage of Gove County). The age range was 5-23, and they went to school from nine a.m. to 4 p.m. They had 1 building and only one room in that building. Some of the courses they took were Grammar, Physiology, Hygiene, Constitution of the U.S., and Arithmetic (Gove County Register of Deeds).

A regular salary for the teachers was $210 for 7 months, which was a whole school year (Gove County Register of Deeds). Mandate or law closed the school on July 1, 1959. The school building and grounds were sold for $1200 and the equipment was sold for $800 (Gove County Register of Deeds).