Pleasant Valley #20

By Andrew Bixenman


Pleasant Valley was formed March 23, 1887.  It is located 13 miles south of Grinnell and 2 miles east on the SE ¼ of the section.  Also about 7 miles southwest of Gove City.  Mr. Schwoerer donated a corner of his homestead for the school.  Then the kids that lived in that area started attending school.  In 1913 the teacher was paid $350 for seven months teaching.  They only had 46 volumes in the library that year with around 20 kids attending.  In 1916 there were 24 kids attending school and 2 of these were blacks.  From 1916 until about the 1930’s they still had around 20 kids.  But in 1944 they were down to only 11 students and all were whites.  Then in 1947 it was disorganized and joined with Gove’s school #8.


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